Coronavirus checklist: What to do, Part 2

Today is the first day that Florida is on official lockdown. What this means in Sanford (for now) is that you can still go out for walks, fish on the river walk & go out for “essentials.” That word “essential” is given broad interpretation, and enforcement is kept vague. A few hold-out non-essential business are still trying to do business as usual, mostly using kids for employment, but most small-business owners get it and are home. More & more people are wearing masks.

Ventilators have become an issue to keep patients alive, as they flow oxygen to taxed & infected lungs. To avoid this fate, ventilate daily at home by opening windows & doors to let fresh air in. Direct sunlight kills most microbes & such pathogens, so do this as part of keeping your place clean. Also get out and exercise just enough for your needs, while observing best hygiene & social distancing practices.

I stayed home most days for over two weeks until the quarantine lockdown was finally ordered by Republican governor Ron DeSantis yesterday. I felt I had to lead by example, as I’m conspicuous in my area. Governor DeSantis had to wait so long, despite intense popular pressure, because: 1) he’s a puppet of Trump; and 2) he’s beholden to the Florida state machinery. Donald Trump wants his favorite golf courses to remain available to him. This is just one of a million examples of personal interests affecting Florida politics. The people who live here have no say, and are kept in the dark about everything important.

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One group I neglected to mention in my first checklist was homeless people. They get forgotten, even though they exist everywhere. If we as a society are serious about dealing with this coronavirus epidemic, then we need to find homes for all the homeless– so they aren’t spreading more disease. To not do so only kills the economy (& people) even more. Since most people don’t think much about homeless people, maybe presenting this as self-interest will give them pause.

At this point, there is nothing helpful coming from Bernie Sanders, AOC, or any of the rest of the fake left in mainstream US politics. The presumed Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, is a racist, sexist, militarist zombie. The truth is that none of them are significantly better than Trump, and that’s why none are too anxious to succeed him at this point. Every day we get closer to the cancellation of Election 2020.

The primaries haven’t been officially been cancelled. But what about the conventions? Much depends on pseudo-socialist Bernie Sanders, who has been ready to concede to Joe Biden for weeks, except for these extraordinary circumstances. Bernie Sanders knows how to deceive a naive Democratic constituency during regular times, but these are no longer ordinary days. The US is now the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, which means it’s an epidemic in America. Any answers, Bernie? Hello, anyone home?! He’s gone away, like all the rest of his ilk.

Only a few brave months earlier, Trump boasted that no coronavirus would be getting to America, or into any of his rallies. Now all the rallies have been cancelled, and his daily White House “press conferences” are a tragic farce. Strict censorship by the volatile Trumpster allows no serious issues to be brought up. At this point, any half-serious White House journalist has probably had their credentials revoked by the Trump team, or at least been threatened.

The Commander-in-Chief doesn’t follow the most basic social distancing rules himself, and probably doesn’t even wash his hands, so who can take him seriously? The rational world sees this and wants to vomit. Zombie supporters of Democrats-Republicans normally cheerlead each week’s inane talking points on social media, but I notice they’re mostly quiet now, as we have to “come together” in this time of crisis. This is the sort of sorry-ass BS that losers force themselves to believe every time they don’t want to admit they’ve been wrong all along. The only comfort here is that there will be much more hard reality coming to these formerly-affluent, but still confused upper-middle class liberals, and they need a healthy dose for sure.

What I don’t need any more of is television, and I haven’t watched in weeks. I tried a few times, but it’s all commercials & no content, so it’s off again within a minute or two. Here’s a fact we all know. People learned about coronavirus online. That’s because they know they can’t rely on the MSM. These are generalities that hold much truth about our future.

Many frontline medical workers are making out their wills. This is a grim reality to face, and heavy responsibility to bear. This is what they dedicated their lives to do, and it can be a heroic adrenaline rush on the front line. But now it’s mostly overwork & fatigue, knowing you’re fighting a losing battle. The resources to win aren’t there. The compensation is far too little, and the personal cost is far too high.

Capitalism is responsible for all this. Its puppet-masters have gone into hiding, from the public at least. Where is Warren Buffet, with all his fortune & expertise, to take questions from the public? Answer: He’s too susceptible to talk– until May at the earliest. Where are all the rest who are responsible for this catastrophe? Why is there no public accounting or admission of wrong-doing?

For the rich, this is time for them to watch as COVID-19 is unleashed on the North American continent, with no coordinated preventive health measures in place to protect the population. In the very near future, food and other living essentials will be in short supply, meaning hoarded by the elite, in order to starve the masses into submission & death. That’s their plan. Socialist revolution must be the plan for international youth & the working masses.

Since I live among the many, and right next to a hospital, here are some thoughts to take to the grave. No one can live forever, which is why organizations & institutions exist, as these entities can outlive us. The ones you identify & act with in life, are the ones that will carry your name in death. So be very careful about whom you support, because you give a part of yourself that is hard to take back.

Therefore this is my online will, so to speak. Facebook is to freeze all my pages upon death. No more posting, commenting, or liking allowed. It can then be made available for public viewing to all who wish. YouTube videos are to allow comments into posterity. This allows the original online content to be preserved in it’s integrity, while making room for discussion. These are basically online diaries, which you must (and should) own.

Website content should also be frozen and preserved in its original form. “Some rights reserved” is the 21st-century creative model, and it means available to share, but if money is made, then find a way to pay (or at least credit) the artist.

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I’m still an atheist, no thanks to god. Full support always to the SEP/ WSWS/ICFI. Just bury my body anywhere when it’s my time, and remember these songs among others.

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Coronavirus checklists: What to do?

If you’re out-of-work due to mass quarantine, then this is the question. All the carnivals & circuses have been shut down, live & on TV. ESPN & all the sports leagues are airing re-runs. Except for the NFL, which is still delusional for its 2020 season. They have just “negotiated” a new CBA with the NFLPA that runs through 2030 which extends the regular season by one game in 2021, and the playoffs to 14-teams in 2020. These fools still act like there is going to be football in the fall. The problem is there isn’t.

Everyone of these megalomaniacs has under-estimated the impact of this pandemic. Two months ago, coronavirus was labeled a conspiracy theory by the “right-wing” mainstream fake news. Here is the first report from the WSWS on coronavirus, published January 24, 2020. It still holds up, and was light years ahead of the rest of the media.

In contrast, Donald Trump with all the resources of the CDC, NHS, WHO, etc, available to him, only reversed himself on coronavirus on Monday, March 16, 2020. Since then he has done nothing to stop the spread, in fact he has allowed it to get worse.

