The Ambidextrous Athlete

Ambidextrous athleticism & functional strength go hand in hand. It is impossible to achieve maximum body strength without ambidexterity.

If the hips & back are a mess, then nothing significant can be done in athletics. Pain sources must be diagnosed, then released for any muscular rebuilding to occur. The epidemic problem of hip injuries has been discussed at length in earlier articles [1], as well as its rehabilitation protocol [2]. Applying ambidextrous sports training can help in this discovery and rehabilitation process, as the athlete is now opening up their entire body by using both sides repetitively & vigorously.

This article will speak in terms of right-handed being the ‘dominant & preferred’ side, and the left as being the ‘weak & off’ side, in order to maintain continuity. Lefties– reverse it.


Long-term statistical analysis of MLB records which go back over 100 years, prove conclusively that athletic peak is age 27. By the time a human has reached 30, he/she is well past that prime. Therefore any individual’s focus should shift from peak athletic achievement, towards maintaining health for life.

Most recreational athletes cease competitive activity by age 30, and have fallen apart by age 50. This is mostly because they never learned to be great athletes, and therefore have poor mechanics, even when it comes to their favorite sports. This leads to injuries which get progressively worse, then the breakdown of the dominant side of their body. Meanwhile, there is an unused left side which is neglecting into atrophy, yet in much healthier condition.

Games that can (and should) be used to develop ambidexterity include basketball, soccer & tennis. Any competent youth basketball or soccer coach will tell their kids they must be right & left-handed/footed, otherwise they are only half a player. Actually without these skills, you are less than half a player, as it is impossible to be fluid & powerful with an overdeveloped right side and an underdeveloped left side.

For a tennis player with tennis elbow or a right shoulder injury, putting a racket in their left hand and starting over is more than most macho maniacs can take, but it’s actually how to recover without surgery. Rotator cuff surgery is a sports-career wrecker, so it’s best to do everything possible to avoid it.


Ambidexterity starts with correct form and mechanics, which means taking it slowly to start, and using each training session as purposeful rehabilitation. This leads to steady improvements on BOTH sides of the body. The injured right side is being rested, while the once-atrophied left side is now being strengthened & honed. This develops better overall coordination with rapid improvements in mechanics, muscle gain & fat loss. Peak efficiency can now be approached, as previously-unused muscle groups now provide real work & stabilization. With a healthy & balanced body, much of the ‘thinking’ and ‘negative self-talk’ during competition goes away, and many of the previous performance problems are now solved.


Note: One of the biggest deterrents to ambidexterity for most athletes is their pride. Most male athletes have a HUGE fear of looking bad in front of others. When they stink in front of others, they shrivel up. This cuts them to the quick, which leads to the trash talking & carrying on you see everywhere today, all to deflect inadequacies. This type of ‘athlete’ will never attempt anything as serious as what I’m proposing. The point for these posers is to always look good on the field/court, at any cost, then cover up the rest with bullshit. As their saying goes, “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you place the blame.”

The truth is, wherever there are sports injuries there are reasons. It’s usually either 1) traumatic injury, and/or 2) improper repetitive mechanics. The serious athlete needs to look at this left side as an unused canvas. This is their chance to start over (with experience & knowledge!), on a clean slate. As the athlete progresses with sustained focus, inefficiencies will inevitably show up and left-side muscular breakdowns will occur. These breakdowns need to be scrutinized as likely the same mistakes were made on the right side. This allows healing to flow back and forth, through the body. Every athlete should become a student of anatomy. There are so many muscles in the human body, with most of the focus on chest and extremities, to the point that the major core muscles (which really matter for functional strength), are often ignored– even by top athletes.

Sports are most enjoyed by its participants when they are a pain-free experience, or at least as much as possible. This means avoiding the chemical route and its nasty side-effects, many of which are unknown to the user until long after usage has ceased.

Today it is basically a consensus of elite athletes and their sports organizations which prefers surgeries & pharmacology as their primary injury-management tool. While there have been revolutionary advances in these scientific fields, their real-world application can be most-accurately defined as abusive over-prescription. The sheer number of surgeries for sports injuries, weight loss and other ‘cosmetic’ procedures is a complete disaster for consumers, who continue to be unhealthy at record-setting rates. Globally we now have a whole subgroup of people who are addicted to this culture, and this is presented as normal– even desirable, when in fact it is deeply pathological.

