Videos & Films

Early videos & Electrified! were shot & produced in collaboration with Wild Zebra Media.

“Brothers” and Fully Covered were produced at the Last Minute.


Electrified! (2015) is an unfinished documentary film (with original soundtrack), about the evolution of a practicing family dentist, into musical artist & filmmaker.
This practice no longer exists; as it was shuttered in early 2014.

The staff & patients featured in this film are a fair representation of what went on during its 18 years of existence. The film was shot & edited from June 2012 through December 2013.

Electrified! still needs money, in order to be truly finished.  It is being released as is on YouTube, because its creators desire the widest viewing audience.

Written & Directed by Ric Size
Edited by Susan Cameron
Produced by Susan Cameron & Ric Size
Directors of Photography: Susan Cameron & Bruce Marcho
Uploaded to YouTube by TomP



Music Videos & Interviews:

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