Playing the Trump Card

Fake News has now become a buzzword. It comes from the common understanding among literate people that all the news we see, read & hear are lies made to serve nefarious interests. The corporations that control these outlets benefit from these lies, so it’s perfectly reasonable to presume that all this is propaganda. It fits the facts as all evidence confirms this thesis.

The news has always been fake. Capitalism does have its well-thought-out niches, and propaganda is most definitely one of them. The reason that corporate news is broadly recognized & despised is the level of irrationality it has now reached. There is very-little-to-nothing that is useful to consumers, as far as reporting facts go. As for editorial commentary, it’s gutter grade journalism across the board.

This means working people now turn off & tune out corporate. This is done in all sorts of ways. Many have dumped cable/satellite TV (cord cutters), and moved to ‘alternative’ news & information sources on the Internet. Many also rely on social media, as a vehicle to discuss issues in dedicated forums and share through Facebook. Facebook is undoubtedly the social media king, as most major sports, entertainment & political news forums connect with it, so ideas can be shared quickly. They also can be censored, by the controlling interest. Mark Zuckerberg is the owner of this all-powerful medium, even though it is really (photo below) Shawn Fanning’s Napster peer-to-peer idea revised.

Quick history lesson: Shawn Fanning was a college drop out who had a genius idea to revolutionize the world through free music sharing back when the Internet was new to most of us. It quickly went viral, and then came under attack from the record industry (RIAA). Corporate music recruited shills (in the form of Metallica [below] & Dr. Dre), to turn public opinion against Napster, despite their willingness to work with artists on a model that would pay them.

The reasons were: 1) it never is about paying the artists, it’s about the record companies getting their money; and they were getting shut out & overrun so they tied everything up in court and now we have iTunes & Pandora– which suck compared to Napster; and 2) Ivy leaguers are supposed to own all-powerful social media platforms, not working class prodigies.

After Napster was killed in court, Fanning’s partner Shawn Parker (with Fanning above) eventually found Mark Zuckerberg (below) and together they created Facebook, which has many of the same original ideas in site construction & content sharing. That’s how a genius gets cut out, diminishing human society.

Getting back to fake news, anyone can see how social media can be a platform for sharing content (revolutionary), while also being a major player in the fake news onslaught (reactionary). This is done through its manipulation of trending on a macro scale, but can also be individualized with precise targeting for anyone. Reach can be cut, by simply not posting it to other feeds– even when requested. Also fake stats on visitors, activity, likes, comments & censoring messages are common tactics. There are definite class forces behind this.

All this leads to Donald Trump, who has now earned the title “Commander-in Chief,” and the media praise he so desperately covets. As discussed earlier, Trump is more of a celebrity than a politician, so playing to his vanity is always the correct move in manipulating him. It is clear that Sean Spicer is his mouthpiece, and he plays the crucial role of Joseph Goebbels as propaganda minister.

Just as in Nazi Germany in the 1930’s, both Trump & Spicer are allowed to say the foulest, most ignorant words imaginable and the media barely blinks an eye, and never demands serious explanation or accountability. With the entire mass media we have thorough corruption, combined with a severe case of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

The fact that nuclear war is being contemplated behind closed doors, with no discussion in the media [!] is the height of ridiculousness. The fact that Donald Trump can say whatever he wants to whomever, and it doesn’t mean a thing, is a serious problem. Yet the media reassures us that everything will be fine, as warships move in on their next attack target.

There are now several flashpoints (Syria, North Korea, Ukraine…) that could set off a shooting war with a major nuclear power. This ends in mutually assured destruction (MAD). Any time this Black Hand (deep state) needs aggression, they can now play the Trump card. This is no longer doom & gloom prophecy, this is materialist analysis of our historical situation. Human society must find & rally around its best elements to avoid a cruel & horrible end.

This is only possible though a socialist transformation of society, into one that eliminates privileged classes & social inequality. It is precisely these class forces that are driving a desperate deep state apparatus. The qualitative change in media propaganda is a measure of their crisis, and also an indication of their ruthlessness and lack of regard for any consequences.

Humans beings are smarter than Donald Trump, and must recognize en masse that he and his fascist cohorts, (along with the deep-state military-intelligence-Wall Street apparatus that is pulling every string), needs to be removed from power. This will only happen through mass action from a united international working class, armed with Marxism & the dialectical method.


Reuters Reversed

US & Syria are role-reversed
Russia = second-largest nuclear power
China = third-largest nuclear arsenal and second-largest economy

      1. Kararak - Ric Size


Reuters: U.S. fires missiles at Assad airbase; Russia denounces ‘aggression’
Fri Apr 7, 2017 | 9:09am EDT
By Steve Holland, Andrew Osborn and Tom Perry | PALM BEACH, Fla./MOSCOW/BEIRUT  [1]

Syria fired cruise missiles on Friday at an American airbase from which President Bashar al-Assad said a deadly chemical weapons attack had been launched, the first direct Syrian assault on the US government in six years of war. In the biggest foreign policy decision of his presidency so far, Assad directly targeted the US military for its alleged role in a poison gas attack that killed at least 70 people. The second-largest nuclear power called the Syrian strikes an illegal aggression.

Back to reality for one sentence: This catapults Damascus (the oldest city in human civilization) into deeper alliance with the second-largest-nuclear-power in the world, which has already military advisers on the ground, aiding its fight against CIA-led covert operations mixed with radical Islam.