There are too many essential American workers toiling under hazardous conditions due to this willful neglect, which is bipartisan. The political response has been to bail out those responsible (again) with trillions more in cash for the banks, major corporations & elite hedge fund firms– which qualify as “small businesses,” so they’ll be the ones soaking up all that “economic stimulus” money.

That’s what you do if you are rich. You divest all stocks, bonds, derivatives, etc, and cash out. You then stockpile essential supplies & foodstuffs, while setting up electronic billing, delivery service & everything else. Retreat to your hideaway mansion and wait it out in relative comfort & safety.

For those who work, it’s a different set of circumstances & instructions. First, you have to make a decision about working. Am I essential personnel? If no, then you should stay home. That’s what I’ve done. I’ve converted all my bills to credit card. I don’t get unlimited free money from the Federal Reserve Bank, so it costs either 12.5% or 21% depending on how it’s categorized by them. There’s also a few service charges, but having Bank of America pay my bills in the meantime is better than running out of cash. That’s the choice you face when you live paycheck-to-paycheck, or take extended time off, as I had.

I was set to start working again at dentistry in an promising private practice, but March 16, 2020 was my first (and now possibly) my last day. Before coronavirus, this owner dentist needed an experienced associate to keep up with the growth. Now he needs to cut staff, protect himself & stay healthy so he can treat emergencies over the coming period.

Masks, gloves and other PPE are in short supply, with price gouging already in effect. How long he can remain open, and how affordable will he be, are unknowns. Will I see him & his staff again? If yes, then when? I don’t know? I’m just one of millions, soon-to-be billions, who have been thrown into total uncertainty. It makes you wonder.

Being essential labor, and having to work due to economic circumstance, is the worst position to be in right now. Farmers need to work & produce, because we all need food. Water, power & internet need to remain on. The workers who make this happen are our everyday heroes being made to face disease & death due to greed & class hatred.

The elite response is bail out the rich, mobilize the military-police apparatus, and get labor back to work. This must be opposed with a demand for ALL workers to be properly protected, compensated, and cared for. These are serious demands for revolutionary times, and it requires coordinated organizing action among the rank-and-file in all industries.

What to do with all the free time?

In quarantine, I sleep in & nap more– and have no regrets about that. Learn to adapt by needing less. Personal hygiene & fitness are top priorities. So is politically educating oneself. Proper nutrition is essential. Fruits, legumes & vegetables are 90+% of my diet. This is cheaper & healthier than meat. Most weeks, this is the only thing I need to go out for. Food markets are hotspots for contagion, so only go out when needed.

The idea is to avoid spreading disease & going into a hospital as a patient, because too many don’t walk out. Frontline medical workers have been swamped & under-supplied for decades, so they are getting sick here too. There isn’t enough testing, so no one knows who is infected, and how extensive it really is? We’re just getting started here in the US. It’s about to get much worse, because there is no coordinated response from government– on all levels.

Everyday people are voluntarily quarantining themselves to prevent this pandemic from getting even worse, while Donald Trump & the Democrats are cashing in their portfolios, as they let this contagion spread far & wide. They want mass casualties among the working masses, to thin & weaken the poorer ranks. This COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic reveals how every national ruling class uses an unleashed bio-weapon against its own population. These are chilling political realities in our world.

The answer to this criminality must be decisive. Workers need to take action and seize control of workplaces, to either halt non-essential production, or make sure essential services are carried out safely. There can be no reliance on bureaucracies of any sort: union, corporate, or government– who all collude against the workers to keep them enslaved under capitalism. Every capitalist institution must be seized and reorganized by placing labor in control. All bureaucrats, and especially their puppet masters, are to be arrested & tried in court for their criminality.

Since the media tries to manipulate everyone with beauty, here are a few final thoughts on this pertaining to coronavirus. COVID-19 has de-sexualized global society in a sense, as survival is now the primary instinct. This allows human beauty a chance to reveal itself and form its own identity. In becoming better understood by the majority, true beauty opposes business-as-usual which uses sex as a weapon to maintain imperialist authority. Being honest & true to everything only increases one’s influence due to beauty.

This means spending serious time at home, dealing with internal pain to make oneself more beautiful. In the process, you will become more influential, and able to share more intelligently & effectively on social media. That’s what you can do, when you have nothing else to do.


Coronavirus & Revolution

The stock & bond markets around the world have crashed. As of this publication, mid-afternoon EDT, Europe is paralyzed due to the coronavirus epidemic. China is starting to recover, but nothing is moving economically yet. Wherever it isn’t an epidemic, it’s a pandemic, waiting to become an epidemic. That’s because the nationalist governments of the world are unable to come up with any kind of scientific & coordinated response to this human disaster. History will remember coronavirus as the pin that popped the bubble of capitalism.

There are several things that are becoming increasingly clear as this global crisis unfolds. First is that our way of life is now changing forever. For those who are still working, many are doing it at home. For most of them, this is the way it should be, as texting, email & video conferencing no longer necessitate that management personnel meet in the same building. We have global warming, and this change for the better will cut down on unnecessary business meetings & travel, which under capitalism are almost always useless.

A second lesson that is being learned is that sports aren’t very important, in the big picture. These were the first activities that were shut down, when this coronavirus was spreading globally. Sports are an integral part of this fake economy which is meant to provide bread & circuses for the masses. But when things get tough, sports & entertainment get put on hold, as history collides with class forces.

Does anyone care what LeBron James or Jennifer Lopez have to say right now? The answer is no, because they have no expertise on the problem. All they know is what they are good at, so their opinions on anything else aren’t any better than anyone else who doesn’t know. So why are celebrities idolized & elevated so much? People staying at home have lots of time to think about stuff like this.

To take it a step further, it’s educational to go onto YouTube & watch any older version of your favorite sport(s), and observe how much better most leagues were in the past. Not that is was perfect back then (it wasn’t), but there were far less commercials, less exploding graphics, and less-annoying announcers. The contests were shorter, and more action-packed. The same holds true for Hollywood television & cinema being better in much of the 20th century, as compared to today. Since the old stuff is more entertaining, so why do we need all this new garbage? It’s progress to have this 24/7 fakery machine shut down.

The final truth here is that capitalism is responsible for this coronavirus pandemic, and unable to meet its challenges. US President Donald Trump has hopelessly poured trillions of dollars into the stock & bond markets to keep them afloat over the past two weeks, but to no avail. Any brief rise in the markets has been a “sugar high” from these injections of trillions, that quickly wears off as reality sets in. There are no markets left to trade in, because the global supply chains have collapsed. Thus it’s futile to throw money at the markets.