All surgeries contains inherent risk, including the most common risk-outcome of making the situation worse for the patient. Too often this is the result, as the cutting of bone, ligaments and cartilage (with its resultant scarring) is a common pathway to future disability. Eventually the surgeons say there’s nothing they can do, and it’s chronic pain as a daily reality.

The only way to avoid this and maintain any semblance of youth into middle age & beyond, is to follow these outlined recommendations, which are based on science. Nutrition, work/stress management, and exercise must all be balanced. As you become more ambidextrous, you will become more balanced in everything. This is the true path towards health & wisdom.


This ‘Fountain of Youth’ is inside of all of us, but it is only something one can achieve thorough due diligence & hard work. It means remaining pure of heart and being open to new ideas. It takes steady purpose and focused intelligence to push through the pain & ridicule one must endure to achieve ambidexterity, but once this status has been achieved, it outshines everything else.

Eventually we all give way into the eternal cosmic ash, but knowing that one was the best they could be is an existence to admire. As we age we are supposed to get wiser, but this only happens when we learn life’s most valuable lessons.  Ambidexterity is a life skill, which means that it helps the individual in all things. Working towards this ideal balance & synergy brings out the best in our humanity.


Pictures of Mosul

All photographs from Reuters, “Closing in on Mosul.” [1]

Most captions read something like: Shi’ite fighters fire artillery towards Islamic State militants during a battle with Islamic State militants on the outskirt of Tal Afar west of Mosul, Iraq. REUTERS/Photographer

Since titles & captions frame an image, here are a few of my own:

Business as Usual. Iraqi 'freedom fighters' clown the Western media during their 'battle with ISIS. REUTERS/Stringer

Business as usual, Iraqi ‘freedom fighters’ clown for the Western media during their ‘battle’ with ISIS  REUTERS/Stringer

Iraqi Special Forces Stupidity REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

Iraqi special forces stupidity REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

War Trenches as Refugee Encampments. REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

War trenches as refugee encampments REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

Road Warrior: Part 2016 REUTERS/Stringer

The Road Warrior: Part 2016 REUTERS/Stringer

The 'good guys' fire their payload. REUTERS/Thaier Al-Sudani

The ‘good guys’ fire their payload REUTERS/Thaier Al-Sudani

No more parents. REUTERS/Azad Lashkari

No more parents  REUTERS/Azad Lashkari

Inhumanity. REUTERS/Azad Lashkari

Inhumanity   REUTERS/Azad Lashkari

Civilians targeted. REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

Civilians targeted  REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

Tigris 'River Raid' (Activision 1982/Pentagon 2016). Courtesy of Stratfor/Airbus/Handout via REUTERS

Tigris ‘River Raid’ (Activision 1982/Pentagon 2016), courtesy of Stratfor/Airbus/Handout via REUTERS

Post ‘Election 2016’ notes: The Democratic party is a dead letter, now chloroforming the masses while handing the reins of power to fascism.  Bernie Sanders as party head proves the complete bankruptcy of liberalism. Protests will continue to spread and their militancy will increase.  Revolutionary activism needs to focus on bringing as many of these energized (yet demoralized) elements from the collapsed left into the politics of socialism.

On the right, the ruling class is divided on Donald Trump due to his egocentricity & unpredictable temperament. There are powerful deep-state figures who highly disprove of him, and predictably Trump doesn’t respect them either. That’s the focal point for a split on the right. Trotsky would define the incoming Trump administration as Bonapartist, due to its instability. That needs to be the Marxist theoretical basis for all revolutionary strategy in preparation for a permanent socialist revolution.