“Weeks of previous attempts at changing Trump’s behavior have all failed and failed very dramatically,” Assad said as he announced the attack from his resort home, where he was meeting the president of the third-largest nuclear arsenal and second largest economy. “Even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered in this very barbaric attack,” Assad said of Tuesday’s chemical weapons strike, which his countries blame on Trump’s forces. “No child of God should ever suffer such horror.”

Syrian officials said that the strike was a “one-off” intended to deter future chemical weapons attacks, and not part of a wider expansion of Syria’s role in the US war. But the swift action is likely to be interpreted as a signal to the second-largest nuclear power, as well as all others where Assad has faced foreign policy tests in his presidency, that he is willing to use force. “This clearly indicates the president is willing to take decisive action when called for,” Syria’s Secretary of State told reporters. “I would not in any way attempt to extrapolate that to a change in our policy or our posture relative to our military activities in America today. There has been no change in that status.” Even without any promise of more Syrian action, the strikes could embolden Trump’s enemies, after months when Syrian deep state officials appeared to grow increasingly resigned to him staying in power.

The US government has denied that US forces were behind the gas attack, but Syria has dismissed their explanation that chemicals leaked from a [covert-ops/al-Nusra Front] weapons depot after an air strike. The US army said the Syrian attack killed six people at its air base near the city. It called the strike “blatant aggression” and said it made Syria a “partner” of “terrorist groups” including Islamic State. Springfield governor told media the death toll was seven. American television later said nine civilians were killed in towns near the base. There was no independent confirmation of civilian casualties.

The second-largest nuclear power suspended communication with Syrian forces designed to stop planes colliding over the US, one of the few direct forms of cooperation since the two rivals began flying combat missions in the same air space for the first time since the Cold War.

A frigate from the second-largest nuclear power carrying cruise missiles sailed through the Florida Keys into the Gulf of Mexico, a sign of their military presence in the area although there was no indication it was directly in response to Syrian action. Syria’s allies backed the decision to launch the strikes, with several countries describing it as a proportionate response to Trump’s suspected use of poison gas.  Several countries said they were notified in advance, but none had been asked to take part.

Global stocks off lows, oil rallies after U.S. missile strike on Syria
Fri Apr 7, 2017 | 8:37am EDT
By Vikram Subhedar | LONDON [2]

Oil prices held near one-month highs on Friday after Syria attacked a US air base but stocks and the Syrian pound recovered early falls when an official played down the risks of an escalation. The Syrian pound recouped all of its losses against a basket of major currencies and was last trading little changed. Major stock index futures were flat.

Syria fired dozens of cruise missiles at a US air base from which it said a chemical weapons attack was launched this week, an escalation of the Syrian military role in America that swiftly drew sharp criticism from the second-largest nuclear power. A Syrian defense official told Al Jezeera the missile strike was a “one-off”, helping to calm market nerves.

“The Syrian missile strike on a US air base overnight caused a knee-jerk shift into safe havens, although the impact was moderate as it is being interpreted as a one-off proportionate response,” said Ian Williams, a financial strategist in Damascus. Oil prices hovered near one-month highs though prices pared some gains as there seemed no immediate threat to supplies. Brent crude futures which surged more than 2 percent after the Syrian attack, were last up 1.5 percent at $55.72 a barrel. The strength in crude oil lifted shares on major oil and gas producers in Syria, all up about 0.5 percent.


The Pied Piper & Rats (2016)

The black rat, also known as the ship rat, roof rat or house rat originated in tropical Asia, and has spread worldwide via man. Rats are generalist omnivores, meaning they eat anything, including their own. The rat is a complex pest, defined as one that influences the environment in both harmful and beneficial ways. In many ways rats are a barometer of human civilization. That’s what makes Morgan Spurlocks’s latest film, Rats (2016) so intriguing, while being taboo for political apologists.

Black rats are largely confined to warmer areas, having been supplanted by the brown rat in the cooler climates of Western civilization. Brown rats are larger, more-aggressive, eating a wider variety of food, while being more resistant to weather extremes (favoring burrowing), making them ideally-adapted to northern urban environments. The black & brown rats, along with mice, are the most widespread mammalian species on earth.

Rats have a very high birth rate, quickly adapting & reproducing to take advantage of their food supply while eliminating competitors. For instance, rats will feast on the eggs & hatchlings of forest birds, which on isolated islands often have no other predators. Rats are believed to have caused between 40-60% of all seabird & reptile extinctions, with 90% of those occurring on islands. [1]

Rats reached all these remote islands as stowaways on human-carrying vessels, so thus it is man who is actually responsible for these mass extinctions. The rats are simply doing what they do, which is dominating their domain during nocturnal hours. Rats forage after sunset by sampling all available food. This maintains a dynamic diet, balancing nutrient intake, while avoiding over-intoxication of lethal compounds. Their ability to handle trace amounts of toxins has led to increased genetic resistance.

When traps & poison are set out, the rats act as an organization, as the alpha-male will send a weaker rat to investigate. If this rat dies, the area is marked in urine, and the rats will thereafter avoid it. This intelligence & adaptability ensures species survival. Rats use an acute sense of hearing & smelling to detect danger and quickly evade predators. Rats are the ultimate mammalian survivors, something homo sapiens need a lesson in.

