Conspiring to squelch conspiracy theories

Con·spir·a·cy (noun): a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.

This is what the media is doing now, to cover up unexplained events around the mysterious death of Jeffery Epstein on Saturday, August 10.

According to the Associated Press yesterday, “Attorney General William Barr ordered warden Lamine N’Diaye temporarily re-assigned to the Bureau of Prisons’ regional office while the FBI and the Justice Department’s inspector general investigate. The two guards were placed on leave, but not identified.”

Placing warden Lamine N’Diaye & the two anonymous guards who were supposed to be watching Jeffery Epstein on leave, while federal authorities “investigate” this death, can be seen as a way of keeping independent investigators from questioning these suspects and/or witnesses. I tried to find a photo of Lamine N’Diaye to post, but one doesn’t seem to be available in the internet. Very curious…

Also every quote in the media concerning details in this case seem to come from an “anonymous source,” making them worthless. It’s playbook black-ops cover-up here, with the political establishment & corporate media as accomplices. It’s in all their interests. Who benefits?

The Jeffery Epstein killing evokes the deaths of Seth Rich in motivation, and Jamal Khashoggi in style. Trump Attorney General William Barr (above) assigning the FBI to investigate this suspicious death, is the proverbial fox guarding the hen house. The public will not be allowed to see the body, any video evidence, autopsy report, or any witnesses during this cover-up before it is officially declared a “suicide.”

The fake news media has been obliterated by reader comments & social media discussions which are pointing out all the inconsistencies in the “suicide narrative.” It’s the contents & specifics of Epstein’s infamous “black book” that has elites worried.

Here’s the 2015 redacted release of the black book, for your perusal & download. I will summarize its contents below. Here are also the flight logs for the notorious “Lolita Express,” which show Bill Clinton to be a frequent flier.

There’s lots of global royalty here: princes & princesses, barons & baronesses, the duchess & dukes, etc. I don’t recognize many of the names because I’m neither a jet-setter, nor star-gazing voyeur. It appears Epstein catered to all tastes in sex. I notice a lot of high-end law firms, Rothchilds, etc…

The names I recognized going through these black book scans included: Alec Baldwin, Tony Blair, Mike Bloomberg, Jimmy Buffet, Steve Forbes, George Hamilton, Dustin Hoffman, Lauren Hutton, Mick Jagger, Edward Kennedy (and the rest of the family), Henry Kissinger, David Koch, Simon Le Bon, Courtney Love, George Mitchell, Rupert Murdoch, Prince Charles, Bill Richardson, David Rockefeller, Jeffery Sachs, Maria Shriver, Peter Soros, Kevin Spacey, Donald Trump, Ivana Trump, Ivanka Trump, Blaine & Robert Trump, Chris Tucker, Christy Turlington, Mike Wallace, Barbara Walters, Dr. Ruth Westheimer & Steve Winn.

That’s quite a cross-section of the ruling class & its representatives! I certainly betrayed my age in recognizing the lead singer of 1980’s pop band Djuran Djuran. But everyone knew Jeffery Epstein was a convicted pedophile & sex trafficker, so what are these people doing in his black book? That question must be asked to every person & institution listed in his black book, otherwise it isn’t a serious investigation into his death.

They all have a motive, that’s for sure. Any of these people could have been party to, or willing accomplices in a conspiracy to murder Jeffery Epstein. That’s a legal application of the term “conspiracy,” which has weight & meaning in a court-of-law, as opposed to “hate crime,” domestic terrorism, or being made to feel “uncomfortable.”

All the finest hotels, restaurants, & global luxury retailers seem to be in Jeffery Epstein’s black book, along with all the top financial institutions. All kinds of airline, charter & airport information, along with courier services, ground transportation, etc. All kinds of doctors, hospitals & insurance companies are listed under ‘Medical.’ Even the ‘White House’ appears in it (page 81).

