“Election 2016” & Upcoming Political Tasks

Less than a week before Election Day, and a New Times/CBS poll reveals 82% of voters primarily feel disgusted about the 2016 campaign, while only 13% claimed to be excited. [1]

The primary vehicle for Hillary Clinton securing this election was hitching her campaign to Wall Street & the Pentagon, along with the vast intelligence apparatus including the NSA & CIA.  In “Election 2016” (it was a TV show), the Democratic candidate attacked a fascist Republican billionaire from the right [!].


The red-baiting of Donald Trump (through unsubstantiated Russian connections meant to deflect damaging Wikileaks dumps) was their most-successful strategy, as Hillary Clinton has held her lead, despite all the content (which is never actually discussed in mainstream media) exposing her criminality in everything from rigging the Democratic primary against Bernie Sanders, to war crimes as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State from 2009-13.


Facts are stubborn things (Lenin), but during “Election 2016” they are merely whisked away by a servile corporate-controlled mass media and its partners all the way down to PBS. Even Facebook (arguably the most influential social media tool) manipulated its trending, in order to help Hillary Clinton. [2]

The most important issue of this political period is the escalating crisis of unending U.S. wars in the Middle East, which has now dragged Russia into Syria. Top Pentagon brass are openly discussing war scenarios with Russia (which all end in mutually assured destruction), and neither candidate (or anyone else!) is ever pressed to discuss a peace option– which is what most people want.


The issue domestically is the Great Recession, which continues to get worse for 90+% of the people. Polls show at least 82% have it on their minds, yet we never hear any believable, concrete proposals that will make anything better. What’s assured is more unemployment & job insecurity, less healthcare with higher premiums & deductibles, more student loan & credit card debt, with a lower quality-of-life, etc…


Not a single serious discussion occurred on global warming during the entire (~18 months) of this presidential campaign. It’s still here, and only getting worse. Only complete human madness would allow this rule of ignorance to continue.


Hillary Clinton will surely ‘win’ on November 8th. This was decided long ago, behind closed doors, where the ‘deep state’ decides what’s best for everyone.


The ‘deep state’  is the Black Hand, the hidden puppet-master, which must be ultimately addressed after “Election 2016.”  They control both political parties, the military & intelligence apparatus, finance capital, the police, organized labor, crime & religion. They are the Godfathers, and they are ruthlessly determined to maintain the status quo. They will have to be defeated ideologically, spiritually, then physically.


This means it’s now time for workers & young people everywhere to begin their own political dialogue.  Socialism means workers own the means-of-production, which necessitates taking control of the workplace from the capitalists. In revolution, this occurs by any means necessary. Peaceful methods are always best and those options should be explored & exhausted before before moving in force. The ruling class fears this above all else, as the working masses outnumber them decisively.


It doesn’t take much insight to realize the police & military are mostly composed of working-class soldiers. This is where socialist propaganda should be intensified, with the goal of united the working class and the best elements of a disenfranchised military/police force, into a fighting militia of the working people.

Trotsky’s Theory of Permanent Revolution means society is constantly revolutionizing & harmonizing itself, to the fulfillment & benefit of all. Young people must become more aware of worker struggles & strike activity around them, for if they don’t the reality of wage concessions & give-backs to corporate shall become the only job market they will ever face.


This is the only program for youth & workers to defeat capitalism.


Endgame of Identity Politics

An assailant, armed with an assault rifle and dressed in military-style armor, ambushed the Dallas police department on Thursday evening, during a planned Black Lives Matter protest. Five police officers were killed, and seven others wounded, along with two civilians.

Dallas: 9PM, 7-7-16

The shooter in Dallas was identified as Micah Xavier Johnson, an age 25 army veteran who served in Afghanistan.  During his killing spree, he expressed his intent to “kill as many white police officers as he could,” due to his anger over the recent police killings in Louisiana & Minnesota.  [1]

Micah Xavier Johnson: Dallas Assailant

We now have African-American civilians killing white police officers, so we’ve come full circle on militarism & racial politics, and must conclude they’ve clearly failed us all.


Workers & students everywhere must join together and organize a socialist revolution. If not, then America will become a police state– constantly under government surveillance, with any of its citizens open to lethal drone attacks. There will be no point in lawyers or a court system, if this is allowed to continue.  Drones (controlled from somewhere?) will be judge, jury & executioner. [2]

LA County Sheriff Bomb Robot

Texas, once again leads the way in legitimizing (& upping the ante on) barbaric violence, as the robot which blew-up the assailant could just as easily delivered tear gas or a sedative. In Texas, they execute you; and this is this first (acknowledged) lethal drone strike in the U.S.