It is primary to understand that rats will never be completely exterminated, as long as this planet is habitable for life.  Therefore, humans must learn to coexist with rats, in a way that respects hygiene & health concerns, as well as the reality that rats exist. Also, it would be helpful if more people understood that there are places in the world where the rat is revered. Karni Mata Temple in Deshnoke, India is known as the Temple of Rats, for the ~25,000 black rats that live in there.

In much of India & southeast Asia, rats have been eaten as a meat/protein staple for millenia.

Who is to say they are wrong?  Everything has it’s value.

Here in North America, urban brown rats live in the sewers, and carry ectoparasites such as fleas, which often contain pathogens such as bubonic plague, typhus, leptospirosis, toxoplasmosis and trichinosis. Rat infestations occur around pipes, storm drains, inside walls and ALWAYS near food garbage. Rats have the ability to swim up sewer pipes into toilets, and can tread water for three days. Each litter has 8-12 kittens. Rats can mate at age two months, produce a new litter every two months, and live for about a year.

Effective rat control requires rational city planning & adequate funding. Too much of major US-city (mafia run) waste disposal is under the catch-all of ‘garbage pickup’ which really needs to be separated into composting, recycling, and trash disposal. Composting reduces curbside food waste, which always attracts rats, and is the first sensible step in urban pest control. These sewer rats are living in human urine & feces, and are being brought into human proximity on a daily basis; leading to a public health crisis, with harmful bacteria spread through rat feces, saliva and urine.

Littering, along with curbside-overnight garbage disposal from residences, stores, subways & restaurants contributes to the sustenance of urban rats. Rats congregate in colonies of 30-50, and live only a few hundred feet from their food source. Rats can squeeze through a gap the size of a quarter because their skull is not plated together like most mammals, so it can change the shape of its head to squeeze through.

Rats have caused more economic damage and human suffering than any other vertebrate pest, according to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Rats destroy an estimated 20-30% of the world’s food supply every year—by feeding on it or contaminating it.

When easy food sources are removed, rat populations are capped, and their decline begins. Rats will cannibalize themselves when they get desperate enough, at which point more humane & time-proven extermination methods can be introduced on a wider scale. The best way to get rid of problem rats is using dogs.

The problem of city rat infestations is an indictment of capitalism, which explains the negative reviews for Morgan Spurlock’s latest documentary film, Rats [2] [3]. Too much of the NYC rat problem is political corruption, with narrow-minded elitists misinforming & understating the danger to the public. The official estimate of ~2 million rats in NYC, with a human population of 8.4 million is ludicrous, as this audit proves. There are surely far more rats than human residents, probably by several times– at least.

The NYC Health Department is notorious for its corruption, with bribery and extortion of residents & business owners being public knowledge [4]. This political mafia rules the Big Apple, and they are the primary reason rats have taken such a big bite out of it [5]. In 2010, the city cut its rodent control programs by $1.5 million as part of an overall $2 billion in budget cuts for social services.

Rat indexing inspectors have found signs of rats on the property deemed ‘rat-free’ in all its compliance inspections, even in cases where the landlord paid for cleanup & extermination.  According to the Rat Indexing Map, almost every block in Manhattan has one or more buildings that have rat infestations.

The problem of rats comes down to human intelligence, cleanliness and our willingness to work together.  When not enough people practice and live by these values, we get rats everywhere.  It is our duty as human beings in a civilized society to identify all the rats, and get this epidemic under control before they overrun us.


CIA ‘Anti-Russian’ Hacking & Wikileaks Vault 7

On Tuesday, March 7 released a “new series of leaks on the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Code-named “Vault 7″ by WikiLeaks, it is the largest ever publication of confidential documents on the agency.” [1]

The detail provided in these leaks is astounding, as sophisticated cyber attack methods are described in chilling detail. The targets of this massive operation are everyone, but more specifically anyone deemed as a political “threat to US interests.”  Keep in mind that a deep state defines these ‘threats’ for us, and ‘national insecurity’ has grown into an enormous apparatus, whose basic structure can barely be traced even in the simplest of organizational diagrams:

This WikiLeaks ‘Vault 7’ data release should be reviewed by everyone with serious political interest. Understand that “anti-Russian” means anti-socialist, anti-leftist and anti-working class in Newspeak. Big Brother has more than just it’s eyes & ears on certain online organizations, as active cyber warfare (funded by taxpayers) is surely attacking Wikileaks, the World Socialist Web Site, and this site.

For Wikileaks it’s self-evident there is a US government campaign to neutralize & dismantle them. Julian Assange has been trapped in an Ecuadorian embassy in London for nearly 4 years, on trumped-up rape charges. Bradley (Chelsea) Manning, who provided Wikileaks with the infamous Iraq War Log, has been locked in a military brigade for years. Edward Snowden, the ex-CIA programmer turned whistle-blower, who told the world about ubiquitous NSA spying, has had to flee to Russia fearing CIA reprisals.

Wikileaks has been attacked online through financial warfare, as ways to donate to this popular site have been restricted and even ‘gone dark’ at times. That only happens when a conscious deep state is focusing its invective on what it considers to be ‘rogue’ organizations. These are the ‘terrorists’ the US government is really fighting, as ISIS (and the rest) are actually CIA creations/assets.

By far the most dangerous online organization to the ruling class is, the World Socialist Web Site. What deep state planners fear more than anything is a revolution from below. That is a decisive force, which they can not control. Therefore, a ruthless & highly-sophisticated misinformation & suppression campaign must be directed against this site, and any sympathizers. As a daily reader for over 15 years, it is easy to spot changes in their organizational line, as well as monitoring the tone of their comments section– which is a more recently-added site feature (<5 years old).