All this started in China in December 2019, with the coronavirus COVID-19 mutating in bats, then spreading to humans. The rest of the world’s governments had months to prepare for this contagion, but arrogantly & ignorantly refused to take it seriously. Now what do they have to say? The coronavirus denialists are now being shouted down everywhere, by the facts on the ground, and the workers who are on the front lines.

Every government’s policy is trillions more for the 0.01%, while the rest of us must face this coronavirus without mass testing & protection. Without testing, there can be no tracing, nor effective treatment & quarantine of the ill. It was bipartisan policy for the US government to reject WHO test kits over eight weeks ago, the most essential front-line tool for containing coronavirus.

You can’t fight what you can’t identify. US officials wanted “our” pharmaceuticals to make their own proprietary tests so they could profit handsomely, but the pandemic has spread too quickly. Today, we still don’t have mass testing for coronavirus in America. Democratic presidential hopefuls Joe Biden & Bernie Sanders only make excuses for this colossal failure. That’s how this two-party political system fails all of us.

What these parasites, strawmen & figurines have done to the world is unforgivable, and it won’t take long for the masses to realize this. Workers have bills to pay, with little-to-no reserves, and now no cash flow. When people can’t afford food & rent, that’s when the pitchforks & torches come out, looking for retribution against those responsible.

The biggest shame of all this is the fact there are millions of workers (in America alone) who are skilled & are heroically doing everything they can to contain this virus, while providing essential services to the population, despite the willful neglect of political leadership. These are the true heroes, but they are unrecognized by the media; starved of funding, supplies & necessary protective equipment by a corrupt system. These everyday heroes are forced to work because they care, and also because they live paycheck-to-paycheck. These are the people who live & work in reality, and therefore need to be in charge, not capitalist politicians.

Both US political parties, Dems & Reps, are eventually going to call off Election 2020, due to their inability to deal with this coronavirus. That will be another clear signal for revolution, as maintaining the status quo won’t do for the 90+%. This is now a revolutionary situation, and requires class-conscious leadership within the working class. Workers & youth need to organize amongst themselves. Appeals to the union bureaucracies & the capitalist class are a dead end.

Trump & the Democrats listen closely to the screams of Boeing, and how they need hundreds of billions. Meanwhile angry workers & youth are asking, “Why does this zombie corporation, that knowingly committed mass murder with their MAX 737 crashes, deserve a bailout?” As already stated, it’s not going to take long for youth & workers to put a revolutionary political program together, and it will be led by the Trotskyists of the World Socialist Web Site & SEP/ICFI.

What’s become apparent is that the working population & kids of the world are far ahead of any government. They understand the realities of global warming, social inequality & now the coronavirus better than their elected leaders. Many offices, stores & small businesses closed on their own, before they were ordered to, proving they recognized the risks better than our so-called “leaders.”

In this age of the internet, we now can identify the enemy. They start with all the names you see on Fox, CNN & Yahoo!, then it goes to those behind-the-scenes. It’s Wall Street, silicon valley, Hollywood, the East coast media, the pentagon, CIA, NSA, FBI, White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court. This is the criminal capitalist class, which must be ousted, and replaced with a workers government of the world. This is called socialism, and it’s only achievable through an international revolution. Please join us.


Coronavirus COVID-19 crashes global fake economy

A few months back, no one imagined that a new coronavirus could bring the global economy to a stop, but that is now the case. Governments around the world are paralyzed & unable to respond to the needs of the population, in terms of identifying those infected, and in effectively quarantining & treating them.

In the US, necessary testing hasn’t been done by the NHS & CDC, on orders from the Trump White House & deep state Democrats. Silence & gag orders are in effect, as the crisis spreads & fear grows.

In short, all of the irrationalities of capitalism have come together, in the form of a nasty flu virus which silently infects anybody & spreads rapidly. You can’t pray away coronavirus COVID-19, and you can’t attack it on Twitter either. Therefore Trump & Pence are out of options, as these are clueless imbeciles in charge, so it’s a certain catastrophe. That’s how working Americans (and everyone else) have to prepare themselves for this plague in 2020.

On the other end of the economic scale, hedge fund investors & major banks are expecting US President Donald Trump & Congress to pass a financial bailout program into law, ASAP. Any media signal towards this intention rally the roiled stock & bond markets, until the next wave of bad news arrives.

The inescapable fact remains that the US financial elite is broke, as there is no money earned from useful production anymore. All the US Federal Reserve does is print more money for its friends, while the stock & bond markets are imploding because there is already too much debt– which they can never repay.

Lowering interest rates again, and more QE (free $ for the wealthy) won’t help this time. With all the sports leagues & major entertainment venues now shut down, the fake economy has ground to a halt. People now have less distractions & more time to think. This is when a revolutionary situation presents itself. It is also when the masters-of-puppets get nervous, as they can feel themselves losing control of the situation.

Theoretical questions: Coronavirus COVID-19 originated in Wuhan, so if President Trump (or any other high-ranking US government official) gets sick with this deadly flu virus, is that considered a biological attack on the US by China? Does that give the US government the right to retaliate with all options on the table?

This is what Trump was thinking about a month earlier, instead of funding for testing, prevention & treatment. Why no call by social Democrat Bernie Sanders for Trump’s impeachment over his mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak? That’s another elephant in the room the Democrats will have to dance around as all of this unfolds.

Why is testing so important? Because doctors first need a DIAGNOSIS to treat sick patients, and prevent further spread of disease. Without a proper diagnosis, health care providers are in the dark. Doctors & scientists with specialty in this field need to be in charge of a coordinated international effort to identify, contain & treat infected coronavirus patients.

That’s another bug-a-boo here, in that people in current leadership need to admit they could be infected, and downgrade themselves to patient status when confirmed. People like Trump & his capitalist cronies are never willing to do that. Their megalomaniacal belief in money, god, and their own supernatural power blinds them. This coronavirus pandemic situation will not be resolved without a serious change in leadership– medically, economically & politically.


Coronavirus COVID-19 basics

In the healthcare professions, doctors, surgeons & support staff all adhere to “universal precautions,” which means assuming every patient has an infectious disease, even if their medical history is clear. This is because the patient may have an infection without knowing it, or they may be intentionally omitting data.