CIA Drones

The media (and those who control it), can no longer be allowed to frame all this as a racial issue.  What this really comes down to is the failure of capitalism, which is now rotten-to-the-core, with no answers for its population in terms of jobs, wages, healthcare, education and the general standard-of-living.

Poison for All

All that is promised are more unending wars-of-aggression abroad (to keep us safe from ‘terrorism’), along with hatred & intolerance for the poor & immigrants domestically. This madness ends either with 1) a socialist revolution in permanence, or 2) mutually-assured destruction (MAD). MAD is a term which is debated seriously by bureaucratic fools who pretend to have answers, when they’re really leading us off a cliff.

War Room2

What it will be, is up to anyone who cares?

4th International_ Trotsky

Socialism vs. Annihilation


The Last Olympics & the Last U.S. Election

The 2016 Olympics are to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in August. They will be held up to the world as a beacon of peace & camaraderie, in of a backdrop of poverty & squalor. These should be considered the ‘Last Olympics’– and here is why.  Nothing in human civilization will ever be the same after this year. These obscene levels of social inequality will soon come to a head and violently burst onto everyone’s lives. It will appear on television screens broadcasting these Olympic games (and political conventions) which pretend that reality isn’t real, and that this grand charade can continue indefinitely.  It can’t and won’t, because it’s now too real and too in-your-face to ignore. The levels of corruption (which are killing all of us) are willfully ignored– so a tiny few can be billionaires & play god.  Capitalism is now a system which can no longer sustain itself.

Rio de Janeiro Favelas

The politicking involved in keeping Russian athletes out of international competition– through targeted doping testing, has reached a new level of corruption with the Maria Sharapova ‘provisional suspension’; which denies her (and other athletes like her) basic rights such as a fair & speedy trial. [1]  The institution of the Olympics is now entirely in question, from those who organize, run, and profit from the games; to all those who compete in them. From bribery & favoritism among its officials, to rampant PED use among its competitors (from all nations); the Olympic games now reek of dirty money, corruption and cheating– even to the most casual sports fan. [2]

IOC president Thomas Bach

Speaking of Russia, the first great socialist revolution in human history happened there in November 1917.  The infant U.S.S.R. was still a poor and backwards nation, bled white by a World War and then a cruel civil war. Its leadership died (Lenin), and then was purged (Trotsky); ossifying into Stalinism by the late 1920’s. This historical stillbirth existed for 74 years, until it collapsed back into capitalism (to the complete surprise of every bourgeois intellectual), in December of 1991. Trotsky (the last classical Marxist) had predicted & discussed this eventuality in 1936, in The Revolution Betrayed.


The next great socialist revolution will happen in our lifetimes. It will start in the U.S., and then spread globally in permanence. Capitalism will collapse with a sudden cardiac arrest of it’s leadership, as the working people (and the soldiers that make up all the military forces) will march en mass on the final bunkers of Langley, NORAD, the Pentagon & White House… They will seize Wall Street, the Fed, and all the banks & corporations… The media will be overrun and reprogrammed to tell the truth and expose the real class enemies of the working people, so they can be mercilessly hunted down and brought to justice in chains– if they don’t kill themselves first. This is the only endgame for humanity’s survival.


As this is the last U.S. election before a certain civil war (and possible world war), preparations must be made by the working people– in the form of education & militancy. A reliable revolutionary organization must be built. The Republican party will not stand idly by, if defeated on November 8. They will simply regather themselves and whip up their base in preparation for a military brass/ CIA-led right-wing coup. If the Republicans do manage to win (or steal) the November election, fascism becomes a near certainty.

Trotsky on Fascism

Any political party that unleashes Donald Trump on the people, then begs their electorate to save them from themselves, needs to be forever removed (by the working people) from the arena of political leadership.  Trump & his right-wing fascist base must be ruthlessly exposed and physically confronted when necessary, as they will never back down to reasonable words alone.

Donald Trump_Fascist

The greater challenge to revolutionary socialism in the U.S. will be the Democratic party, which still deceives too many who have some (but not nearly enough) brains. They are now the party of business-as-usual, represented by Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders is nothing more than a figment of limited imagination & ability. His purpose to the Democrats is to provide left-wing cover to a party that controls the workers through mafia-enforced unions & identity politics; both of which are thoroughly corrupt and beyond any reform.


When liberalism collapses, it collaborates with the jackboot of fascism for its own protection, forever remaining the historical class enemy of working people. History & human civilization won’t escape the writings of Karl Marx & Leon Trotsky; we will either socialize or annihilate ourselves.