Adding comments has been a great advance for the WSWS, as is their nascent Facebook presence. With this has come a noticeable increase in cyber attacks on the site, which experienced daily readers can notice. The most common tactic is the creating of fake profiles to spam the comments section with nonsense. These posts usually follow the same model: new handle, no profile picture, LONG posts that are perfectly spelled & punctuated, but incomprehensible gibberish.

Trolls are also a common tactic, and targeted at less-sophisticated readers who are still confused and therefore chomp down on well-placed bait. Forum moderators have a difficult time keeping up with all this, as the CIA-intelligence apparatus have endless resources to keeping pounding whomever they please. WSWS readers (working people) have to get better at recognizing these attacks for what they are, and then ruthlessly expose them as part of their growing political activism & education.

As far as goes, I have indisputable mathematical proof that my site has been the target of US intelligence cyber attacks. Analytics don’t lie. The level of growth & influence this site has gained in it’s 3+ years of online activity has amazed even its owner. The power that even one individual [!] can project through the Internet is MUCH more than most people realize. This has been noticed by US intelligence, and at this point I’ll even reveal a hidden strategy; I knew this site would be monitored from the start, and used that as part of my marketing/promotional operations.

The people spying on the other end are employed by the class enemy, but they are also human beings. Therefore they can be influenced to change their minds in certain cases. Since I had no fans to start, but I knew the CIA was listening, I decided to direct some of my propaganda towards them, since they were so interested in what I was doing. I have no idea what effect this has had on these organizations, but the intent was to create Edward Snowdens.

The cyber attacks on were seriously escalated in June of 2016. This coincided with political events, namely Election 2016. The DNC email leaks, and the possibility of a Trump presidency sent the Obama-controlled intelligence apparatus into overdrive against leftist organizations. The published piece that black-flagged this site for increased attack was “Maria Sharapova, PED’s & International Politics,” perhaps the most damning & explosive piece published on this site, which is quite a statement.

This article had been published in March, when women’s tennis star Maria Sharapova was ‘temporarily suspended’ by the US-led World Anti-Doping Association (WADA), as part of their ongoing campaign to exclude Russian athletes from the Rio 2016 Olympics. Sharapova is a Russian citizen, who works globally, and lives in Los Angeles with dual citizenship. This piece was instantly popular, as the US media & the WTA universally lined-up against Sharapova, with their typical righteousness & hypocrisy. This piece was the only English-language source for any facts on the case, and there was to be a hearing in a few weeks to decide the matter.

Months came & went, and this site was steadily growing in daily readership. On June 9, 2016 a 2-year suspension was handed down to Sharapova, and this site instantly exploded. The Sharapova piece was shared globally on an unprecedented scale, and it obviously provoked the wrath of US intelligence, who were ramping up their bogus ‘Anti-Russian’ campaign, which they have continued up to this writing.

The cyber attacks on this site were certainly successful, from a US intelligence standpoint. Daily views of were cut by two-thirds from mid-June 2016 though January 20, 2017.  On January 21, 2017 site viewership immediately jumped 50%, and has remained at that level.

There are only two explanations for this sudden up tick, 1) increased popular interest in socialist politics; and 2) a change in deep-state intelligence policy. I believe both to be in play, as consumption of anti-fascist literature has increased since Donald Trump became US president. With that, Trump’s ‘soft’ stance towards Russian president Vladimir Putin has set off a raging internecine deep state power struggle. There now appears to be a window of opportunity for socialists to press their agenda, as the ruling class is divided with infighting. This will not last, as the whole US political system is unstable and in terminal crisis. Socialism must gather momentum and build its ranks, before fascism decides to sweep away the final remains of parliamentary democracy and establish an official police state.

These examples cited above are the leading edge of a cyber warfare campaign, which is designed to eliminate personal privacy, by controlling everyone on this planet through manipulation & blackmail. If you knew everyone’s secrets, you would be powerful too! These are actually elitist cowards, spying behind their computer screens in their hidden bunkers. All their personal ‘lives’ are no doubt similar in theme.

Check out this enlightening tidbit from the Wikileaks dump called ‘Fine Dining,’ which is customized CIA hacking that targets any computer system. The name is a reference to the fact that once this malware is installed, it allows the CIA to feast on its data, without detection. According to Wikileaks, “Notably absent from their target list is any reference to extremists or transnational criminals.” What this proves is the CIA’s sole purpose is to manipulate & control population groups through criminal covert action & spying. [2]

Vault 7 shows that automobile on-board computer systems can be remotely hijacked by the CIA, causing a high-speed wreck that leaves no fingerprints. Essentially this is drone assassination of US citizens, and it is widely speculated to have been the method used to kill Michael Hastings.

“Hastings, who was 33 when he died, was the Rolling Stone reporter who wrote an article in 2010 that led to the removal of General Stanley McChrystal from his post as ranking US commanding officer in Afghanistan. Hastings perished at around 4:30 a.m. after losing control of his car and crashing into a tree while traveling at about 100 mph.” [3]

All this must end. We as a society can no longer allow this level of brazen criminality to go unchecked. The direction this is heading is clear, and it is catastrophic. Anyone reading this needs to become more politically active & militant in their fight against fascism, which has become the final-crisis stage of modern capitalism. The only vehicle to defeat fascism is revolutionary socialism, led by a class-conscious internationally-united working class. Those organizations listed above (this site include) are fighting short-stacked, and therefore must be supported by those who care about the fate of civilization & human culture. United we can win.


