The Swift & Sudden Death of U.S. Liberalism

The collapse of the Democratic party, that was noted here on Election Night, is now in full view for all to witness. With nearly all the returns in, Hillary Clinton will win the U.S. popular vote by a (likely) margin of 1-2 million votes, despite losing the Electoral College which actually determines the presidency. Young people & energized Democratic party supporters everywhere are protesting the unfairness of this whole process, and they certainly aren’t giving any mandate to Donald Trump & the Republican party; yet all the major Democrats from Barack Obama to Hillary & Bernie on down, have pledged their support to an individual they had labelled as “dangerous” and “unfit” for over a year.


The air of unreality that pervades this whole post-modernist political drama makes it difficult for most observers to comprehend what’s going on?  We the people are expected to absorb all this, much the way a television drama cuts to a commercial during a suspenseful climax. We are trained to go from watching the near death of our beloved hero, to soap commercials, and not question its rationality or propaganda message. TV leaves you on hold for next week’s episode, promising that by then everything will work out. That analogy applies here.

Class forces are in play, and make no mistake, that is what is ruling the day behind the scenes. The Clinton’s have been hustled off-stage, and escorted (by limousine) into political exile. Their hundreds of millions in money wealth will ease them. Hillary Clinton didn’t even bother to face the camera and speak to her shocked & disbelieving supporters (who needed SOMETHING from her) the night everything went down. That points to her overall class contempt for those who actually work & care, as well as her own personal gutlessness & banality. Not a serious thought in her head, really. [1]


The same goes for bourgeois feminism, black racialism (BLM), and LGBT activism; all of whom have nothing helpful to add. At this point identity politics must be seen for what it is; a middle-class construct meant to enable fear-mongering of sexism, white racism, and homophobia– all meant to stranglehold any class-conscious political discussion.

To be a socialist, one must understand events from a class perspective. Regardless of how the average U.S. voter decided (Dem/Rep), they are going to be the ones paying the bill under Trump’s capitalism. The working class vote for this demagogic billionaire was a Molotov cocktail thrown at the ruling establishment, but the only victory most of his supporters will get is similar to the vicarious pleasure of watching a favorite team win the Super Bowl. You get bragging rights and you can wear some paraphernalia to show others you are superior, but it really doesn’t help your everyday situation. You’re on your own for that, buddy.

That was the deal in voting for ANY capitalist party candidate, including the Libertarians & Greens.  The plurality of the eligible electorate actually didn’t vote of either major party, as you can see here [2]:


This “Silent Plurality” remains ignored by most  bourgeois commentators.  When accounting for the billions of dollars that were utterly wasted on this entire ‘Election 2016’ campaign, it must be recognized for what it was, which is the worst boondoggle in political history in terms of cost & content. Nothing was ever seriously discussed, from domestic jobs & living standards to global warming & militarism. The corporate media was complete filth on every channel, and online, from start to now.

Any remaining energized Democratic party supporters that are still protesting, must soon come to the conclusion that their party is dead. The Democrats were set-up to win, yet collapsed in the face of economic realities. They offer no resistance to fascism, and in fact are now in league with them. They always were.

The best elements of the youth, workers, and all these above-mentioned disparate & shattered movements must find the correct political orientation, otherwise they will end up as worker ants without a queen, atomized & left to perish without leadership.