What is RicSize.com?

Short answer: The most underground rock star ever. 100% real. 100% blacklisted.

Long answer: This site is an online art gallery, a modern-day version of Andy Warhol’s EPI without all the decadence. Here you will find music, film, videos & photos; along with a blog that has been running biweekly (or so) since January 2014. This site was conceived by, and its content 100% supplied by Ric Size. It was built & is maintained by webmaster/producer Tomp. The film Electrified! & the early videos were made in collaboration with Wild Zebra Media.

The political identity of this site is Marxist.  Marxism is a scientific tool & useful skill. Dialectical materialism is Marxism’s philosophy, insisting on the primacy of matter.  This  opposes all variants of idealism, which always lead back to faith in god or the ‘free market.’  All bourgeois philosophy (post-modernism, etc..) is completely irrational, and only serves ruling-class interests.

While Ric Size maintains no political party affiliation, he is in sympathy with the Leon Trotsky’s 4th International, whose daily organ is the World Socialist Website @ wsws.org. The WSWS is an invaluable online repository of modern orthodox Marxism, representing the best in current political thinking.  All other ‘socialist’ parties worldwide are of Stalinist origin, and are therefore bitter enemies of the working class. All the ‘liberal’ parties in the world are tied to capitalism, and are therefore also political dead-ends.

The problems of global inequality, wars, and warming aren’t going away; in fact they are intensifying. The working masses of the world must rise up under a united banner of revolutionary socialism in permanence. The purpose of this site is to educate and collapse time-frames, while inspiring revolutionaries with musical anthems.

Electrified! cover

Ric Size is the persona name for a real human being named Eric Meeker, who makes his living as a dentist. His real-world contributions to the profession include 20+ years of private practice, providing quality care to patients in Lake County, FL for 18 years; until retiring his practice in February, 2014. He now practices locum tenens/free agent. Contributions he has made to dentistry on this site include clearly defining the enemies of rational health care as being; 1) insurance companies, 2) venture capital corporate start-ups, and 3) their corporate partners-in crime– the American Dental Association (ADA).

This comes through with precise clarity in the blog, music, and film. Dentistry surely has its modern giants (Pete Dawson, Gordon Christensen, Carl Misch, Howard Farran– to name a few…), but for every one of them, there are a thousand self-aggrandizing charlatans who really value money above all else.  Another lasting contribution of this site is how it redefined an ego-centric industry term– rock-star dentist.

ADA & Aspen Dental

Sports are an important part of the American pop culture phenomenon, and included here are articles on the NFL, NBA, soccer, tennis– but mostly MLB.   The point in sportswriting is to educate all fans on the action, while pointing out the game’s business aspects in Marxist terms. Attempts at this are few & far between, and often fall flat because they are penned by nerds who aren’t really sports’ fans. This site fills that gap, while encouraging young minds to get busy with a fresh perspective.

We live in the age of social media. This site is connected to the artist’s Facebook & YouTube pages. The quality, style, and frequency of posting in both is appropriate; and should be studied by all DIY artists. One unmistakable leitmotif is the selfless nature of the postings. This means mostly sharing useful facts & analysis for information on solving our world’s problems, or linking some awesome-but-relatively-unknown music/art for fans to enjoy. Self-promotion needs to be limited and must always bring value to others, otherwise it rightfully deserves to be ignored.

All the content on this site is owned under the umbrella of Infinitelink Records (ILR), and it’s publishing subsidiary– No Cliché Songs.  ILR works in partnership with Last Minute recording studio, owned by TomP.  As a fledgling label & studio, we are always interested in working professionally with serious & passionate new artists. Young people are the future, as well as the present. This site is DIY, 100% for the kids.  Haters, Step Aside.

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