Steel Horse

Grunge Records

All pics by Ric unless noted

Early Sonic Youth


Iggy & the Stooges

Elvis Presley


The Velvet Underground

Steel Hummingbird 2

MD Modernism2

Spanish Cannon Mount Dora, FL

Douchebags on Segways

Steam Locomotive

Train Depot

Railroad Waste

MD Railroad in Reflection

Monty: Mount Dora Mascot

USA Sign

One of Mt. Dora's Finest

5th & Donnelly

Modernism Critique

Death by Plastic

Poisoned Tree

Large Vessel

Last Day of Winter

Merry Christmas-No Parking

No Photos

The Benefits of Trees

Sign for a Mount Dora Organic Salon Removed

Park Bench as Ashtray

Mark Twain


Lighthouse of Mount Dora

Space Available

Zombie Wasteland of Eustis FL

Two Cowboys

228 Ardice Ave- For Rent Summer 2015

Dental Library, Condensed

ADA & Aspen Dental

Golf Cart Parking

The Villages_Google Maps

Why Marxism? Just Because

Anna Rex-Modelling as Art

Early Times: Brothers Video

Smiling Bison urinal

Just the Facts2

Thundering Spirit Pow Wow at Renninger’s in Mount Dora FL on 3-3-13

Pow Wow #10

Afternoon Program

Pow Wow #2

Pow Wow #4

Pow Wow #8


Ebony: September 2012

Ebony Sept 2012


CD Collection

Punk Women #1Punk #2Electronica #1


TomP– Animal Drummer

Tomp Drummer advert  TomP_animal drummerTomp _greenscreen

Studio #4 on 3-1-13


Talented Charlie Chaplin by Sue Cameron

Talented Charlie Chaplin


Mount Dora Art Festival 2013– Respected Artists

MDAF 2013 Respected Artists #5MDAF2013 RespectedArtists


pics by: Laura Rivera, Joel Hayes, and Sue Cameron

Apopka Ampitheater July 2012 #18  Apopka Ampitheater July 2012 #20  Apopka Ampitheater July 2012 #15


Ric Size Mercury Rising 3

Electrified! promo

Electrified! cover

Ric Size Garage Demos 3

Ric Size Magnified 6

Ric Size Magnified 2

Ric Size Magnified 1

Ric Size Magnified 3


Sunset Castillo de San Marcos

Coquina (fine shells)

Ravelin View

Castillo de San Marcos Drawbridge and Moat

Nirvana Gtr

A Scanner Darkly (1977) & Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (1968)

European theatre WW2

Japanese WW2 Empire

First Drone

Vote Danica

LP vs. CD package size

Rush Records

Steam Locomotive Decoupled 2

Tree Carnage

Warming Up

Engineer's View

Hobo's Caboose View

One Seal Attacks Another in Casino Royale (1967)

Animal Farm (1946)

Bruce Lee's Pholisophy Style and Technique

Trotsky's Writings on the USSR

Next Year's Cover Girl

This Year's Bitch (flipside)

Three Vipers

12XU Matrix Screenshot

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Screenshot

Dr. Lao

Apollonius of Tyana

I just ran out of bullshit

Joel Hodgson Exits the SOL

Mitchell MST3K Screenshot

Weeds in Cracks

Spanish Moss in Winter 2

Spanish Moss Devastation #1275

Natural Bird Food

Alligators on Patrol

Atari 5200 Cartridge

Taipan Emulator High Score

8-Track Tape

Aerosmith Rocks

Surfer Rosa Record Label

Carlos Montoya

Daytona International Speedway 6-29-17