‘Florida Massage’ has listings that go on for two-and-a-half columns on page 86. “Police PB” (Palm Beach) is listed next to it, with many contacts. There’s also listings for ‘Massage New Mexico’ & ‘Massage California.’ Under ‘Security’ at the end of page 87, “Scotland Yard” is listed.

Conclusion: There’s a lot of peculiarities that bother me with the medical examiner’s autopsy “report” to the public. They claim they need “further information” to be able to determine the cause-of-death, and that may be so. But they have released no summaries, not even findings, nor any photos which could be helpful in solving this unexplained death, which officially remains an “apparent suicide.”

NBC reported this on Sunday, “At this point, the ongoing law enforcement investigation led by the FBI will help inform the medical examiner’s determination and it is not uncommon for the two sides to work together.”

FBI agents also raided Jeffrey Epstein’s hideaway on the island of Little St. James, Tuesday morning– August 12. The evidence in this case is rapidly disappearing, with the media attacking “conspiracy theorists” on all sides– and discrediting themselves irreparably. There are too many people who have been prescient & on-target all along– even predicting events, with the staged-managed reactions that follow. At what point is a conspiracy theory proven?

Fri 16 Aug 2019 01:45 AM EDT

Late Wednesday (8-14) the Washington Post, anonymously [!] cited two people familiar with the autopsy report, who said Epstein sustained multiple breaks in his neck bones, including his hyoid bone. According to forensic experts, such breaks can occur in those who hang themselves, but they are much more common in victims of homicide by strangulation.

At this point I am done with this case, as it is essentially proven as far as any outside objective observer can see. I confidently predict that every piece of verifiable evidence that comes to light in the future will point towards a murder conspiracy.

I asked an important question at the original end of this piece, which I will answer here. A conspiracy theory is proven in two stages. First is when the people who question the official narrative are so far ahead of the conspirators, that they can’t keep up and have to resort to cover-ups & media censorship. In this sense the conspiracies of JFK’s assassination & 9/11 have been proven. The second stage in validating conspiracy theories is when a revolution occurs. This is when all the physical evidence & proof of ruling class conspiracies is exposed to the world. This is the only means to final verification of a conspiracy theory.


Lieutenant Columbo on the Jeffery Epstein case

This case is very puzzling to me. First it was officially called a suicide, even though Epstein was on suicide watch. Hours later the official story was changed to Epstein being taken off suicide watch. There’s no explanation as to why or when he was removed. No video of his death in his prison cell, nor any witnesses either. It’s the darnedest case I’ve ever seen!

I was wondering if you could help me out? There’s a few things here that bother me, that just don’t add up (applies hand to forehead). We’re gonna need sworn statements from everyone in the building for our report. Don’t worry, this isn’t necessarily a homicide investigation, we’d just like to get all the facts before we decide which direction we should go. We have to tie-up all our loose ends. Routine procedure & all… you understand, right?

I’m sure these nice prison guards & their superiors will be very helpful in getting at the truth about Mr. Epstein’s sudden demise.

There are just a few things I’d like to go over, call them odd coincidences in this death. Jeffery Epstein was a man who wanted to spread his DNA across the planet, there was even a sensationalist article with that title in the New York Tines before his death. So why would he kill himself? It doesn’t make sense with his ego-maniacal personality. Even if his sperm was cryogenically stored, it would now be worthless to women due to the “suicide marker” in his genes. I don’t see a motive for suicide in Jeffery Epstein.

Here’s a possible alternative. His previous “suicide attempt” in prison a few weeks back, may have been a disguised dress rehearsal for premeditated murder by the deep state. That certainly seems a possibility, and Jeffery Epstein had powerful enemies. His list of clients implicates much of the global ruling class in sex crimes & human trafficking.

This was being touted as “the big one,” the tsunami scandal that exposed everyone, and now the investigation into this sex trafficking for the rich & famous goes cold. It’s funny that the media doesn’t seriously consider this obvious explanation which fits the crime. I mentioned all this to Mrs. Columbo, and she said that I’m right & that it’s all fake news anyways. I think she might have something there. What do you think?