Hillary Clinton: A Political Obituary

Throughout ‘Election 2016’ there seemed little hope for Republican nominee Donald Trump, who could barely stop shooting himself in the foot every time he opened his mouth. This immediately won him the support of all the racists, bigots & reactionaries; which is enough to win the Republican nomination, but not the general election. Hard-core Republicans and undecided working voters needed Trump ‘under control’ just enough to justify their vote for a bigoted, sexist demagogue. This is a measure of how much working people hate Hillary Clinton & everything the Democrats now represent. For much of this past campaign, Republican loyalists distanced themselves from Trump, with many outrightly rejecting his legitimacy. Virtually the entire ruling establishment was behind Hillary Clinton in 2016, from Wall Street to the Pentagon/CIA to Hollywood & the corporate media.


The difficulties she had with Bernie Sanders in the primary have already been discussed here. The first major sign she was cracking in the general election, was her fainting from exhaustion on 9/11 at a ceremony at Ground Zero. Her physical weakness, and lack of grit was exposed– a huge red-flag.  Trump & his strategists pounced on it, and it gave their campaign a much-needed shot-in-the-arm.


Hillary Clinton lied (as always) to hide her poor constitution, and the media covered for her, as they did time after time in ‘Election 2016.’  Every time a damaging Wikileaks exposure of her criminality was released, the media would go into overdrive to bury the content (red-baiting Russia), while scandalizing Donald Trump.  The problem for the Democrats was: Trump plays that game much better.  He can take a punch and isn’t afraid to get dirty. Hillary on the other hand had never really won anything, her New York senate seat & Secretary of State from 2009-13 were given to her as a part of political favors & back-room power-broker deals. Love & marriage– you understand, right?


Despite any of these dark forebodings, Election Day arrived with prognosticators and political physicians of all stripes pronouncing her fit for the presidency. Reuters gave her a 90% chance of winning, as voting was going on that afternoon. By 6:00 PM EST, a chill had blown over the Hillary camp, as early returns showed strong turnout for Trump supporters, with lagging enthusiasm for her campaign. This cold rapidly turned to high fever, as she lost North Carolina, Florida, Ohio & Wisconsin with losing projections in most of the remaining of the battleground states.

Evidently now realizing her entire political career was in the death grips of pneumonia, Hillary rushed out of the convention center where it had been planned for her to give a victory speech. In retrospect, it is doubtful she even considered a concession speech before then. The election hung in the balance from ~10:00 PM to ~3:30 AM, with Hillary now fatally diagnosed and privately convalescing on her luxury political death-bed, tweeting convulsively before & after her concession call to the man she previously insisted was “unfit for the presidency & dangerous to all of us.”


Today is Sunday, November 13th, and it’s been four full days (so Christian resurrection is now impossible) since the world learned Donald Trump is U.S. president-elect.  Hillary Clinton is still lamely insisting (through the ever-compliant media) that the FBI email leaks in late October were what cost her the presidency. No mention anywhere of double-digit Obamacare premium increases across-the-board, which were announced a few weeks earlier. There can be no such honesty from a campaign as corrupt as this, even after it’s all over.


After those increases were made public, Donald Trump lyingly promised he would, “repeal Obamacare if elected!”   That hit home for many, many underprivileged & overworked American voters– of all ethnicities.

When real competitors lose, they seriously reflect on what cost them. When spoiled losers blow it, they point fingers & blame others in order to deflect their own inadequacies. Hillary Clinton has huddled up with her team of advisers one last time, and they will instruct her on what to do & say. This entitled, post-modern feminist (what a mess that is!) was handed everything and never won anything.  She just blew her last ballgame, which was for all the marbles, and she’ll never admit it’s on her.

Just ANOTHER item to add to the long list of: Things Working People Hate about Hillary.


The Swift & Sudden Death of U.S. Liberalism

The collapse of the Democratic party, that was noted here on Election Night, is now in full view for all to witness. With nearly all the returns in, Hillary Clinton will win the U.S. popular vote by a (likely) margin of 1-2 million votes, despite losing the Electoral College which actually determines the presidency. Young people & energized Democratic party supporters everywhere are protesting the unfairness of this whole process, and they certainly aren’t giving any mandate to Donald Trump & the Republican party; yet all the major Democrats from Barack Obama to Hillary & Bernie on down, have pledged their support to an individual they had labelled as “dangerous” and “unfit” for over a year.


