Electrified! (2015)

Electrified! cover


Electrified! Album Credits:

TomP: percussion, backing vocals
Craig Roy: bass
Bill Pelick: lead guitar, bass
Jessy Lynn Martens: violin, backing vocals
RS: vocal, guitar; bass, harmonica

Recorded at Jay Stanley Productions in Apopka, FL

Produced by TomP

Cover photo is a video still, shot by Sue Cameron; artwork/design by TomP/RS

All tunes Published & Copyrighted: No Cliche Songs/ Infinitelink Records 2015


mp3/blogs from Electrified!

mp3                                 blog link

Spirit of the Road             The Spirit of the Road
Schooldaze                      The Circus of Dr. Lao & the SOL
Ridiculous                        The NBA: I Can’t Watch this Game
Atheist Psalm                  What is Zionism & Anti-Semitism?
Anna Rex                         Modelling as Art
Old Friends                      Action Cinema: Keepin’ it Real
Tip of the Cap                  What is Grunge?
Just Because                  Why Marxism?
Listen to the Woman       Understanding Men & LieSpotting
Brothers                          Children of Alcoholics
Moneybug                       Zombieland Redux
Kararak                           Plutocracy & Marxism
More Like Us?                John Lennon: Working Class Hero

All songs individually credited on their mp3/blog

mp3/blog format essay

The Internet now accesses a mind-blowing amount of music, available to anyone with a connection.
One compromise of the mp3 format is the loss of data in a compressed digital file; this causes a loss of audio quality as compared to compact disc (CD).

Another drawback of mp3 is the virtual elimination of packaging content, which has now been reduced to a thumbnail image w/ metadata.
This is fine for Brittany Spears & Justin Bieber, and in fact; the disposable mp3 format selects for their type.

After the elimination of vinyl records, the quality of album artwork and liner notes quickly eroded.
Long-play (LP) records are packaged in 12.5 square-inch cardboard jackets, with an inner sleeve (w/ more art, lyrics, etc.) to protect the record.
Great LP records (era 1965-90), always had great artwork.

Lame artwork was a good indicator for a stiff, and fairly easy to spot if you knew this.
Double albums became gate-folds; then triple albums; and eventually box-set LP’s.
This was the creative expansion of the record format, before it was deleted.

The resurgence in vinyl is really a demand from music lovers for real music, with serious artwork & helpful fan information.
If you love the music, you always want more.

Compact discs replaced vinyl by the early 1990’s, and one of its significant drawbacks was the greatly reduced package size for artwork.
CD booklets & foldouts are 12 centimetres square.
See the difference between inches & centimetres squared, below:

LP vs. CD package size

LP vs. CD package size


When Napster (1999-2002) blew the music industry apart, with its peer-to-peer (P2P) mp3-sharing free-ware application; packaging completely disappeared.
For the first time, it was all about the music.
The problem with that is, most people really don’t know music– they just like it to be there.
This creates a dilemma of not understanding the music, because no basic supporting information is being provided.

A listener needs to understand the landscape of any genre, in order to filter out all the garbage.
For a music lover, liner notes & artwork are precious clues that help them find & better understand the best artists.

The expansion of the digital format now is the mp3/blog.
Here, the once-disposable mp3 is matched to a first-rate blog piece.
This makes everything more easily understood & shared.

Electrified! is being serially released, entirely within this creative style.
This is resourceful use of the Internet, to separate an artist from the Sea of Shit on the Web.
With each track being ‘self-critiqued’ in this format, the reader/listener will more easily decipher the artistry & ideas expressed in this music.

This artist has chosen a revolutionary socialist line in: politics, economics, sports & culture.
This mp3/blog format, gives perspective to the music/writing– which can be intimidating & difficult to understand at first.


Up to now, little information has been provided to fans about the music they consume.
The truth is: corporate music doesn’t understand great music– and never will.
For them it’s all about control, and squeezing out as-much-as-possible from their industry creations.
This narrow-minded approach is currently in its death-throes.

Those who never loved, or even respected music, much less paid attention to an artist in order to understand a phenomenon, are now being left behind.
Artists no longer need the industry to connect with fans, they can DIY directly.

Only the artist truly knows where to go.
The artist needs to be the leader & career director.
If not, the artist loses control; as others will steer a career-path that profit themselves best.
In essence, once an artist loses their way, the artist ceases to be.

—————————————Electrified! the film———————————————

Electrified! is a documentary film about the evolution of a practicing family dentist into musical artist & filmmaker.
This practice no longer exists; as it was shuttered in early 2014.
The staff & patients featured in this film are a fair representation of what went on during its 18 years of existence.

The film was shot & edited from June 2012 through December 2013.
Electrified! still needs money, in order to be truly finished.
It is being released as is on YouTube, because its creators desire the widest viewing audience.

Written & Directed by Ric Size
Edited by Susan Cameron
Produced by Susan Cameron & Ric Size
Directors of Photography: Susan Cameron & Bruce Marcho
Uploaded to YouTube by TomP

Film Cast:

Eric Meeker………….DDS & Ric Size
Tom Pearce………….Drummer & Watch Repairman
Cynthia Lancaster….RDH
Jennifer Jusino………Receptionist
Lidia Barrera………….Dental Assistant
Allan Marsh……………Featured Patient
Elijah Salhani………….Cafe Owner
Art Rich…………………Auto Repair Shop Manager
Bill Warden…………….Tai Chi Sifu
Jay Stanley……………Recording Engineer & Studio Owner
Carol Gray…………….Denture Lab Technician
Mitchell Jim…………..Crown & Bridge Lab Technician

Becca Pearce……….Monopoly Game Contestant
Adrian Pearce……….Monopoly Game Contestant
Brighton Pearce…….Monopoly Game Contestant
Maya Pearce………..Monopoly Game Contestant

“Talented” Crew:

Camera/Editor: Bruce Marcho
Production: WildZebra Media
Lighting: Matt Sowers
Sound Op: Allan Marsh

Basketball scene shot on location at Pat Burke Hoops, in Mount Dora, FL – June 24, 2012.

Challenge Player: Corey Sutherland
Janitor: Pat Burke

Office party and outdoor scenes shot at Belton Bail Bonds in Tavares, FL – July 27, 2012.

Beautiful Woman #1: Angelica-Naia Gabor
Beautiful Woman #2: Jenay Nadine
Beautiful Woman #3: Amber Sym
Beautiful Woman #4: Amber English
Cop: Mitch Bromwell
Gay Guy: Sherwood Heineman
Straight Guy: Allan Marsh
Lady Justice: Ali Camp
Rich Businessman: Robby Camp
Secretary: Stephanie Sherman
Waiter: Tom Pearce
Young Kid #1: Ross Hackney
Young Kid #2: Jamison Moore
Young Kid #3: Katie Hohman
Young Kid #4: Victoria Strawbridge

Young Kid #5: Hunter
Young Kid #6: Jeffy

* In the historical discussion section; German imperialism is shown in green, not purple

Electrified! film Copyrighted by Infinitelink Records/ WildZebra Media