Bird feeding 101

Bird feeders are monopolized by dominant birds. You minimize this by keeping your feeder full. Refill your feeder in the evening when the sun is going down and there’s still daylight, but the birds are all nested. You know this because you don’t see any birds, or hear any chirping.

When you place a bird feeder near a nest(s), those birds will consider that feeder theirs. But if there is always more-than-enough, they will share with other species & neighbors. Of course, bigger birds will find any feeder & help themselves.

People debate the question of a glass being half-full or half-empty, but birds don’t. Birds always consider the feeder “half empty” when it gets down to the midpoint. That’s when the dominators get MUCH more protective of their food stash.

Plastic bird feeders, like the one shown above, trap moisture which causes the seed to dissolve & clump at the bottom. If you are mobile & busy, a $40 hangable screen feeder is ideal just about anywhere.

I prefer the model with a tension pin to hold the cap tight. If you hang it on a good hook, you will get little-to-no spillage even in high winds. Furthermore, rodents can’t lift the lid off a screen feeder when it is tension-pinned. A squirrel is a rat with a bushy tail. With that said, I’m with Milton Waddams in Office Space (1999), I like the squirrels.

Anyways, if you hang & maintain a screen feeder in a good spot it will attract sparrows, cardinals, and any other seed-eating species for miles around. A “good spot ” is somewhere you can comfortably view it from inside, and easily access it to refill. If you dump the seed, the squirrels will get it all. Bird feeding is easier than pet ownership, while keeping you connected with animals & nature.

I recommend a ‘songbird blend’ as feed, available at Walmart, etc. This gets you more variety, which is the name-of-the-game in bird watching. You’ll even get an occasional hummingbird who is curious & hopeful, attracted by all the bird activity. Bigger birds come by and pick out the stuff they don’t want, to get to the stuff they DO want, which leads to a frenzy of sparrows on the ground where all the discarded seed falls. I like the birds.


‘Cancel culture’ explained

Google definition: Cancel culture (or call-out culture) is a modern form of ostracism in which someone is thrust out of social or professional circles – whether it be online, on social media, or in person. Those who are subject to this ostracism are said to have been “cancelled”.

Cancelled by whom? For what purpose? These fundamental questions are never answered by the MSM.

Nazis are the most extreme historical example of cancel culture. They burned books, murdered artists, and terrorized the population.

So did Joseph Stalin in the USSR.

Today, attacks on art take the modern forms of identity politics, in the #MeToo & racialist BLM campaigns of the Democrats, along with the fascist filth promoted by Donald Trump and his supporters.

Fascism produces no culture worth saving. I printed that in bold so people don’t forget it. Culture exposes fascism and its crimes, which is why the “cancel culture” campaigns have taken such virulent forms. On the far right, it finds its expression in Nazi haters, many of who stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021, claiming they have a right to such “free speech,” and if they are prosecuted for their violence, then their Constitutional rights are being “cancelled.”

The truth is that no one has the right to incite and participate in a violent insurrection that kills people, Yet Nazis insist they do have this right. This illustrates how impossible it is to reason with Nazis. They blame Antifa, etc, for January 6, because they are lying, gutless, ignorant scum. No one likes them, and they have few friends outside of their elitist sponsors in the Republican Party. So they seek to cancel everything cultural, though any means.

The Democrats approach cancel culture with witch hunts, media slander & censorship. This apparatus was set-up by Bush-Cheney after 9/11, and greatly expanded under Barack Obama-Joe Biden. When Trump won Election 2016, bitter Democrats led by Hillary Clinton launched all their identity politicking versions of cancel culture. They get plenty of cooperation from big tech..

The question now needs to be asked: What have the #MeToo, BLM & LGBT campaigns produced that is of lasting cultural value? Recall that these are the historical falsifiers who penned & promoted the racialist & discredited ‘1619 Project’ by Nikole Hannah-Jones, while #MeToo sunk itself at the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation trial, with vague, shifting & unverifiable claims of sexual assault by women who (according to official news) must always be believed. These #MeToo (#MeFirst) bitches should watch some classic film noir, for a lesson on lying women, if the think we’re that stupid.

The anti-Russia campaign, which has been going on since the damaging WikiLeaks DNC release in June 2016, is primarily aimed at dividing workers on nationalist lines. USA good, Russia bad, is forever the mantra. The message from the ruling elites is that no useful culture can be found in that part of the world. Same deal with China, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, etc.