Another interesting coincidence is no suicide note. This was a billionaire with many responsibilities & acquaintances. It would seem to me that if Mr. Epstein suddenly became so distressed that he decided to hang himself alone in his jail cell, instead of facing the music, then he would at least leave a final explanation or last will & testament. No suicide note is very strange.

And who ordered CPR to be administered when Epstein’s dead body reached the hospital? This is tampering & destroying physical evidence. If Epstein was murdered by a special forces death squad, who bum-rushed him in the middle of the night & broke his neck, and then staged it to look like a suicide-by-hanging, a good forensic specialist could possibly discern the difference between suicide & murder. By mashing on his lifeless body in “an attempt to resuscitate,” the emergency responders were creating new breaks in the fresh corpse, which could be difficult to differentiate from a physical beating on a living person’s chest cavity.

I hope I’m not bothering you with this, but what about video footage? Did every camera in the prison “malfunction” at that time? I think it would be a good idea to go over all the video from that time period, and compare it to a complete list of everyone in the building around the time-of-death. I think that would answer some questions and clear some things up. Don’t you agree?

Just one more item worth noting– I hope you don’t mind– was sheer number of people who previously mentioned (mostly in reader’s comments & on social media) how well it would work for the ruling elite if Jeffery Epstein suddenly died. And then it happened! What are the odds of that being a coincidence? I’m no expert in actuary tables, but it’s got to be at least a billion-to-one. I’m afraid that goes well beyond reasonable doubt, which means we’re looking at murder.

Network Mystery Movie Wrap-up (Tying-up the loose ends): If one of the world’s most connected billionaires can be imprisoned & then assassinated, what does this mean for you? What does this mean for Julian Assange? Anyone promoting the Jeffery Epstein “suicide” narrative is involved in this murderous conspiracy to hide fundamental truths from the working people of the world. This is about protecting privilege.

Here’s the typical response from the Columbo murderer(s), so watch for it in the media. “Lieutenant Columbo, I’m getting tired of these insinuations that Jeffery Epstein’s death was anything more than a highly-convenient suicide. These conspiracy theories are getting out-of-hand. Enough already!!”


Hyping “hate crimes”

Introduction: “May God bless the memory of those who perished in Toledo, may god protect them.” — President Donald Trump, August 5, 2019 at the White House press conference he called for in the video below.

There were two tragic mass shootings over the weekend, approximately 12 hours apart. In Texas, 21-year-old Patrick Crusius of Allen, drove hundreds of miles to a Walmart in El Paso to carry out his assault. As of this publication: 20 dead, and 26 injured. He targeted Hispanics, and the site of this shooting makes it political.

“This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas. They are the instigators, not me. I am simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion.” These are Patrick Crusius words, which are part of his fascist four-page manifesto published on the internet. Crusius surrendered to the police. This brings the death penalty into play, if found guilty.

In Dayton, Ohio, Connor Betts, age 24, fired dozens of shots, killing 9, and wounding 16 others. He was killed by the Dayton police, in a brief shootout. No motive for this massacre has been established yet.

The video embedded above is Donald Trump’s press conference yesterday (Sunday), in which he begins by praising & thanking the police at length. This is his way of taking credit for a tragedy, while solidifying support for the police state, which contains much of his fascist base. Notice how the President of the United States can barely summon any sympathy for the victims, as he stumbles from one talking point to the next.

“It could have been so much worse… the people of these two great cities El Paso & Dayton (in the important electoral states of Texas & Ohio) are wonderful…” He’s spoken with many bureaucrats, etc… “I’ll be making a statement tomorrow at 10:00 AM (after my advisors brief me on what to say). Thank you very much, and I’ll see you there…”

First lady Melania Trump stands silently by his side on the runway in a bullet-proof corset with a forlorn face. Her eyes masked by dark sunglasses, as she stands uncomfortably. It seems a relief for her when they go the “Q&A,” as the camera pulls in tight on Donald Trump and stays there. There’s so much to understand here…

Both of these gunmen appear to have long histories of anti-social behavior, going back to high-school & before. Both were obviously filled with hate, during their rampages. So why is one labeled a “hate crime,” and the other isn’t?