      1. Haters, Step Aside - Ric Size



Andy Warhol is Everywhere

“They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” — Andy Warhol

Truly one of the artistic giants of the 20th century was Andy Warhol (1928-87), whose influence on art, music, film & mass media was revolutionary in the 1960’s and remains with us today.  Indeed, humanity needs to face this genius honestly and deal with the depth of his work– in order to understand the obstacles capitalism places in our paths towards emancipation.


Warhol was dangerous & subversive. He was (and still is) viewed as an enemy by the ruling elite, which explains why his films have been ignored & trivialized, and remain largely unseen by the public.  Most can only be viewed at his Carnegie museum in Pittsburgh.


The Andy Warhol Museum is the largest museum in the country dedicated to a single artist, and its collection includes: 900 paintings; approximately 100 sculptures; nearly 2,000 works on paper; more than 1,000 published and unique prints; and 4,000 photographs. The film & video collection includes 60 feature films, 200 of Warhol’s Screen Tests, and more than 4,000 videos. [1]

Any exposure to Warhol is welcome these days, and the Portland Art Museum is holding a print exhibition through January 1, 2017, which attempts to make sense of an immense body of creativity– and largely succeeds.


Briefly, Pittsburgh-born Andek Warhola was a sickly child with a deep attachment to his mother. He acquired the name Warhol when he was mis-credited in one of his early advertisement pieces– and assumed it from then on.  Warhol was gay, in an era when being gay was unacceptable to elite taste. He was also extremely insecure about his body, and enjoyed making other uncomfortable in their own skin.

A great example of this in his art are his films, which are awkward to watch, and unlike anything film makers had ever attempted.  The point was making the viewer feel self-conscious, and thus becoming part of the film.  This powerful & revolutionary concept changed film & mass-media production forever.

Warhol first exploded into mass consciousness with his Campbell’s Soup Can paintings  in 1962.  Even his prints in a series (pictured below) make a powerful statement on nutrition, marketing & food distribution.  The original ‘Soup Can’ series is in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.


Andy Warhol was famous for making other people famous. Nowhere was this more apparent than in his Factory of ‘Superstars’ and in his collaboration with the Velvet Underground.  The Exploding Plastic Inevitable was a multimedia production by Warhol, featuring his films, performing dancers, and the music of the Velvets– who were Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison and Maureen Tucker.  Everything is meticulously detailed in this must-read rock biography:


Andy Warhol’s best biography is also written by Victor Bockris, with whom he collaborated in television projects, as well as Interview magazine.


In summary, Andy Warhol & Pablo Picasso are rightly considered to be the two greatest artistic geniuses of the 20th century.  Picasso finally made his peace with the art world, and became the wealthiest painter in human history. Warhol was murdered in a hospital bed in Manhattan, by a philistine ruling clique that cares only about maintaining their privilege, and nothing for art and human culture.  The capitalists may have killed Andy Warhol in person, but they will never extinguish the power of his art.



O.J. Simpson & Racialism

On June 12, 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson was found brutally murdered outside her Brentwood home, along with her friend Ronald Goldman.

Nicole Brown Murdered

O.J. Simpson had a long history of abusing his estranged wife.


At O.J.’s home (several miles from the murder scene), LAPD found a bloody right glove, matching a left glove found at the murder scene.

OJ Glove

Both gloves were soiled with the blood of O.J. Simpson and the two murder victims.

Nicole Brown & Ronald Goldman

No question, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) have a long history of violence towards impoverished black communities.

But also note that Willie L. Williams was the chief of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) from 1992 to 1997, indicating deeper class issues superseding any racialist narrative.

LAPD Police Chief 1994

Williams replaced Daryl Gates’ following the 1992 LA riots, in the wake of the Rodney King police-beating ‘not guilty’ verdict.

The primary issue that acquitted O.J. Simpson in 1995, was his privileged class status.


O.J. was still a (mostly) beloved celebrity, with powerful connections that allowed him the best legal defense money could buy.

F Lee Bailey & OJ Simpson

Here’s a question for all the black racialists: Would O.J. have been found guilty (by a predominantly black jury), if he had instead murdered his first wife, Marguerite Whitley?

OJ & Marguritte

Johnnie Cochran & Carl E. Douglass are black racialists who specialize in manipulating tragedy (or any perceived injustice) that befalls a black person, for political & personal gain.

Johnnie Cochran

These are the worst forms of hucksters, jive acts & snake-oil salesmen– parading in silk suits and passing themselves off as respectable.

Carl E Douglas: Pimp for OJ

For a prominent black celebrity such as O.J Simpson, to be acquitted of a double murder (which he surely committed), is an advance for all black people– according to Cochran & Douglas.

OJ Trial Jury

This racialist garbage is still being exploited today, in various forms.


When the judge allows the defense in a double-murder trial to turn everything into a circus and stack the jury along racial lines, nothing good can come of it.

Kangaroo Court

When the original black superstar athlete to sell out to white corporate America, is suddenly transformed into a black civil rights movement, we need a reality check.

Go OJ, Go!