For example, Damascus is the capital of Syria, the oldest remaining city in human civilization. Yet according to MSM, there’s nothing for you & me to learn from that. These are the same hysterical fake intellectuals who claim there needs to be more black/women/gay voices in leadership, for diversity! In actuality, it’s all meant to enrich a thin layer of petty bourgeois “liberals.”

Cancel culture is a fascist fraud. It’s a deep state hate campaign, directed at silencing artists, dissidents & socialists. At this point, anyone who says one thing that is considered ‘wrong’ is cancelled, unless they’re protected like Joe Biden, who can get away with sexual harassment because he’s powerful.

Cancel culture is the same hypocrisy the predominates everything else, two sets of rules: one for the rich, and another for the rest of us. We become the victims of cancel culture, until we resolutely & consciously resist it.

These fascists have no right to the moral high ground on this, or anything else. FemiNazis who accuse without proof, attack through the media, and hide from rebuttal are lying scum. These bitches need a serious beatdown, and I’d love to do it all myself, but it’s much better when everyone else pitches in too. Fascism can’t be defeated without serious organization, because they are well-funded & protected at the highest levels.

Fascists have no ideology except for domination through violence, so exposing & splitting them is the best political strategy. The Republican Party has already been shattered by the events of January 6, 2021. These disparate elements of Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, III Percenters, and other fascist scum are being reorganized by US Intelligence (FBI, etc), to be utilized the way Raz Simone/CHAZ were used in Seattle last summer by the Democrats.

To be clear, these are agent provocateurs for the government, and shock troops to be used as strikebreaking goons when the time comes. Their sole purpose is to create violence and sow confusion among the working people & youth. Nothing good comes from these fascists, so exposing & cancelling them is the revolutionary order of the day.


Lieutenant Columbo on the Jeffery Epstein case

This case is very puzzling to me. First it was officially called a suicide, even though Epstein was on suicide watch. Hours later the official story was changed to Epstein being taken off suicide watch. There’s no explanation as to why or when he was removed. No video of his death in his prison cell, nor any witnesses either. It’s the darnedest case I’ve ever seen!

I was wondering if you could help me out? There’s a few things here that bother me, that just don’t add up (applies hand to forehead). We’re gonna need sworn statements from everyone in the building for our report. Don’t worry, this isn’t necessarily a homicide investigation, we’d just like to get all the facts before we decide which direction we should go. We have to tie-up all our loose ends. Routine procedure & all… you understand, right?

I’m sure these nice prison guards & their superiors will be very helpful in getting at the truth about Mr. Epstein’s sudden demise.

There are just a few things I’d like to go over, call them odd coincidences in this death. Jeffery Epstein was a man who wanted to spread his DNA across the planet, there was even a sensationalist article with that title in the New York Tines before his death. So why would he kill himself? It doesn’t make sense with his ego-maniacal personality. Even if his sperm was cryogenically stored, it would now be worthless to women due to the “suicide marker” in his genes. I don’t see a motive for suicide in Jeffery Epstein.

Here’s a possible alternative. His previous “suicide attempt” in prison a few weeks back, may have been a disguised dress rehearsal for premeditated murder by the deep state. That certainly seems a possibility, and Jeffery Epstein had powerful enemies. His list of clients implicates much of the global ruling class in sex crimes & human trafficking.

This was being touted as “the big one,” the tsunami scandal that exposed everyone, and now the investigation into this sex trafficking for the rich & famous goes cold. It’s funny that the media doesn’t seriously consider this obvious explanation which fits the crime. I mentioned all this to Mrs. Columbo, and she said that I’m right & that it’s all fake news anyways. I think she might have something there. What do you think?

Another interesting coincidence is no suicide note. This was a billionaire with many responsibilities & acquaintances. It would seem to me that if Mr. Epstein suddenly became so distressed that he decided to hang himself alone in his jail cell, instead of facing the music, then he would at least leave a final explanation or last will & testament. No suicide note is very strange.

And who ordered CPR to be administered when Epstein’s dead body reached the hospital? This is tampering & destroying physical evidence. If Epstein was murdered by a special forces death squad, who bum-rushed him in the middle of the night & broke his neck, and then staged it to look like a suicide-by-hanging, a good forensic specialist could possibly discern the difference between suicide & murder. By mashing on his lifeless body in “an attempt to resuscitate,” the emergency responders were creating new breaks in the fresh corpse, which could be difficult to differentiate from a physical beating on a living person’s chest cavity.