Karl Marx 2


Extra credit reading on the subject– published 3-31-16 @ wsws.org

War: The great unmentionable in the 2016 US elections [3]

Republican Party crisis deepens as candidates renege on “loyalty” pledge [4]

The political economy of endless austerity [5]

Why Marxism?

      1. Just Because - Ric Size

Just Because mp3

RS: gtr & vocals
Tom Pearce: percussion & production
Bill Pelick: lead gtr & bass

The economic level of all societies in human history is the foundation for its political & social culture.
Marxism is a scientific method for measuring & understanding capitalism.
Capitalism is the ever-evolving economic system we all live in.
Capitalism is about money & power, which are emotionally-charged interests for everyone.
Marxism provides an objective measurement of capitalism, by boiling everything down to its atomic root–the commodity.

All commodities can be thought of as a congealed amount of human labor.
Human labor creates all commodity value, which is measured in money.
A commodity is worth the money-amount of human labor it contains.

Human labor itself is a commodity; it is in fact the most unique & valuable of all commodities.
It is from the theft of worker labor-value, that the capitalist becomes rich & powerful.

All modern philosophical, political and social ideologies reject Marxism’s fundamental adherence to rational Enlightenment principles.
Marxism is also unique in embracing dialectics, which all bourgeois ideologies virulently oppose.
Dialectics is the study of motion & transformation, recognizing the significance of changes in quantity/quality, possibility/inevitability, etc…

For example: when a sufficient quantity of heat is added to water, it qualitatively changes form– turning into steam.
Revolutions are achieved in the same manner.

Marxist philosophy is dialectical materialism.
It recognizes matter [1] as primary, rejecting all variants of idealism; all of which inevitably introduce ‘god’ into their equation.
Marxists think dialectically, correctly interpreting deep-going economic, political, and social processes.

The greatest classical Marxist of the 20th century was Leon Trotsky.
Trotsky ranks second only to Karl Marx, in terms of socialism’s historical importance.
Trotsky collaborated with V.I. Lenin to achieve the first [and only] successful worker’s revolution in human history.
This revolution was strangled by a combination of imperialist encirclement after WW1, Russia’s historical backwardness, and critically by the lack of an industrialized ally in the west– namely Germany.

After WW1, reaction spread across the globe and revolutionary party leaders were exterminated by fascist death squads in Europe & China, or jailed in liberal democracies such as the US.
After Lenin’s incapacitation by stroke in 1923, Trotsky was isolated by a growing bureaucracy which was conservative & reactionary in nature.
The bureaucracy was ultimately embodied in Joseph Stalin, whose secret police murdered millions of old Bolsheviks & revolutionary fighters in the 1930’s, devouring the revolution from the inside.
It is still a testament to the power of socialist property relations & centralized state-planning, that a backwards & defeated Russia in 1917 would survive imperialism’s attempts to strangle their revolution; and still catapult itself to world superpower status under Stalinism– until the USSR’s final collapse in 1991.

As an alternative to Stalin’s ‘Socialism in One Country’, Trotsky posed his Theory of Permanent Revolution.
In essence it states, a revolution that achieves socialism will be permanent in nature.
This implies its international character; its permanence will prevent the growth of bureaucracies.
The workers of the world must own this revolution and be its caretaker.

Trotsky is the great unmentionable in official 20th-century history & political discourse.
His contributions include: planning & carrying out the Bolshevik revolution with Lenin’s Bolshevik party; forming & commanding the Red Army during the civil war (1918-22); and establishing the Left Opposition line in opposition to Stalin’s “Socialism in One Country.” Trotsky’s contributions were expunged and his character distorted in all the history textbooks composed by Stalin’s censors.
This exiled revolutionary found no asylum in the US or Europe, and was forced to flee to the third world as WW2 broke out.

One of Trotsky’s most far-sighted achievements was to build a 4th International.
Stalinism’s Communist Party [3rd International] had capitulated to fascism, allowing Adolph Hitler to take power in 1933, without firing a shot.
The 4th International was founded in Paris in 1938, two years before Trotsky was assassinated by an agent of Stalin– in Coyoacan, Mexico.

Trotsky’s life & writings still remain a target of gutter journalism, especially among the intelligentsia.
Their mainstream filth is easily exposed & refuted by Marxists, as the 4th International is still in existence.
Its daily organ is the World Socialist Web Site.

Karl Marx

Dialectic Art

A boy wanted to be a rock star, so he learned music
To create new music, she had to become an artist
In becoming an artist, they became a revolution