Mercury Rising: [Official Video] & Essay

There is no debate among the world’s scientific community about global warming and climate change. The Earth’s temperature is rising due to fossil fuel emission from human industrialization.

The graph in this video titled “Earth’s Climate Rhythm” is made from evidence gathered from ice core samples going back hundreds of thousands of years, showing a regular cycle of temperature and sea level in relation to atmospheric CO2 levels.

The natural historical CO2 peak is 280 ppm. Today it is 385 ppm. This is indisputable scientific proof of human contribution to climate change. Any “debate” concerning the validity of global warming is junk science and confusion.

Furthermore, the issue of global warming and climate change can not be solved, or even be honestly addressed, under the existing system of capitalist property relations with its setup of competing nation-states. Under capitalism, the short-term economic and political interests of each nation’s privately-owned corporations will always take precedence over the greater needs of humanity.

Limited solutions such as driving more fuel efficient cars, using more mass transit, and switching to energy efficient light bulbs lack the aspect of global coordination necessary to tackle this immense problem. In the end, the only sensible solution for us and our planet will be the complete conversion from oil, gas, and coal to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power.

It is imperative to understand that the big energy conglomerates will never peacefully give up their control over this crucial lever of our current political economy.

What is required to deal with this issue of vital importance to the human race is an internationally coordinated plan that can only be achieved under socialism, and socialism can only be achieved by means of revolution led by the youth and the working masses of the world, united under a single banner whose mission is to create a United States of the World.

Then, and only then, can our Earth begin to be healed.