I hope I’m not bothering you with this, but what about video footage? Did every camera in the prison “malfunction” at that time? I think it would be a good idea to go over all the video from that time period, and compare it to a complete list of everyone in the building around the time-of-death. I think that would answer some questions and clear some things up. Don’t you agree?

Just one more item worth noting– I hope you don’t mind– was sheer number of people who previously mentioned (mostly in reader’s comments & on social media) how well it would work for the ruling elite if Jeffery Epstein suddenly died. And then it happened! What are the odds of that being a coincidence? I’m no expert in actuary tables, but it’s got to be at least a billion-to-one. I’m afraid that goes well beyond reasonable doubt, which means we’re looking at murder.

Network Mystery Movie Wrap-up (Tying-up the loose ends): If one of the world’s most connected billionaires can be imprisoned & then assassinated, what does this mean for you? What does this mean for Julian Assange? Anyone promoting the Jeffery Epstein “suicide” narrative is involved in this murderous conspiracy to hide fundamental truths from the working people of the world. This is about protecting privilege.

Here’s the typical response from the Columbo murderer(s), so watch for it in the media. “Lieutenant Columbo, I’m getting tired of these insinuations that Jeffery Epstein’s death was anything more than a highly-convenient suicide. These conspiracy theories are getting out-of-hand. Enough already!!”


Assange Arrested– fascism makes its move

What you know and how you feel about this image defines your politics, at a crucial moment in history. You are either fighting for human rights, such as free speech & the public’s right to know, or you are in bed with the fascists. Not caring puts you in the latter camp, by default.

Julian Assange is being charged by the US Department of Justice with “conspiracy to commit computer intrusion,” alleging he helped US Army intelligence analyst Bradley/Chelsea Manning hack into a US government computer network storing classified material, back in March 2010.

The evidence they have is secret, and no one outside the deep state has seen it. Their idea is that it stays that way, with a secret trial & conviction in a kangaroo court. Most legal experts agree the DOJ’s case against Assange is weak, and would be defeated easily in open court, so “national security” become Trump’s trump card.

This embassy stand-off couldn’t go on forever, so now it is up to socialists to unite the people and free Julian Assange.

An anonymous whore for US/UK imperialism, cowardly speaking through her attorney Elisabeth Massi Fritz, stated to the media this morning, “We will do everything we can to get the prosecutors to reopen the Swedish investigation so that Assange can be extradited to Sweden and be prosecuted for rape. As long as the statute of limitations has not expired my client has hope for restitution.”

The original rape charges against Assange were dropped years ago, due to insufficient evidence, after an extensive investigation by a Swedish prosecutor. The whole ordeal reeked of a classic “honey trap” by the CIA, which is a world-wide leader in these types of dirty-tricks operations, along with media manipulation & psy-ops. This is the reason Julian Assange took asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London in the first place.

The Big Lie the CIA, DOJ & Trump team are using now, is to accuse Assange & Manning of hacking into US intelligence computers, to reveal that the NSA/CIA/FBI/etc have already hacked into every American’s internet devices & have all their online activity in storage, without their knowledge or consent.

The #MeToo Democrats are just as complicit in this frame-up & travesty-of-justice as the Trump Republicans. Anything that distracts from the content of the Wikileaks releases is fake news.

Without Wikileaks & Julian Assange, the world would not know about US wars crimes in Iraq (above) & Afghanistan, ubiquitous NSA spying, and the DNC email leaks that proved the 2016 Democratic primary was rigged for Hillary Clinton, the favored candidate of Wall Street.

As for the DNC email leaks, it was surely NOT Vladimir Putin or any Russian agent, but most-likely DNC staffer Seth Rich. The DNC email leaks occurred in June, and Rich was murdered on July 10, 2016, about a block from his apartment in Washington, D.C. No money or jewelry was stolen, in what appears to be a profession hit. The case is still official unsolved.

Wikileaks published the DNC emails on July 22, after the New York Times, Washington Post, and all the rest refused. In the ensuing months, several attorneys in then-DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s district in south Florida were murdered under suspicious circumstances, while investigating voter fraud. These murders also remain unsolved. That’s a taste of how high this conspiracy extends, and these are the methods they will use to hide the truth from the public, in order to stay in power.

The media, politicians and wealthy elite don’t want people to understand this, for good reason. It challenges their authority, and powerful people get nasty about that. This is what the persecution of Julian Assange has been about from the start. Only fierce & determined resistance will win his freedom, which will be a victory for all who demand truth and value the right to know.