The air of unreality that pervades this whole post-modernist political drama makes it difficult for most observers to comprehend what’s going on?  We the people are expected to absorb all this, much the way a television drama cuts to a commercial during a suspenseful climax. We are trained to go from watching the near death of our beloved hero, to soap commercials, and not question its rationality or propaganda message. TV leaves you on hold for next week’s episode, promising that by then everything will work out. That analogy applies here.

Class forces are in play, and make no mistake, that is what is ruling the day behind the scenes. The Clinton’s have been hustled off-stage, and escorted (by limousine) into political exile. Their hundreds of millions in money wealth will ease them. Hillary Clinton didn’t even bother to face the camera and speak to her shocked & disbelieving supporters (who needed SOMETHING from her) the night everything went down. That points to her overall class contempt for those who actually work & care, as well as her own personal gutlessness & banality. Not a serious thought in her head, really. [1]


The same goes for bourgeois feminism, black racialism (BLM), and LGBT activism; all of whom have nothing helpful to add. At this point identity politics must be seen for what it is; a middle-class construct meant to enable fear-mongering of sexism, white racism, and homophobia– all meant to stranglehold any class-conscious political discussion.

To be a socialist, one must understand events from a class perspective. Regardless of how the average U.S. voter decided (Dem/Rep), they are going to be the ones paying the bill under Trump’s capitalism. The working class vote for this demagogic billionaire was a Molotov cocktail thrown at the ruling establishment, but the only victory most of his supporters will get is similar to the vicarious pleasure of watching a favorite team win the Super Bowl. You get bragging rights and you can wear some paraphernalia to show others you are superior, but it really doesn’t help your everyday situation. You’re on your own for that, buddy.

That was the deal in voting for ANY capitalist party candidate, including the Libertarians & Greens.  The plurality of the eligible electorate actually didn’t vote of either major party, as you can see here [2]:


This “Silent Plurality” remains ignored by most  bourgeois commentators.  When accounting for the billions of dollars that were utterly wasted on this entire ‘Election 2016’ campaign, it must be recognized for what it was, which is the worst boondoggle in political history in terms of cost & content. Nothing was ever seriously discussed, from domestic jobs & living standards to global warming & militarism. The corporate media was complete filth on every channel, and online, from start to now.

Any remaining energized Democratic party supporters that are still protesting, must soon come to the conclusion that their party is dead. The Democrats were set-up to win, yet collapsed in the face of economic realities. They offer no resistance to fascism, and in fact are now in league with them. They always were.

The best elements of the youth, workers, and all these above-mentioned disparate & shattered movements must find the correct political orientation, otherwise they will end up as worker ants without a queen, atomized & left to perish without leadership.



Fascism Wins Election 2016

A political earthquake has just struck, as fascist billionaire and Republican candidate Donald Trump has won the 2016 U.S. presidential election. In what was supposed to be a victory party for long-time Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton, turned into an exposure of what she truly is– the biggest loser in modern political history.  [1]  This is a woman who married for power, stood beside her President husband after he was impeached in 1998 for lying about his extramarital affairs, then lost the 2008 Democratic primary (in which she was heavily supported & supposed to easily to win) to up-and-comer Barack Obama. Hillary played it smart & surrendered gracefully in ’08, settling for Secretary of State from 2009-13, authorizing & condoning war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya & beyond…

This ‘2016 Election’ was to be hers, but it kept hitting snags from the start.  Bernie Sanders challenged Hillary from the left, and won 13+ million votes by identifying himself as socialist, meaning he stumped against the corruption of the Clinton’s & their like. Wikileaks dumps later revealed that high-ranking operatives in the Democratic party manipulated funding away from Sanders and towards Hillary Clinton in the primary. This may have been decisive for the Clinton campaign in outlasting Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic nomination.


If Bernie Sanders had won, he likely would have easily defeated Donald Trump (by 12-15 points according to polling), or any other Republican candidate (Rubio, Cruz, Bush…) by a closer but comfortable margin. Sanders shilled for Hillary Clinton after his concession at the Democratic convention, but most of his supporters abandoned him and his ‘new’ message. Many of Sanders’ primary supporters switched to Donald Trump in the general election, on the basis of BOTH their appeals to the working poor, which acknowledged the bad economy for most laborers.