Therefore frequent hand-washing, gloves, masks, protective eye-wear, et al, are required. All this was recognized & widely adopted as standard practice in the 1980’s, when AIDS came along. This extends to personal hygiene, such as covering coughs & sneezes (into the shoulder), and other courtesy measures that educated & civilized people do to prevent the spread of disease.

The rapid-spread quality of coronavirus COVID-19 means that just about everyone will eventually be exposed to this pathogen. The questions are: Will your body be able to resist it, or will you become infected? If you are infected, then how bad will it be? Will it kill you?

We make ourselves more prone to infections by not sleeping enough, by not getting enough exercise, by not eating right, etc. Alcohol & drug consumption weakens any immune system. Tobacco smoking is a particular risk with any respiratory infection. The deaths from coronavirus COVID-19 have been mostly a result of pneumonia. This is what you need to know to avoid panicking, and making a big mistake for yourself & others.

Professionals don’t politicize the coronavirus COVID-19 into a weapon of fear against the population, as that only increases the spread of contagion. Empty reassurances & ignorance are tools to cover up ruling elite malfeasance. Every nation’s government is currently doing exactly this, by closing off borders, targeting certain ethnicities, and spreading fear.

Putting a backwards religious nut in charge of the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic in the US, should be considered an impeachable offense, a crime against the American people. But not for the fake media, nor for official politics. Vice-President Mike Pence as governor of Indiana endorsed a policy to “pray away” the HIV epidemic. This wasn’t in the 1980’s when HIV & AIDS was new, but from 2013-17. Mike Pence is the exact opposite of a good solution to this coronavirus COVID-19 problem.

Obviously research & testing must be fully funded, publicly, so the people can have input on progress. Leaving it to the pharmaceuticals, who look only at profit, is a recipe for secrecy, monopoly pricing & pushing bad drugs onto the market– out of desperation.

Science has known that coronaviruses have had this potential for decades, with the SARS outbreak in 2002–2004, mainly in China, and MERS in 2012–2014, mainly in Saudi Arabia. Already we know the COVID-19’s RNA code, outer shell & much else that is necessary to develop a vaccine. But there is need for publicly coordinated research & policy, to prevent this from becoming a global epidemic which kills hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people. It needs funding, but all that goes to the military these days.

This is NOT being discussed anywhere in the corporate news or official politics. This is just another crisis to be exploited, and another bailout for the rich. The big US stock market losses last week have already been repaired. At ~10:00 AM EST this morning, it was announced that the US Federal Reserve Bank is cutting their rate by 50 base points for overnight bank lending to 1%-1.25%.

It’s not hard to predict what these zombies are going to do, once you know what’s going on. The ruling elites took big losses with this epidemic affecting their global supply chains. They have no serious answers for this global health epidemic, so they decided to print more money for themselves. This is called looking out for #1, which is considered a good thing. Ask any capitalist.

Conclusion: A virus does not distinguish between class, race, sex, or nationalities, It infects anyone & anything it can. It infects silently, and can be extremely mobile & resilient. It’s going to take a combination of ingenuity & resourcefulness to deal with this coronavirus epidemic, and the viral plagues of the future.

What this crisis already proves is that the current global political set-up has no serious answers to meet these challenges, and therefore must go, in the better interest of everybody. It’s now time for the workers of the world to wash our hands of this filth, as science & revolutionary socialism is the only path forward for humanity.


Super Tuesday Preview

Since yesterday, Pete Buttigieg has dropped out, after blandly saying to his supporters just a few days earlier, that his campaign was going to “shock the world on Super Tuesday.” Hardly anyone was saddened or surprised by this.

Now, Amy Klobuchar’s campaign is under attack from Black Lives Matter, as she’s cancelled a home-state rally. Amy Klobuchar is currently being made to answer for a 2002 conviction of Myon Burrell, over a black girl killed by a stray bullet.

Myon Burrell was sentenced to life in prison. At the time, Klobuchar served as Hennepin County’s head attorney. An Associated Press investigation revealed no gun, fingerprints or DNA recovered, and evidentially questionable police tactics were used.

Make no mistake, this is a full-scale, all-hands-on-deck, deep state campaign to clear the Democratic field for Joe Biden. Mike Bloomberg is their main target, as he stands to reap a few delegates tomorrow.

Joe Biden needs every delegate he can get, so the remaining also-rans are under heavy Party pressure to quit and throw support to him. For example, I’m sure if Amy Klobuchar suddenly dropped out, and kicked her 7 delegates to Joe Biden, all of her pain would go away. Tomorrow will go a long way towards deciding whether there will be a brokered Democratic convention in Milwaukee this summer. The only reason for a brokered convention is to steal the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders.

Above are the latest polling numbers showing Bernie Sanders poised to win the most delegates among Democrats tomorrow. Of course, those counting the votes should be under intense scrutiny when the stakes are this high, so we’ll see. That, and the global economy tanking due to the spread of the coronavirus (Trump’s problem), are the causes of all this media panic.

Breaking News Update: Mon 02 Mar 2020 3:15 PM EST

Less than two (2) hours after publishing this piece, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar has bowed out of the race for the Democratic nomination, and will endorse Joe Biden.


The Charleston pageant

This was quite possibly the worst political debate ever broadcast. It was completely stage-managed, with unabashedly biased “moderators” throwing daggers at those they hate (Bloomberg & Bernie), while lobbing softballs to Elizabeth Warren, who tried her best to identify with Sanders and get some progressive shine. Anything to “Stop Bernie,” it quickly reached bad political theater, and wallowed there for two excruciating hours. Nothing serious was debated.

The Democrats have lost their individual & collective minds. It was sadly comical how every time Bernie Sanders held his hand up to respond to someone else attacking him, Elizabeth Warren raised her hand too. Then when Sanders put his hand down, down went Warren’s. She played this political charade of “follow Bernie” for a good part of the “debate,” to make herself look strong & progressive.

But because she’s a phony, Warren finally got caught near the end– on a question concerning US troops in Syria. She was unprepared when acknowledged by the moderator, after it was Bernie Sanders who really wanted to speak. Warren gasped, stumbled, and then had nothing but stock answers for a recovery. The moderators then moved on. It was a most-telling moment for Elizabeth Warren in Charleston, SC. Warren was handed this debate by CBS & the fake media, but she fumbled it away, because she doesn’t have the chops.

What do I mean by chops? That’s a performing term, meaning skills which hold up under pressure, such as delivering the goods to a live global audience with fierce competition in your face. Elizabeth Warren clearly has none of the stuff to handle serious politics. She’s been propped up by the Hillary faction of the DNC, which is politically powerful in Washington, but despised everywhere else. Why are they so widely hated? Because these elitists have all the money and always abuse it in their interest, because they have no chops.