“Hate crime” has no legal meaning, and therefore no place in law. But this is precisely what is being introduced by politicians through the media for propaganda reasons. The same with only labeling the El Paso shooting as a case of “domestic terrorism.” The cold hard truth is that any time someone fires a fully-loaded assault rifle into a civilian crowd, it terrorizes the domestic population. It is all motivated by hate.

Those in Dayton mostly feel the same way the people in El Paso do right now– shocked & disgusted. These vague, legally undefined terms such as “hate crime” & “domestic terrorism” have no real meaning, as they could apply to virtually any of these cases one cares to look at. Yet these terms are hyped as legitimate talking points by the corporate media fake news. The question is: why?

The “domestic terrorism” label evokes 9/11, and the official need for a stronger military-police-intelligence apparatus. We’ve seen & heard this before, and it’s mostly beating a dead horse by now. Most rational people who follow politics understand that 9/11 was an inside job– all the way to the top. The “war on terror” is a Big Lie, from before the start. These ideas, arguments, facts & evidence have been widely exposed & discussed among the population through the internet– despite blanket censorship in the mainstream media. A new arrow is needed in the US propaganda quiver, and thus “hate crimes” are our latest national crisis, from which we require our elected leaders to save us.

Applying the extra emphasis of “hate crime,” amplifies its racial aspect– by design. This works for both Republicans & Democrats, but against the people. For conservative Democrats, the deep state represents the interests of Wall Street, Hollywood & the intelligence apparatus. The “liberal” plank of the Democratic party is now entirely identity politics; which are the reactionary racialism of Black Lives Matter, the hysterical witch-hunting feminism of the #MeToo campaign, and impotent LGBT activism. These snowflakes, ex-radicals & social justice warriors of the upper middle-class, all favor harsher penalties for “hate crimes.”

Donald Trump’s tweets & speeches always reflect the ideology of his consigliere, Stephen Bannon (above) who correctly states, “As long as the Democrats play racial politics, we win.” That’s because the fascists on the far right are much more passionate & militant, than these limp-noodle liberals on the “left.” Trump held his press conference this morning, and besides already forgetting the victims in Dayton, he proposed a two-pronged “solution” to gun violence.

He advocated for the Democrats to sponsor some new anti-gun legislation, and see how it goes in Congress. He urged Republicans to support this initiative (a sure loser), and hand a political victory to Trump when it fails in the end. We’ll see if the Democrats bite on it. It depends on how much Donald Trump needs Blue Dog Democrats to hand him a political victory. The more the Don needs it, the more likely he’ll get conservative Democrat support– even if it costs them the 2020 election. No one cares that much about Joe Biden. Permanent interests.

Trump’s second proposal was to enhance funding for law enforcement & military integration, along with internet censorship. We knew that was coming, right? He’s already been handed a blank check from the Democrats, and can now spend US taxpayer money any way he wants for the next year-and-a-half. There are no more threats of a government shutdown, which made Trump deeply unpopular, and he can build his promised boondoggle wall at the Mexican border. The threat of impeachment, which began in earnest with Trump’s government shutdown, is now gone due to Democratic party capitulation.

Even rising-star liberal (oxymoron) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez played her part in making it all happen. As you can see in her staged immigration camp “protest” at the fence of an empty parking lot, she’s a pretty good actress for a politician. But house majority whip Nancy Pelosi sat her down privately, and explained the rules-of-the-game. AOC clearly got the message, and last month supplied a crucial vote in getting the initiative to come to the floor. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez then tried to covered her political tracks, by voting “No” on a bill she knew would easily pass both houses. It did, and it couldn’t have happened without her help.