The most-cited reason for young & newly-registered voters in choosing Donald Trump was their intense hatred of Hillary Clinton. The message to the ruling class was, when you put every resource in politics (Wall Street, the military/intelligence apparatus, Hollywood, etc…) behind the most obvious phony ever, the American people say “Fuck you!” and ‘choose’ a fascist bigot instead.  Since there was no other choice, frustrated working people figured this would make a lot of rich people unhappy, and maybe feel some of their pain. It’s not so much stupidity, but class spite that motivated so many. The message has been received. Stock markets around the world have been sent roiling, as this is considered a disaster around the world.


Americans should step outside of themselves for a moment and start considering this (and other matters) from an internationalist perspective. A dangerous person has just become President of the United States. Make no mistake, Trump’s fervid supporters are among the most ignorant & brazen forms of human scum. Racists, bigots & haters are about to be set loose under Trump’s mandate. This is equivalent to Adolf Hitler being appointed chancellor of Germany on January 30, 1933. Even a few days ago it didn’t seem possible, and yet the impossible has now happened. [2]


The only positive that comes from this is that it is now obvious (to most) that human civilization has reached a crossroads. The necessity for organization, militancy and action among workers & youth everywhere just became much clearer. If Hillary Clinton had won, there would still be too many self-satisfied pseudo-intellectuals (feminists, black racialists, gay rights activists, etc…) posturing as progressives, while living as opportunists– protecting their own comfortable existence & nurturing their idealist fantasies. They have been a source of too much political confusion for too long, and in many ways they are most responsible for Donald Trump becoming president. Their blind support for Hillary Clinton (lesser-of-two-evils nonsense) in spite of her vast criminal record was unconscionable. These liberals ‘study’ the issues carefully before the election, check their ballots, then expect everything to be taken care of one way or another. Hillary was to be the answer to all their illusions, which have now been smashed on the rocks of sexist hypocrite Donald Trump.

Marxists remain objective in their assessment for the prospects of these liberal supporters, who have no explanation for what just happened. For many, their biggest disappointment in all this is the denial of their vicarious pleasure of this final feminist conquest. Many will be heartbroken for days over this.

For serious people, these are now serious times. The Clock on Humanity which was already been ticking, has now been sped up. A socialist revolution will be the objective task for the near-future, as there is nothing left resembling respectability in bourgeois politics. This ‘election’ was a disgrace on every level, as one fascist ego-maniac has smashed both political parties in 18 months time, proving the decrepitude of the existing U.S. two-party system.

It’s now the Wild West in Washington. The military, intelligence agencies and Wall Street will now begin to act more autonomously as President-elect Trump much resembles Hitler’s personality in his inability to think clearly and remain focused. Power vacuums will pop up like mushrooms everywhere, and power brokers will battle for political influence behind the scenes in an administration headed by an unstable, yet all-powerful individual.

Neither side was going to accept this ‘election’ result, so now the real war begins. For those interested in the fate of humanity, now is the time to strengthen political consciousness & resolve with Marxism. Socialism is the only solution, and anyone who says differently is a traitor to humanity. The traditional Republican party is now openly fascist, while Democratic liberalism is dead. Strikes, walk-outs, sit-downs and any other labor unrest needs to be wildcat in nature, meaning the trade union bureaucracy (controlled by the Democratic party and enforced by the mafia) must be cast aside & thrown out. Workplaces & factories need to begin organizing and uniting, as a massive police-state repression looms on the horizon. There is no running from this fight. The intention of Donald Trump and his supporters is clear, no respect for humanity or anything else. This must be met with resolve and physical force, as these people understand nothing else.

This become the fight for human survival: socialize or perish.