CIA Democrat, Pete Buttigieg is the definition of a stiff, another industry term I keep using, since this is a pageant. No chops, no charisma & no brains means you’re a stiff. This non-entity should have been given the hook a long time ago, but he too has powerful deep-state backers. The problem for the DNC is that Pete Buttigieg is too queer. Gay doesn’t have a broad enough appeal when it comes to identity politics, and comes with too much backlash in terms of running for President. Trump can rally anti-gay bigotry against Buttigieg, which will be stronger than the Democratic party’s LGBT supporters.

Same thing applies to Amy Klobuchar, as far as blandness goes. On stage, she looked like an over-ripe grape. Obviously representing Minnesota Golden Gophers purple, she needed a complimentary color in Charleston, but doesn’t have one. Her bland fashion sense mirrors her uninspired stumping. Amy Klobuchar was given repeated opportunities to speak freely without being attacked, but no one can remember anything she said. Klobuchar is a stale vintage: old wine in a boring bottle, quickly turning to sour grapes. Undecided voters will pass on that, you can bet.

Mike Bloomberg was repeatedly attacked and set-up for Warren to grandstand. He was bloodied for sure, but fought back admirably against a #MeToo-style gang-up. But it’s too late for Bloomberg to recover, and he will win very little on Super Tuesday. Mike Bloomberg will have spent more dollars-per-delegate than any US Presidential candidate in history. That’s how “Mike will get it done,” which is incidentally one of the lamest Presidential campaign slogans ever.

When Elizabeth Warren attacked Bloomberg, she came off as nagging & petty on non-disclosure agreements, tax returns, et al. This doesn’t help when you’re trying to look tough & Presidential. My analysis is that the Trump team would eat Warren for breakfast if she was the 2020 Democrat nominee, just like they did with Hillary Clinton in 2016. Sanders can’t say that, because she’s a woman, but it’s a political truth nonetheless.

But it’s clear that Elizabeth Warren is who the DNC now favors. She’s got #MeToo backing, and is tacking to the left, in order to woo Bernie Sanders supporters, but it’s too late. Warren is an establishment Democrat with little popular appeal. It’s mostly to older professional women, in what’s left of the upper-middle class. That’s a limited reach, at best, with a lot of backlash behind it.

Joe Biden is toast. Since Nevada, Biden has ludicrously claimed that he was arrested in Soweto, South Africa in the late 1970’s for trying to visit Nelson Mandela in prison. This fabrication was meant to gain him the black vote in South Carolina. No record of this Biden “arrest” exists, and it has been disputed by insiders.

Biden is also running some really weak TV ads which claim Bernie Sanders didn’t support President Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012. Comments on this are overwhelmingly negative. “Obama doesn’t shine like he used to, Joe,” are typical.

Support for Mike Bloomberg is even less, as he fools no one except himself. My favorite online response to him is, “I wouldn’t vote for Bloomberg even if he was the only person running in either party.” These centrist conservative clowns are ALL going to get wiped out on Super Tuesday, which is only a week away. That’s the cause for all this media hysteria.

The two billionaires, Bloomberg & Tom Steyer have no significant Democratic voting base from which to appeal. Tom Steyer is perhaps the biggest stiff in this field. This clown has no political skills & no grassroots support. Notice that Steyer gets the least amount of speaking time during these “debates,” because everyone tunes him out when he starts to babble on about whatever. This is an example of how your brain stagnates when you spend your entire life in a billionaire’s bubble.

Is being physically unappealing & arrogantly reactionary a requirement for two-party candidacy?  Everyone of these windbags makes themselves look foolish getting worked up over issues they really don’t care about, but have to pretend like they do in 2020. Watching Biden, Warren, Klobuchar & Buttigieg in particular getting heated to save their failing candidacies from the gallows pole in a week, is entertainment.

As I’ve already repeated, this is a pageant. The 2020 Democratic primary is a political popularity contest, to see who can best lie to the voters who are demanding real change. Without question the most skilled Democratic candidate is Bernie Sanders. All of Bernie Sanders 2020 Democratic opponents are stiffs, with the notable exception of Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), who has political chops & a lot of energy.

Gabbard famously took down Kamala Harris in an early CNN debate, which infuriated centrist Democrats. On January 22, 2020, Tulsi Gabbard filed a defamation lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, seeking damages in excess of $50 million for sabotaging her presidential campaign. This was definitely a deep state dirty tricks operation.

Tulsi Gabbard was the only Democratic nominee who challenged Bernie Sanders from the left, and that isn’t allowed. She’s physically attractive, intelligent enough & charismatic, which means she would have been a formidable contender– if she had had the backing.

For the Democrats, everything on the left has to go to Bernie, so he can surrender policy over to the centrists when it’s time. That’s why Tulsi Gabbard’s campaign got smashed by the DNC & fake media. It’s also why she’s been excluded from these “debates,” despite her resume as a CIA Democrat.

The DNC finally finished counting the Nevada caucus. Sanders won 24 of the 36 available delegates, putting him at 45. Buttigieg won 3 and now has 25, while Biden won 9 and now has 15 total. Warren (8) & Klobuchar (7) are being asked to drop out by MSNBC, after not winning anything in Nevada, in order to unite the “stop Bernie” moderates.

I see Sanders picking-up a good share of both their supporters, so that strategy won’t help the DNC centrists. It’s between Buttigieg, Biden, Bloomberg & Steyer. Three of them have to go, in order for the centrists to unite. But NONE of them have the ego to quit for the good of something outside of themselves.

That’s the Democrat’s conundrum. No one is ready to quit, even though the writing is on the wall. This nomination race could be over by March 17, so it’s probably already too late for any of this to make a difference. Sanders is far ahead of the rest in voter support & political momentum.

What most of the “undecideds” are looking for is a Democrat who can beat Trump in November. Bernie Sanders has the best head-to-head polling numbers versus Trump, winning most projections. All the arguments from centrist Democrats who claim they can unite the party are worthless in the face of this.

Don’t be fooled by the false narratives. Donald Trump fears Bernie Sanders more than any other Democratic candidate, and rightly so. Bernie Sanders is the most popular left-leaning front-runner of an open Democratic primary nomination since Bobby Kennedy in 1968. All options will be on the table to neutralize Sanders. Trump will ask the DNC through the media to sabotage the Sanders campaign, and they may very well comply. It’s understood by many deep state centrists to be essential for maintaining the two-party system.