These were the only real attorneys (professionals) during The O.J. Trial:


Ezra Edelman’s O.J.: Made in America (2016) is about as deep & thoughtful as’ black’ intelligentsia has ever gotten on the subject:

Ezra Edelman_OJ: Made in America

This racialism has consequences, and leads politically to Obama v. McCain 2008, which was really no choice for anyone who worked for a living–  black, white, or whatever…

McCain & Obama

Hillary v. Trump is the political/feminist 2.0 version of this toxicity.

Hillary Trump Bill

Are you a racialist?


We are all homo sapiens of various shades, this is black:



Socialism vs. Third-Party Opportunists

The World Socialist Web Site has been linked many times in these writings.  The WSWS has provided daily political analysis (6 days/week) since 1998, and is the most actively revolutionary website on the Internet.  Its archives are rich in classical Marxist analysis of issues ranging from the Bill Clinton impeachment, right up to the present.  Their coverage is global, with a daily readership of 50K+. [1]

2016 election_SEP

The Socialist Equality Party (SEP) is the U.S. political branch of the WSWS.  The SEP is running Jerry White & Nile Niemuth as their presidential and vice-presidential candidates. [2]

Niles Niemuth and Jerry White speak to an autoworker at shift br

If you vote this November, I encourage you to write them in.  Be sure to then photograph your ballot, before submitting it.  Who knows how it will be counted?

Puppet Masters & Stalin

There are other bourgeois alternatives to Democrat Hillary Clinton & Republican Donald Trump.  Here’s a quick update on the two major players– the Greens & Libertarians.

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a campaign event in New York

The Greens are arm-chair activists, phony environmentalists, and cowardly middle-class ex-radicals, who insist that government can be reformed & must be part of the solution.  The Greens funnel directly to the Democrats in everything.

Jill Stein_ Twitter Plea to Bernie Sanders

Here’s “An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders” published on their site:

“We want to congratulate you on the work that you have done to support Bernie Sanders’ campaign for president. You self-organized to phone bank and reached 75 million voters. You created a social media machine that overcame the commercial media’s attempts to ignore the campaign. You created cool swag, wrote songs and cooked ‘Feel the Bern’ hot sauce. You painted your cars, your houses and giant murals with the words and likeness of Bernie. It was amazing.”  [3]

Bernie-Sanders & Hillary-Clinton_DNC 2016

Not a word on Bernie Sanders’ capitulation to Hillary Clinton’s right-wing machinery, nor any serious discussion of the U.S.-led wars raging in the Middle East, and beyond.  Their mailing address proves them as Beltway-influenced as the Democrats:

Green Party of the United States
PO Box 75075
Washington, DC 20013


How many people knew the Greens just held their convention in Houston, Texas– August 4-7?  This is noteworthy in the lack of media coverage.  Political alternatives to the Democrats & Republicans are strictly censured by capitalism.


The Libs are to the Reps, as the Greens are to the Dems. Both act as safety valves when these major parties fail to adequately capture their constituency.  The Libertarians are a complete mess at this point, which is not surprising considering the state of the Republican party. [4]

Libertarians are ‘loonies’ in mainstream political terms, meaning they are crazy– but considered harmless.  Libertarians are never taken seriously, and are only used as pawns by right-wing power brokers.  This video below actually happened on 5-29-16 in Orlando, FL at their convention:

Libertarian candidate for president is Gary Johnson:

Gary Johnson_Libertarian 2016

“My charitable contributions would be negligible — I mean just, really almost non-existent,” the former New Mexico governor told CNN.  [5]

The other most-memorable moment in Libertarian party history (founded 1971) happened in 1994, when radio shock-jock Howard Stern bum-rushed the Libertarian convention and secured their nomination for governor of New York.

Stern only withdrew his candidacy in an on-air press conference months later, because he refused to disclose his financial records saying: “I spend 25 hours a week telling you all the most intimate details of my life … One fact I’ve never revealed is how much I make and how much money I have … it’s none of your business.” [6]

Howard Stern 1994

The Libertarian Party’s vision is for a world in which individuals can freely exercise the right of sole dominion over their own lives and property.  [7]



Lone Ranger Norris: Beer, Guns & Stupidity

There are movies that are so bad they completely stun any sensible viewer. Lone Wolf McQuade (1983) is such a film.  Orion Pictures/MGM budgeted $5 million for this turkey– director Steve Carver’s vision of a heroic Texas Ranger in action.

Lone Wolf McQuaid

The star was Chuck Norris, and this turd-burger actually catapulted him up to Hollywood B-list stardom. It should be Z-list, or better yet ZZZZ-list, as Norris is unable to express a single emotion with human feeling. He always looks best, silhouetted at a distance:

LWM (1983)

Chuck Norris is ever expressionless, whether posed in silent rage or deep contemplation– it doesn’t matter, this is always what you get from Chuck Norris:

Norris Expresses Anger

LWM made $12+M in the U.S. and did very well overseas, particularly in the European dubbed video market, which was starving for anything American action.

Chuck Norris vs. Communism (2015)

This movie inspired Walker, Texas Ranger, the CBS television series which ran 8 seasons, from 1993-2001.


In the opening sequence of LWM, Norris bare-handedly takes down 12-15 horse rustlers, all armed with machine guns.

