What is Ric Size?– Updated November 28, 2017

From a young age I became fascinated with the truth in all things. Truth is where the power exists. Money is a form of power too, but it is mostly acquired in great quantities, by being untruthful. Money is a lie, which we all must believe in, under capitalism. That’s why Ric Size is a revolutionary socialist.

Once you posses the truth in matters, people either believe you– in which case they follow you, or they refuse– and thus avoid you. That’s the power of the truth. Can you handle the truth?

Staring deep into a mirror is a fair test of truth. Can you gaze at your true self, and deal with the naked reflection? Can you appreciate your beauty, while seeing your flaws which need correction? Are you then willing to act on that, so the next time you peer into the mirror you will see progress?

Wisdom is achieved through contemplation & self-acceptance. It is best to accept yourself as beautiful & truthful, as that is the path to power & wisdom. Wisdom is intelligence directed by thoughtfulness & assured self-control.

This site went online in 2012, as a vehicle to post albums & music downloads. Ric Size began as a musical artist, writing his first songs ~1996. Most of Magnified, and some of Electrified! is songwriting of that era. Bootlegs exist from 1998, 2002 & 2009.

Hwy 19 & Main St. and Over & Out are the final Ric Size studio albums, as no money for touring ever came, due to political censorship & blacklisting. It is highly likely that Ric Size is one of the original reasons this current artistic blacklist has been created.

The last album in the Ric Size musical catalog to be considered is Fully Covered, which is an astounding in range: from AC/DC, Creedence & surf rock to Bikini Kill, Sonic Youth & Captain Beefheart. This two-session solo live recording is easily one of the most compelling cover albums in rock music history. Fully Covered has been released only on YouTube as videos. YouTube has been a leader in this political blacklist, working with intelligence agencies & the deep state to throttle any voices of dissent & revolution, so few are even aware of this album’s existence.

At this point, Ric Size has evolved into a blog journalist & revolutionary artist. This is due to not being able to get a paying musical gig, after five records [!], and years of freebie auditions. Approaching the Internet from an artistic standpoint and Marxist perspective, has transformed RicSize.com into surely the most-heavily blacklisted & suppressed blog site on the Internet. Only Wikileaks & the World Socialist Web Site are suppressed with more vigor & venom.

So in the end, this site is about the truth in all things. To date, this site has over 200 archived & indexed blog posts. All Ric Size music is available for free streaming or downloading on this site. This site is easily reviewable using the search box, as the article titles & tags have been specifically chosen for lasting impact. Subjects range from politics to sports to music to human beauty & sexuality, with many pieces weaving these themes together in inimitable style. The “Hurricane Irma trilogy” is an artistic peak in this form.

Most writers write, and then move on; never examining what they wrote or asking themselves, “Does this hold up?” Everything published on this site, was meant to stand the test of time. Does that mean everything here is 100% correct? Of course not, as the truth is never easy to fully grasp, and often remains intentionally elusive. There are people who prefer the truth stay hidden, and these are the people (and interests) censoring & blacklisting this artist.

A note to readers: editing of past articles, is now mostly in the past. Too many video links to old pieces have been taken down, and this artist doesn’t have the time to go back and re-link every article. The toughest task in writing is to edit yourself, so there are typos and awkward phrases, especially in older pieces. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, is a good rule for bloggers. The truth is what stands up over time.

The writing style on this site has changed over the years. So have the writings of others, on social & mass media– I’ve noticed. In the end, the most important thing is to be influential towards the truth, by whatever means necessary. That remains the unwavering mission of this site.