The existing political set-up is no longer able to accommodate a leftist US President. Jimmy Carter was the last one, and he was unceremoniously dumped for Ronald Reagan in 1980. The deep state is the Black Hand that will coerce Bernie Sanders into capitulating to the ruling establishment, whether it’s losing in November, or by betraying those populist promises he made to get himself into the White House. Sooner or later, this is how Bernie Sanders will fold, in favor of the ruling establishment.

Final thoughts:   Thu 27 Feb 2020 12:15 PM EST

Who will be Bernie Sanders’ VP? Elizabeth Warren definitely fits what Bernie needs. He doesn’t need a Joe Biden breathing down his neck, Sanders needs a compliant “respectable” Democrat who checks boxes. That’s Elizabeth Warren. Tulsi Gabbard would be his choice on the left, but Bernie needs to placate the establishment, so he’ll go with moderate woman for a running mate. That’s my analysis.

One final point. VP choice matters, particularly for the TV debates, ever since Dan Quayle proved what a liability a weak VP could be, when Bush/Quayle lost to Clinton/Gore in 1992. On the other (dark) side, a powerful VP like Dick Cheney can control a Presidency. Most serious historians believe that LBJ conspired to assassinate a beloved President. It’s choice they live & die with, and it’s VERY murky behind-the-scenes.

The good news for Bernie Sanders is that his to-be-determined running mate is up against a non-entity in Mike Pence. Trump wanted a nobody loyalist for the job, and that’s why he’s still there in 2020. Elizabeth Warren will be more ambitious than Pence, because she DID run for the Presidency. I speak of her presidential campaign in the past tense, because its death is only impending, like all the other Democrats opposing Sanders.

Sun 01 Mar 2020 1:01 PM EST

The big win for Joe Biden doesn’t matter so much, because South Carolina is a red state in November. The Obama & Clinton machinery won it for him, but all of this only magnifies Biden’s reactionary politics. Super Tuesday is now a huge test of establishment machinery vs. the grassroots campaign of Bernie Sanders. One final note, billionaire Tom Steyer dropped out of the race, just after the SC results were announced.


How Bernie Sanders folds

First of all, he doesn’t do it all at once. Like any skilled craftsman, he takes his time, and picks his spots [to lose]. This is a very flexible political tool, which can be contorted into various shapes, stripes & colors. Like an accordion, he can be folded inwards to bellow a necessary note, then pulled apart violently to repel his audience. He can be held in prolonged stress positions, without cracking, which isn’t easy.

Bernie can talk populism to the starving & restless masses, and then reassure the New York Times in an interview that he would bomb any country, and be as belligerent as needed to satisfy the deep state hawks. Bernie Sanders always means it, but the hawks still don’t trust him, and that’s the problem. He understands, and is always willing to do what’s necessary.

Bernie Sanders had recently implied that “Russian bots” may be responsible for violent statements by his own supporters. Calling his hardcore and most-energetic left-wing supporters “Russian bots” is an exercise in self-sabotage by Sanders. This is Sanders expertly trying to cool off the most revolutionary elements of his supporters, who incorrectly identify him with socialism.

Bernie Sanders doesn’t want anything to do with socialism, yet he carries this badge-of-dishonor for the Democrats, because someone has to. These foolish supporters are trying to push Bernie to the left, while Sanders takes their votes and then throws them under a bus. That’s how it works.

Now on the eve on the Nevada Caucus, the fake media has gone into overdrive. According to anonymous intelligence sources, Bernie Sanders has been receiving Russian support, although no specific evidence is provided. Evidentially, a briefing was held with Sanders (and other candidates), at least a week ago. But now the fake news hypes this as a “bombshell.” Of course, Trump feeds off this filth.

Yesterday, I wrote, “The establishment needs a different narrative, so more lies are what they double-down on.” That was concerning Trump’s pardons & Julian Assange. And now, today they recycle the “Russian interference” narrative– to derail the Bernie Sanders campaign and attack Trump. Right on cue!

The subtle nuance which too many people miss is that Bernie Sanders himself is the central figure in this conspiracy to throw the Democratic nomination to a centrist, whom the voters have already rejected. This threatens to fracture the Democratic party forever, much like Donald Trump did to the Republicans in 2016, when the RNC tried & failed at this type of maneuvering.

In 2020, DNC hawks aren’t budging, while on the other side of the barricades the workers & young kids are tired of lies from Washington insiders & Wall Street billionaires. They want someone who represents & energizes them, the way Trump does to his fascist base. If this happens in earnest, the left will wipe out the right, because they far outnumber them in the population. But in the halls of power, it’s always right-wing values that rule. That’s the current political situation.

Sanders kept quiet and threw his support to Hillary Clinton after the 2016 Democratic nomination was stolen from him. How can anyone believe he won’t do it again in 2020? Bernie claims Julian Assange is a cyber-terrorist because he knows the DNC email leaks were really from a staffer (most likely Seth Rich), and not the Russians. He accepts the “Russian interference” narrative to prove his loyalty to the ruling establishment, at the expense of his integrity to his supporters.

This is Bernie Sanders taking another step to sabotage his own campaign, in order to prop up the Democratic party. There will be many more disappointments to come for his supporters. Bernie is the Democrats’ most valiant & self-sacrificing soldier. He misleads his supporters for the greater cause– US imperialism.


Bernie is a slow motioning folding machine– experienced & well-versed.  He has powerful support deep within the ruling establishment, because there are enough far-sighted technocrats to understand that he plays an invaluable role for the Democratic party, and the two-party system in whole.

For a rigged game to seem legitimate, you need a false prophet to divert & contain the masses. No one else in the Democratic party has Bernie Sanders’ chops, experience & clout. He’s their most valuable politician because he folds so beautifully, and at just the perfect moment, so that only a few people notice that he did it to himself.

We don’t need another election like 2016, we need a revolution. Featured above is Joseph Kishore, the Socialist Equality Party candidate for US President in 2020. Revolutionary socialism is their party platform. That is real socialism. Their daily news organ is the World Socialist Web Site.

When Bernie Sanders executes his final betrayal of his vast constituency of progressive voters in the coming months, in the manner already explained above, those supporters need to turn to the WSWS to find what they are looking for. Socialism doesn’t happen through liberalism or bureaucracy, it happens through a workers’ revolution.