Kick My Teeth Out, Cabron'

After this, director Steve Carver establishes the characters:

Establishing the Characters

Most of the sets have an American flag & the flag of Texas, along with guns or pictures of horses.  Notice the books under Norris’ foot, and in the trash can:

Books in Garbage Can2

McQuade is chastised by his boss for being a loose cannon, so he is assigned a partner, against his wishes. Kayo Ramos (Robert Beltran) the young, clean-cut Latino is assigned to partner with Lone Wolf.  Norris rejects this at first, like everything else outside of a six-pack of Pearl beer.

Norris Greets his Partner

While at a party hosted by the film’s vixen Lola Richardson (Barbara Carrera), Norris approaches the bar and asks for a Pearl beer. He’s told there’s only Heineken, Michelob and Dos Equiis. Norris flatly rejects the counter-offer. Got the message?  Of course the vixen saves him, and has the barkeeper pull a can of Pearl from the bottom shelf.  It’s true love for our hero.


The gun-smuggling villain Rawley Wilkes (David Carradine) is also introduced as an intimate of Carrera at the party:

Best Angle for 3-shot with Chuck Norris

A bunch of people then get beat up for no good reason, and the action is halted by Carrera, just as Norris & Carradine are about to square off.  The viewer is made to wait for the anticipated showdown.

Ready to Rumble

McQuade also has a craggy ex-wife, and a hot daughter named Sally. Guess which one he prefers?

Father and Daughter

Daughter Sally and her ‘boyfriend’ Bobby, witness the hijacking of a U.S. Army convoy loaded with guns. Bobby is conveniently shot & killed by the hijackers, while Sally is spared, left unconscious after being rolled inside her car down a ravine.  Sally survives all this with only a minor gash on her forehead & a little nick on her lip, otherwise she has never looked more fetching in her hospital scene:

"Daughter" Near-Death

Chuck Norris is furious:

Norris Expresses Anger

Norris needs information, so it’s time to beat someone up & torture them. Norris grabs a delinquent informer ‘Snow’ (William Sanderson), who is reluctant to talk until McQuade’s buddy Dakota (L. Q. Jones) points a machine gun in his direction and sprays a few bullets.

Snow Fallen

This gets the desired results, and now Norris has a clue about the bad guys.

Ready to Interrogate

That’s all he needs. Norris’ buddy Dakota & new partner Ramos get to stay behind and torture Snow some more, just for kicks.  Here’s how Robert Beltran felt about his role as Ramos:

Chuck Norris' Partner

David Carradine asphyxiates Dakota in his house, and also has Snow killed, presumably putting him out of his misery.  When Norris, who has been flying all over the place in his muddy truck discovers this, he is enraged:

Chuck Norris on a Mission of Rage

Norris needs more brains, so the feds are brought in to assist, and the token black in the movie is FBI Special Agent Jackson, (Leon Isaac Kennedy).  After being introduced, Norris walks out on all of them.  He works alone.

Token Black

Except he still doesn’t know what he’s looking for.  Ramos gets on a computer, and hacks into the U.S. military database in about 10 seconds, which takes about 8 seconds too long for Norris, but McQuade now knows it’s guns that have been hijacked from a U.S. army convoy.

Norris pays a visit to a creepy wheel-chaired dwarf called Falcon, who has been spying on him (for some unexplained reason) the whole time.

Standoff with Evil Dwarf

Norris interrogates the handicapped dwarf:

Norris Interrogates Handicapped Dwarf

The dwarf fingers David Carridine’s gun smuggling operation as the responsible party for his ‘daughter’s’ accident.  Time to kick ass somewhere in Mexico.

Norris says he works alone, but he needs a lot of help with everything.  Like finding & getting to the bad guys. Two federal agents he’s earlier rejected, show up on cue and join Norris’ assault on Carradine and his 20-30 henchmen.

Attacking 20-30 Gun Smugglers

Federal agents Burnside and Núñez are killed during the attack on Carradine’s headquarters. Young partner Ramos is told by Norris to flee during the assault gone awry. Norris is captured, brutally beaten, then buried alive in his truck. Maybe they should have called for back-up, instead attacking when outnumbered 5-10 times?

Chuck Norris Taken Alive

No worries, while buried alive in his truck, Norris quickly finds an emergency light switch. Then he calmly reaches for a Pearl and pops it open.  He douses himself, then guzzles & spits up, before starting the nitro engine—> rocketing himself out of his grave.

Norris Spits up Beer

All the bad guys are instantly killed or have disappeared. Norris is free, as Ramos who has been frozen, watching in the nearby bushes, rushes to catch him as he heroically collapses out of his truck.

Peeping Ramos

Ramos pleads with Norris not to die after all he has endured. Norris tells Ramos to get him a beer.  The similarities to Joe Don Baker’s performance in Mitchell (1975) are striking.

Norris now learns his babe (daughter!) Sally, has been kidnapped and taken by Carradine to Mexico. Ramos & Jackson follow Norris, and the three head into the base for another attack. Norris enters the compound first,…

Behind Door #1

and finds Sally & Carrera instantly:

Something Attractive to Save

Norris calmly escorts the women to safety…

Norris Leads the Women to Safety

… when suddenly they’re caught wide-open in a firefight.  Norris pushes the women down, taking cover behind them both.  Sally is shot in the leg.

Chuck Norris Takes Cover

An intense battle ensues and Jackson is shot in the belly again, yet he fights on– undaunted:

Shot Twice in the Belly, but still Okay.