Donald Trump and a tiny cabal of fascists now control much of the allocation of the US federal budget, measured in trillions of dollars. This used to be the primary function of Congress, so what’s left for them? A US President hasn’t needed Congress to declare war for a long time now, and they won’t impeach– so seriously, what’s left?

Trump & top Republicans are sociopathic criminals who control much of the military & police apparatus. They have encouraged & enabled countless lone-wolf sociopaths & armed militia goon squads, which they consider to hold in reserve as “shock troops.” This is the Nazi stormtrooper mentality, and it’s no joke when tacitly unleashed upon society.

The flaccid resistance of liberalism has no chance against this fascist machinery & its tools of violence. Unlike fascists, “peaceniks” are paralyzed with fear when it comes to real guns & serious events. The only social force that can resist & defeat this toxic ideology of bankrupt capitalism is an internationally united working class.

The truth is that everything Donald Trump says & does as President is a “hate crime” and “terrorism.” The same applies to the rest of the Republicans, Democrats & ultra-rich. These people are all haters & criminals. The fake media lies for them on all sides, from CNN & MSNBC to Fox & Breitbart. The propaganda they broadcast, poisons the public mind with lies & hate. These are “specialist hate criminals.” They come in all varieties, and always proclaim their innocence. This is the Black Hand, the true master of the Big Lie.


Losing self-consciousness

Losing one’s self-consciousness is not easy. Self-consciousness is what distracts us from what we are doing. It is peer pressure. It tells us to be aware of other interests & conform to expectations. Self-consciousness is group-think in each of us.

To lose this self-defeating impulse, one must have a strong mind & body. Otherwise doubts arise, which is self-consciousness creeping in. Only if you truly know in your heart & mind that what you are doing is correct, can you act without self-consciousness. When this happens, boundaries no longer apply and mountains can be moved, because there are no external or internal interferences.

True leaders learn to act without self-consciousness, because they correctly recognize the survival of civilization and our planet supersedes any personal issues. People who take things personally act with too much self-consciousness (ie- personal interest) to be effective leaders of men & women.

The entire political & financial spheres of humanity are controlled by self-conscious autocrats, who place themselves above the law, and deem their interests too big to fail. This is self-consciousness run amok. It’s an inherent feature of capitalism, which emphasizes individual gain.

The ability to forget oneself is a useful & powerful skill. We are all born with extreme self-consciousness, demanding everything as infants. The idea is that as we grow, we learn to be independent and take care of ourselves, while developing the skills to eventually take care of others.

When you watch a mother properly take care of her baby, there is no self-consciousness in her actions. All she cares about is her baby. When you see an insecure mother making a show of her baby, to the degree that she’s acting self-consciously, she’s less of a mom.

I mentioned being strong in body. If you are carrying extra fat, then you have pain— most likely in your spine & hips. Pain is a brake on physical action. When you attempt to do something and pain strikes, it stops you. You are now self-conscious that it hurts, and your actions are limited. At root, self-consciousness is personal insecurity which ultimately disables the individual.

How you look physically is important. People make judgments, which can help or hurt your situation. Can you ignore all that? Can you just do what you want, when you want? Personal hygiene should be approached scientifically. This is a norm people can recognize & respect, without acting self-consciously. We have social hygiene problems of self-consciousness in both direction– too little & too much.

The same is true with beauty, which has objective & subjective elements. Objective parts include a lean body, nice smile, pretty eyes, healthy skin & hair. If you have that at any age, then you will be considered attractive by all. Beauty gets a variety striking reactions, so remaining open-minded to what comes is the best approach, as compared to self-consciousness.

Humor is another area where it’s best to lose one’s self-consciousness. When referring to yourself, it should be self-depreciating and/or ironic. For a long time now, I’ve typically added photos to my writings. This helps to deliver points, ideas, etc, while giving the article color & visualization. It helps with searches too. But self-consciousness is a difficult concept, almost impossible to depict in images, so I didn’t use any in this essay. It was a very self-conscious decision.