Trump’s pardons: real & alleged

Donald Trump has been handing out pardons: billionaire junk bond king Michael Milken, mob-connected real estate tycoon & former-49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr., among the most notable. Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, who attempted to sell the vacated Senate seat of Barack Obama in 2008, and Bernard Kerik, of whom Patrick Martin of the WSWS writes:

“Kerik is a longtime crony of Rudy Giuliani, now Trump’s personal lawyer and political fixer. He was the driver and bodyguard for Giuliani during his campaign for mayor of New York City, and Giuliani eventually elevated him to police commissioner, where he was widely rumored to be receiving bribes from organized crime families.”

Kerik & Giuliani are also key 9/11 conspirators, if you don’t buy the fake news’ official version.

Next up on Trump’s pardon list is Roger Stone, one of his top fixers. Here’s the WSWS’s Barry Grey on him a week ago:

“Stone, who falsely claimed to have been in contact with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, was central to the efforts of the Democratic Party and then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo to frame up Assange as a Russian agent. The Democrats, in particular, concocted the narrative of a conspiracy between Assange and Putin to publish damaging Clinton emails stolen by the Russians in order to swing the election to Trump.”

Roger Stone lied to Congress about Julian Assange for two very good reasons. His first agenda was to smear WikiLeaks and bolster right wing attacks against Assange & all other leftist organizations. WikiLeaks & the World Socialist Website particularity have been targets of censorship algorithms from Google, Facebook & YouTube– which were exponentially escalated in 2016-17. Now in the hands of outright fascists who occupy the White House, these tools of censorship & repression only get worse.

The other reason Roger Stone made up the Assange-Putin story to Congress, was to give them what they wanted. It was a dirty tricks operation from an experienced political fixer, and it worked perfectly. The Democrats had been looking for a “smoking gun,” an actual connection linking WikiLeaks and “Russian interference.” Stone gave them that story, knowing it was false, and then watched the Democrats make idiots out of themselves in the forms of the Mueller Report, which found nothing; and then the Trump impeachment drive over US-Ukrainian dirty politics, which ended in an acquittal for Trump by the Republican-led Senate.

A lot of people still don’t know what happened in 2016, with the DNC email leaks, thanks in part to Roger Stone. That’s the way powerful people want it. That’s why Roger Stone gives the press a Richard Nixon “V-for-Victory” gesture outside of the courtroom after being found guilty & then after sentencing. Stone started with Nixon, and knows he’s protected by the most-powerful mafia in the world. Donald Trump is going to need Roger Stone to win in 2020. That’s why he gets pardoned, after Stone’s appeal for a new trial is denied. That’s how this will “play out.”

That’s fake news debunked. Russia never had anything to do with the 2016 DNC Wikileaks email dumps. The leaks came from a DNC insider, most likely Seth Rich, who was soon after murdered under murky circumstances. The claim by Trump supporters that he offered Julian Assange a pardon for this admission is not credible. That’s because Donald Trump & his fascist cabal are now leading the persecution of Julian Assange.

Assange always stated that Russia was not the source of the 2016 DNC email leaks. What was never credible was Trump’s offer for a pardon to Assange. Trump only pardons criminals & other vermin of his own kind, as discussed above.

Another issue with the Assange “pardon” offer is the fact the US government always denied there was a secret extradition case against Julian Assange, even after its existence was inadvertently released. It was only confirmed it after Julian Assange had been grabbed & dragged out of the Ecuadorian embassy by UK police on April 11, 2019.

On 23 May 2019, Assange was officially indicted under the Espionage Act of 1917, in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. The Espionage Act is an early work of J Edgar Hoover, the godfather of the FBI.

This Julian Assange frame-up has been widely exposed as an attack on journalism & freedom of the press. It all started with #MeToo-style phony rape allegations back in 2010. It was aided & abetted by the NATO-allied governments & deep states of Sweden & the UK.

There are at least three serious questions that must be answered for any of Trump’s witnesses or spokespeople to have credibility, as these are known serial liars.

1) How can a pardon be offered by President Trump in 2017, if there was no official case against Julian Assange, according to the US Justice Department & all of establishment politics?

2) Since Julian Assange has never been convicted of any crime, how can he be pardoned?

3) Julian Assange is an Australian citizen, so how does Trump & the US government allocate itself jurisdiction?

These are the methods of a mafia don, demagogue, and slanderer. Trump merely personifies the most backward elements & instincts of the US two-party system. What’s at issue here is that Julian Assange will be in a London courtroom, starting on Monday, February 24.

Public support has been suppressed by a decade of fake media lies, but like Joe Biden’s presidential candidacy, these zombie campaigns always fall apart when exposed to public scrutiny. The world is watching, as most of human civilization believes Julian Assange has been tortured by US/UK deep state haters– for telling the truth.  A kangaroo court is going to be a tough sell to working people who vote.

The establishment needs a different narrative, so more lies are what they double-down on. Meanwhile political rallies in support of Assange, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, et al continue to expand & strengthen. This is the political power of the working class being expressed in the defense of these courageous whistle-blowers. The world is significantly safer today, in that we can confirm these serious conspiracy theories which were (are) always denied by the establishment media & its political puppets.

These paid political liars no longer hold moral or intellectual sway, in fact it’s been flipped in their faces. If you don’t support Julian Assange’s freedom, then you are a fascist. If you waffle, you are a fascist. These lines have been made very clear, and what’s ahead is a political struggle of the highest importance. This is no time to sit quietly on the sidelines.


Mopping up the Mookie Betts salary dump

Remember when I said I wouldn’t write another Mookie Betts piece? [Appropriate pause] I lied.

This baseball news just broke an hour ago.

DODGERS GET: OF Mookie Betts, LHP David Price, cash (all from BOS); RHP Brusdar Graterol, minor league outfielder Luke Raley, 67th pick in 2020 Draft (both from MIN)
RED SOX GET: OF Alex Verdugo, SS Jeter Downs, C Connor Wong (all from LA)
TWINS GET: RHP Kenta Maeda, a low-level minor league prospect, cash (all from LA)

Apparently, Mookie Betts & David Price are finally going to the Dodgers. According to anonymous sources (as always), the Red Sox have agreed to pay half of the $96 million left on Price’s deal. In a separate deal, Kenta Maeda, a low-level Minor League prospect & cash will go to Minnesota, with Brusdar Graterol, minor league outfielder Luke Raley & the 67th pick in the June amateur draft headed to Los Angeles.

The anticipated concurrent Angels-Dodgers deal will NOT be consummated, according to late night MLB reports. For now, Joc Pederson & Ross Stripling remain LA Dodgers. No word if Brusdar Graterol is eventually headed to Boston, but it’s presumed. Then again, a lot has been presumed, and nothing has gone according to script.

