Bibi & the bond market

In Israel, at least one-third of Jews oppose Bibi & his criminal Zionist regime. Anti-semitism is defined as hated & persecution of Jews. Jews in Israel who oppose Zionism are branded ‘antisemitic’ in the Western propaganda media, which is nonsense. Jews for peace in Israel are dismissed & marginalized because they don’t correspond to the interests of Western imperialism.

Photo credit: Matty STERN/U.S. Embassy Jerusalem

Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu is a Jew who is a Zionist. Bibi is a criminal because he is the leader of a reactionary tendency that uses the Holocaust as political cover for genocide of Palestinians in Gaza. This is a class issue– first & foremost. Bourgeois politicians & its corporate media partners are the capitalist class that consciously introduces nationalism, racism, religious fanaticism, feminism & sexual orientation into politics– as a tool to divide & disorient the international working class.

You may have seen the term “left anti-semitism” come into the fake media recently. To start, “left anti-semitism” is an oxymoron, a political big lie. It is the technique of the Black Hand– the elitist hidden class that runs US intelligence & the military through Wall Street finance.

Current US national debt is over $34.5T. This debt created & inflated the global bond market, the most powerful expression of capitalism. The bond market is all-powerful & can not be defied under capitalism. The bond market decides US elections long before voters go to the polls in November. But when a revolutionary & united international working class says, “We the working people of the United States & the rest of the world, are canceling all monies owed to the super-rich and declare ourselves debt free,” that will kill the bond market. That’s a revolution. The rest is BS.

For those who ask (and I’ve been asked), hyperinflation is defined as rapidly rising inflation, typically measuring more than 50% per month. Right now inflation in the US (depending of whose numbers you read) is 5-10% annually. If US inflation reaches even 20% annually, there will be masses in the streets demanding serious change, because most people can’t afford even those price increases.

Hyperinflation happens in the third world, with Turkey being the latest example. The third world is where the US State Department & CIA exert their nefarious influence to make sure things don’t get out of control as far as workers organizing, etc– all under the banner of “fighting communism.” This keeps Wall Street happy, and makes sure the trains run on time.

The main issue with inflation is workers’ wages, which aren’t keeping up with the cost-of-living. The Federal Reserve Bank has tools to prevent runaway inflation through interest rate hikes, but this cools the economy by putting people out-of-work, which increases the available labor pool and thus suppresses workers’ wages. This is a downward spiral for which bourgeois economists & politicians have no answer.

One last point, whenever you read the Fed is “fighting inflation” by raising interest rates, what they really mean is they are trying to control the inflation of workers’ wages. The price of sellable goods going up (traditional inflation) means more money for corporate, which is good according to the Fed. But a rise in workers’ wages cuts into corporate profits, and therefore is unacceptable “inflation” which must be squashed.

You can not defy the bond market or the Federal Reserve Bank, which transcend political parties & their puppets. You can’t protest against it to any effect. This financial oligarchic set-up is the real power that is oppressing humanity & destroying our planet. You can’t compete playing their game, because everything is rigged for them to win, until everyone loses.

Organize the revolution by thinking outside-the-box. Assume that 100% of what you see & hear in the corporate news is fake. Learn to understand the motive behind the lies, and ask out loud, “Who benefits?” These corrupt institutions, which control the critical levers of capitalist power, rely on being hidden & unaccountable. As soon as sunshine is cast upon their numerous misdeeds, they lose their moral authority to rule.

Political philistines have this notion that revolutionary leaders are the ones who browbeat politicians, chant slogans at rallies, or bang their fists in fury in the tradition of Che Guevara, when history has proven that to be a reactionary dead end. Revolutions aren’t negotiated by liberals and they don’t come from a gun barrel, although guns are always necessary to defend revolutions against liberals who are with the fascist bourgeoisie trying to strangle it.

The bourgeoisie will always seek to attack & kill revolutions with all their venom & hatred, and this must be met with firm & unwavering workers’ resistance with a will-to-win in permanence. Revolutionaries are the ones who educate people by telling them the truth in all things. This has always been the true definition of a revolutionary.