Final Update 2-25-17:

Whatever Donald Trump’s ego and unpredictability may bring, it’s no match for deeper class forces which are bearing down with full force upon his presidency. In his first month, Trump has proven himself highly sensitive to any criticism, which makes him extremely vulnerable to manipulation. His fascist aides (Sean Spicer in particular), now appear to have total influence on his decision-making. Trump’s only counter to this is the threat of their removal, which seems unlikely as he completely relies upon them. Remember, this is a president with no actual brains or scruples, only cunning avarice & delusions-of-grandeur, who is considered a ‘loose cannon’ by significant sections of the deep state. In this, he much resembles Adolf Hitler in that: 1) he can’t focus and is defined by his volatility; 2) he initiates high-level power struggles, then allows them to fester out-of-control at the cost of destabilizing the state; and 3) both were/are led-by-the-nose by their propaganda minister– Sean Spicer/Joseph Goebbels.

If we have fascism in America (and we certainly now do), then Donald Trump is obviously Adolf Hitler. The important Marxist theoretical question becomes, who is Joseph Goebbels? It is now clear that the propaganda-manipulating mastermind connecting Donald Trump to the deep state is White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.


“Election 2016” & Upcoming Political Tasks

Less than a week before Election Day, and a New Times/CBS poll reveals 82% of voters primarily feel disgusted about the 2016 campaign, while only 13% claimed to be excited. [1]

The primary vehicle for Hillary Clinton securing this election was hitching her campaign to Wall Street & the Pentagon, along with the vast intelligence apparatus including the NSA & CIA.  In “Election 2016” (it was a TV show), the Democratic candidate attacked a fascist Republican billionaire from the right [!].


The red-baiting of Donald Trump (through unsubstantiated Russian connections meant to deflect damaging Wikileaks dumps) was their most-successful strategy, as Hillary Clinton has held her lead, despite all the content (which is never actually discussed in mainstream media) exposing her criminality in everything from rigging the Democratic primary against Bernie Sanders, to war crimes as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State from 2009-13.


Facts are stubborn things (Lenin), but during “Election 2016” they are merely whisked away by a servile corporate-controlled mass media and its partners all the way down to PBS. Even Facebook (arguably the most influential social media tool) manipulated its trending, in order to help Hillary Clinton. [2]

The most important issue of this political period is the escalating crisis of unending U.S. wars in the Middle East, which has now dragged Russia into Syria. Top Pentagon brass are openly discussing war scenarios with Russia (which all end in mutually assured destruction), and neither candidate (or anyone else!) is ever pressed to discuss a peace option– which is what most people want.


The issue domestically is the Great Recession, which continues to get worse for 90+% of the people. Polls show at least 82% have it on their minds, yet we never hear any believable, concrete proposals that will make anything better. What’s assured is more unemployment & job insecurity, less healthcare with higher premiums & deductibles, more student loan & credit card debt, with a lower quality-of-life, etc…


Not a single serious discussion occurred on global warming during the entire (~18 months) of this presidential campaign. It’s still here, and only getting worse. Only complete human madness would allow this rule of ignorance to continue.


Hillary Clinton will surely ‘win’ on November 8th. This was decided long ago, behind closed doors, where the ‘deep state’ decides what’s best for everyone.


The ‘deep state’  is the Black Hand, the hidden puppet-master, which must be ultimately addressed after “Election 2016.”  They control both political parties, the military & intelligence apparatus, finance capital, the police, organized labor, crime & religion. They are the Godfathers, and they are ruthlessly determined to maintain the status quo. They will have to be defeated ideologically, spiritually, then physically.


This means it’s now time for workers & young people everywhere to begin their own political dialogue.  Socialism means workers own the means-of-production, which necessitates taking control of the workplace from the capitalists. In revolution, this occurs by any means necessary. Peaceful methods are always best and those options should be explored & exhausted before before moving in force. The ruling class fears this above all else, as the working masses outnumber them decisively.


It doesn’t take much insight to realize the police & military are mostly composed of working-class soldiers. This is where socialist propaganda should be intensified, with the goal of united the working class and the best elements of a disenfranchised military/police force, into a fighting militia of the working people.

Trotsky’s Theory of Permanent Revolution means society is constantly revolutionizing & harmonizing itself, to the fulfillment & benefit of all. Young people must become more aware of worker struggles & strike activity around them, for if they don’t the reality of wage concessions & give-backs to corporate shall become the only job market they will ever face.


This is the only program for youth & workers to defeat capitalism.