Hillary Clinton: A Political Obituary

Throughout ‘Election 2016’ there seemed little hope for Republican nominee Donald Trump, who could barely stop shooting himself in the foot every time he opened his mouth. This immediately won him the support of all the racists, bigots & reactionaries; which is enough to win the Republican nomination, but not the general election. Hard-core Republicans and undecided working voters needed Trump ‘under control’ just enough to justify their vote for a bigoted, sexist demagogue. This is a measure of how much working people hate Hillary Clinton & everything the Democrats now represent. For much of this past campaign, Republican loyalists distanced themselves from Trump, with many outrightly rejecting his legitimacy. Virtually the entire ruling establishment was behind Hillary Clinton in 2016, from Wall Street to the Pentagon/CIA to Hollywood & the corporate media.


The difficulties she had with Bernie Sanders in the primary have already been discussed here. The first major sign she was cracking in the general election, was her fainting from exhaustion on 9/11 at a ceremony at Ground Zero. Her physical weakness, and lack of grit was exposed– a huge red-flag.  Trump & his strategists pounced on it, and it gave their campaign a much-needed shot-in-the-arm.


Hillary Clinton lied (as always) to hide her poor constitution, and the media covered for her, as they did time after time in ‘Election 2016.’  Every time a damaging Wikileaks exposure of her criminality was released, the media would go into overdrive to bury the content (red-baiting Russia), while scandalizing Donald Trump.  The problem for the Democrats was: Trump plays that game much better.  He can take a punch and isn’t afraid to get dirty. Hillary on the other hand had never really won anything, her New York senate seat & Secretary of State from 2009-13 were given to her as a part of political favors & back-room power-broker deals. Love & marriage– you understand, right?


Despite any of these dark forebodings, Election Day arrived with prognosticators and political physicians of all stripes pronouncing her fit for the presidency. Reuters gave her a 90% chance of winning, as voting was going on that afternoon. By 6:00 PM EST, a chill had blown over the Hillary camp, as early returns showed strong turnout for Trump supporters, with lagging enthusiasm for her campaign. This cold rapidly turned to high fever, as she lost North Carolina, Florida, Ohio & Wisconsin with losing projections in most of the remaining of the battleground states.

Evidently now realizing her entire political career was in the death grips of pneumonia, Hillary rushed out of the convention center where it had been planned for her to give a victory speech. In retrospect, it is doubtful she even considered a concession speech before then. The election hung in the balance from ~10:00 PM to ~3:30 AM, with Hillary now fatally diagnosed and privately convalescing on her luxury political death-bed, tweeting convulsively before & after her concession call to the man she previously insisted was “unfit for the presidency & dangerous to all of us.”


Today is Sunday, November 13th, and it’s been four full days (so Christian resurrection is now impossible) since the world learned Donald Trump is U.S. president-elect.  Hillary Clinton is still lamely insisting (through the ever-compliant media) that the FBI email leaks in late October were what cost her the presidency. No mention anywhere of double-digit Obamacare premium increases across-the-board, which were announced a few weeks earlier. There can be no such honesty from a campaign as corrupt as this, even after it’s all over.


After those increases were made public, Donald Trump lyingly promised he would, “repeal Obamacare if elected!”   That hit home for many, many underprivileged & overworked American voters– of all ethnicities.

When real competitors lose, they seriously reflect on what cost them. When spoiled losers blow it, they point fingers & blame others in order to deflect their own inadequacies. Hillary Clinton has huddled up with her team of advisers one last time, and they will instruct her on what to do & say. This entitled, post-modern feminist (what a mess that is!) was handed everything and never won anything.  She just blew her last ballgame, which was for all the marbles, and she’ll never admit it’s on her.

Just ANOTHER item to add to the long list of: Things Working People Hate about Hillary.