Lieutenant Columbo on the Jeffery Epstein case

This case is very puzzling to me. First it was officially called a suicide, even though Epstein was on suicide watch. Hours later the official story was changed to Epstein being taken off suicide watch. There’s no explanation as to why or when he was removed. No video of his death in his prison cell, nor any witnesses either. It’s the darnedest case I’ve ever seen!

I was wondering if you could help me out? There’s a few things here that bother me, that just don’t add up (applies hand to forehead). We’re gonna need sworn statements from everyone in the building for our report. Don’t worry, this isn’t necessarily a homicide investigation, we’d just like to get all the facts before we decide which direction we should go. We have to tie-up all our loose ends. Routine procedure & all… you understand, right?

I’m sure these nice prison guards & their superiors will be very helpful in getting at the truth about Mr. Epstein’s sudden demise.

There are just a few things I’d like to go over, call them odd coincidences in this death. Jeffery Epstein was a man who wanted to spread his DNA across the planet, there was even a sensationalist article with that title in the New York Tines before his death. So why would he kill himself? It doesn’t make sense with his ego-maniacal personality. Even if his sperm was cryogenically stored, it would now be worthless to women due to the “suicide marker” in his genes. I don’t see a motive for suicide in Jeffery Epstein.

Here’s a possible alternative. His previous “suicide attempt” in prison a few weeks back, may have been a disguised dress rehearsal for premeditated murder by the deep state. That certainly seems a possibility, and Jeffery Epstein had powerful enemies. His list of clients implicates much of the global ruling class in sex crimes & human trafficking.

This was being touted as “the big one,” the tsunami scandal that exposed everyone, and now the investigation into this sex trafficking for the rich & famous goes cold. It’s funny that the media doesn’t seriously consider this obvious explanation which fits the crime. I mentioned all this to Mrs. Columbo, and she said that I’m right & that it’s all fake news anyways. I think she might have something there. What do you think?

Another interesting coincidence is no suicide note. This was a billionaire with many responsibilities & acquaintances. It would seem to me that if Mr. Epstein suddenly became so distressed that he decided to hang himself alone in his jail cell, instead of facing the music, then he would at least leave a final explanation or last will & testament. No suicide note is very strange.

And who ordered CPR to be administered when Epstein’s dead body reached the hospital? This is tampering & destroying physical evidence. If Epstein was murdered by a special forces death squad, who bum-rushed him in the middle of the night & broke his neck, and then staged it to look like a suicide-by-hanging, a good forensic specialist could possibly discern the difference between suicide & murder. By mashing on his lifeless body in “an attempt to resuscitate,” the emergency responders were creating new breaks in the fresh corpse, which could be difficult to differentiate from a physical beating on a living person’s chest cavity.

I hope I’m not bothering you with this, but what about video footage? Did every camera in the prison “malfunction” at that time? I think it would be a good idea to go over all the video from that time period, and compare it to a complete list of everyone in the building around the time-of-death. I think that would answer some questions and clear some things up. Don’t you agree?

Just one more item worth noting– I hope you don’t mind– was sheer number of people who previously mentioned (mostly in reader’s comments & on social media) how well it would work for the ruling elite if Jeffery Epstein suddenly died. And then it happened! What are the odds of that being a coincidence? I’m no expert in actuary tables, but it’s got to be at least a billion-to-one. I’m afraid that goes well beyond reasonable doubt, which means we’re looking at murder.

Network Mystery Movie Wrap-up (Tying-up the loose ends): If one of the world’s most connected billionaires can be imprisoned & then assassinated, what does this mean for you? What does this mean for Julian Assange? Anyone promoting the Jeffery Epstein “suicide” narrative is involved in this murderous conspiracy to hide fundamental truths from the working people of the world. This is about protecting privilege.

Here’s the typical response from the Columbo murderer(s), so watch for it in the media. “Lieutenant Columbo, I’m getting tired of these insinuations that Jeffery Epstein’s death was anything more than a highly-convenient suicide. These conspiracy theories are getting out-of-hand. Enough already!!”