The piece I published yesterday, titled “Flushing the Mookie Betts salary dump” is now very much incorrect, but I leave it unedited because I have ethics. Plus, it’s time to move on, so here are my final thoughts on this seemingly never-ending drama.

I stand by everything I wrote about the Red Sox, MLB, and their media machinations, as well as all of the other medical/ethical issues I discussed. I don’t have a problem admitting I projected something wrong. I had excellent reasons to believe I was right.

The realities I laid out are chilling to any serious baseball fan that wasn’t aware of what was going on. This Betts deal was much bigger than just a swap of baseball players. This was political. Boston is most endeared to its Red Sox, as that franchise has the longest history, as compared to the Patriots, Celtics & Bruins.

Their beloved city franchise had to trade away their top stars to get under the luxury tax threshold, and this was very traumatic for them. Red Sox nation insisted that everyone else feel their pain. We did.

But a pearl of wisdom can be gleaned from all this. There are clearly deep divisions within the Red Sox organization, just as there is a factional war between liberal & centrist Democrats. In Boston, there are old-school diehards in the front office who wanted to keep Betts & Price, and they fought with the eggheads who were put in charge of dumping them, every inch of the way.

Sports is business, and business is politics. They all mirror each other, and what we saw this past week in the media, was complete dysfunction from an out-of-control Frankenstein known as the Boston Red Sox. They couldn’t make up their minds on what they wanted, because too many conflicting interests were in play.

The Red Sox leaked confidential medical records to the media, and mucked everything up. The Minnesota Twins, Brusdar Graterol, his agent Scott Boras, and the head of the MLBPA Tony Clark, all protested these despicable tactics by the Red Sox to manipulate trade negotiations. More than a few ESPN & MLB “reporters” deserve to have their press credentials pulled, for unethical statements to the media.

Twins GM Thad Levine played on this to get more on his end of the deal. It was all he could do, as he was under heavy pressure to capitulate. After all, these are the Red Sox, and they needed this deal to go through. Therefore, someone made Thad Levine an offer he couldn’t refuse. Expect no admission of wrong-doing or guilt from the Red Sox, it’s not their style. Either they: 1) win & gloat, 2) hate & whine, or 3) run & hide.

I intervened in this affair as a journalist by publishing an essay from the future– one possible future. I prophesied this deal would completely collapse, but it didn’t. But it was very, VERY close– and a lot of people came to know it.

Dodger’s GM Andrew Friedman deserves respect for dragging this son-of a-bitch through the mud and coming home with something worth smiling about. He had to dig deep, that’s for sure. But it should be noted that he played along as a silent partner when the Red Sox attempted to shakedown the Twins into kicking-in another prospect, after their being “spooked” by Brusdar’s Graterol’s medical records. Friedman knew (or should have known) that he was responsible for kicking-in something to satisfy the Red Sox, but instead hung a colleague (Thad Levine) out to dry, hoping it would be the Twins who would be forced to pay up. He knew.

We never heard much from the Los Angeles Angels during this saga. They were the least-invested team involved, always on the outside looking in, hoping the two behemoths could get everything worked out, without blowing it all up. Their owner Arte Moreno expressed frustration at being held in trade limbo, but there was nothing the Halos could do. It was the Twins who were they key to the deal, so the Angels got left out when the Dodgers had to go “all in” on Sunday.

Fans want trades to happen, as they shake things up & make the game more interesting. But when an organization with all the clout in the world, can hold up a mega-blockbuster deal like this, over unfounded & unethical statements to the media meant to gain leverage, then that organization needs to be sanctioned. That’s the take-home message, but I’m betting it gets lost in the fake news headlines.

Not since the 1986 World Series, when Bill Buckner let a Mookie Betts [!] grounder go through his legs, has there been so much shame & ignominy with the Red Sox. They’ve gotten what they wanted, but how they did it will not be forgotten. To mark this event in history, all this sports drama happened in synchronicity with the Iowa caucus/DNC debacle. Both were very ugly, for many of the same reasons.

Eventually, Boston Red Sox fans forgave Bill Buckner, after they finally won a World Series in 2004. I’m hoping my fans can do the same for me, a bit quicker, about being wrong here. It’s all about the process. Acting with a pure heart is an important part of that. Getting the facts straight is another.

Notice that I’m not apologizing for publishing that essay. I don’t regret it. The circumstances were that for three days, from late-Wednesday to mid-Saturday, MLB had nothing to say about this trade hold-up. NOTHING.

Baseball fans at the climax of the Hot Stove season were starving for information, perspective, analysis (anything!) to help them get an idea on what was happening. The Red Sox had clearly ordered a media gag on the Betts trade situation, so it could strong-arm a backroom deal. The Red Sox just need time and opacity.

I saw all this going on, and when the Brusdar Graterol pull-back by the Twins was reported by MLB on Saturday during the mid-afternoon, I knew I was right. The deal was falling apart, and the Dodgers & Red Sox were desperate to get the Twins re-engaged. This deal doesn’t get done without the Twins, otherwise it would have.

My perspective was that the Red Sox were guilty of many serious transgressions, and that it was more important to publish my essay concentrating on that angle, even if my trade collapse prediction turned out to be wrong– which it did. It was more important to be influential to a targeted audience at a critical juncture, even if it meant the embarrassment of being proven wrong on something less important (but more hyped) a day later.

The impact of that essay was huge, as it answered a great many questions for Dodgers fans. I posted a link to that piece in a Dodgers blog, which was conversely linked in my essay, and it got traction. My intent there was to educate some die-hard baseball fans who were hurting. I’m a Padres fan, so I took a few shots at their GM, but it was all in good sporting spirit– because it’s just a game between us. But the Red Sox are another matter.

What I wrote helped many Dodgers fans come to the sober realization that the Boston Red Sox & MLB are a mafia, and that their team was being extorted. If the Dodgers really want Betts & Price, then sweeten the deal– otherwise it’s no deal. Friedman kicked in more. He almost had to, with all he had invested. That’s how the Red Sox, and any mafia, get you. This deal has great potential to be cursed, with all the bad juju surrounding it. I’m an atheist, but karma is real.

I honestly don’t care if I’m totally wrong about a trade prediction. Who cares? This is baseball, and no one who has any kind of career bats 1.000– or has an ERA of 0.00. I care much more about all the malfeasance & unethical actions of the Red Sox, MLB & ESPN. When is there going to be a hearing on that?