The final showdown between Norris v. Carradine arrives and ends.  You can guess how it goes.  Carradine is defeated, wounded– but not dead.  He recovers and fires upon Norris, who has turned his attention away.  Carrera steps in and takes the fatal bullet to save her love.  Chuck Norris is heartbroken:

Barbara Carrera Fatally Shot: Chuck Norris Heartbroken

Everyone flees. Finally, the token Negro provides Norris with a grenade, and he tosses it into a building, killing Carradine.

Blow-up Finale

Film Critic Roger Ebert gave LWM a 3.5 star rating, proving a serious lack of critical judgement.  This is a wretched picture, that deserves to be studied & understood for all its toxicity, then put away forever.  Resist this psychic death.

Babe Tosses Beer in Trash

The love scenes between him & Carrera are not believable, with any knowing viewer suspecting Norris doesn’t even have an erection at the fadeout, and will soon opt for a brew as consolation.  Intimacy issues at every turn for Chuck Norris.

Norris Alone with his Beer

Below are three different LWM screenshots of Norris literally throwing various forms of garbage, anywhere he feels convenient.

Chuck Norris Takes out the Trash 1:

Norris Takes Out the Trash1

Chuck Norris Takes out the Trash 2:

Chuck Norris Takes Out the Trash2

Chuck Norris Takes out the Trash 3:

Norris Takes Out the Trash 3




Use & Abuse of Personas

Artists create personas to protect themselves, it’s not a new concept. Assuming an alter ego allows freer expression of culturally inexpressible ideas.


A persona adds a layer of personal protection, as the public needs to work through an image to confront & understand an artist on a personal level.

Dylan Shades

This allows the art & ideas to speak for themselves (at least for awhile), instead of succumbing to the cult of celebrity. Fame brings money and excess, which are dangerous & corrupting influences to anyone.

Double Nickles on the Dime

With the rise of the Internet, anybody with a computer or mobile device can create their own online persona.  Andy Warhol’s vision of everybody being famous for 15 minutes is now manifesting itself in all kinds of awful, weird, and simultaneously wonderful ways.

Andy Warhol 6

Online, people can be whatever they want without much repercussion, due to the layers of screening & anonymity. The cyber-world is sleazy & creepy, but also filled with revolutionary potential. Communication of ideas has never been faster, and people are starved for real information & discussion on anything & everything.


The downside of social media is that it allows a vehicle for evil & hate to spread its poison, especially when left unchecked, therefore it must be combated effectively & diligently. [1]

Trump on 9-11

Innovative network television programming is virtually dead. Most of the best current films are documentaries created by independent filmmakers, as YouTube & Netflix are rich sources of engaging & serious independent film content. Hollywood needs to be largely understood as a waste of talent at this point.

Star Wars: Episodes 1-3

No thinking kid (or adult that has survived with his/her brains intact) believes any corporate-sponsored news, which is 100% lies & half-truths.  One thing I’ve noticed while researching and engaging in social media, is when reading an article on, ESPN or… I often find the comments just as helpful (if not more so) in terms of facts & ideas as compared to the article.  Fifteen seconds of fame for the poster.

Fakebook Screenshot

Dialectics in politics applies when long-term difficulties & seemingly hopeless situations are suddenly wide-open playing fields for opportunity & victory. Personas, when used correctly, allow elusiveness in being focal points for online influence & clout, which is necessary to revolutionarily transform & socialize our planet.


Mastering Social Media

Facebook is primary, Twitter useless.  Create a handle for all forums, and always be respectful of others.  Be open and honest; reveal who you are, otherwise you won’t be trusted (or even respected) by most in the group.

Speak mostly with your ‘Like’ button.  If thoughtful, it truly & concisely reflects who you are. This makes what you say carry more weight.  Check & double-check spelling, grammar, punctuation, over-all clarity, etc…  Same reason.

Mount Dora Nightly Movie

Of course, it’s always what you DO that really counts. With that said, this is what you must do on social media.

White Houses

If you have a serious artistic, political, religious or other intellectual position; create a separate Page and manage all those affairs there.  Occasional updates on your homepage are allowed, but let you friends either Like or not Like your Page, without having to reject you as a person. 

Hwy 19 & Main St

Furthermore, you also need a website, 100% controlled by you.  It must be up to par, in an Internet world that is a jungle.  It must constantly be updated with new, interesting content; otherwise you have nothing.  It costs very little in $$, but much in hard work, brains & perseverance.  Hackers, spammers & the random laws of the universe are also waiting to take you down, so be prepared.

High Voltage!

Become a competent, then artistic photographer. People are much more interested in pictures, over anything else.  This includes video, which many mobile devices won’t run, or just take too long.


Screenshots work great too!


Choose your words well, economize.  Less is more.  No one respects the loudmouth who keeps at something, over & over.  Handle them as needed, otherwise disengage.

Beer Here!

Engage & ask open-ended questions to top posters.  Let them speak & deliver shared messages for & with you.

Culture is produced by the workers.  Without organized human labor, there is no culture. Culture (and what is cool), is always defined by the youth.  Social media was created by college kids, and now allows anyone to be a celebrity (to some extent).  If you are a leader on social media, then you are respected and listened to; and your opinions often influence others. This allows for those without obscene wealth to be influential, and therefore powerful.

Understand, that ALL social media is monitored & manipulated by those who own it.  How they edit always reflects their ideology.

Social media is an integral part of the coming revolution.  Become adept at it, as with other forms of communication (like actually talking to someone face-to-face), and together we the people will accomplish great things!!