Debunking an alt-right conspiracy theory

Forensic dentistry definitively identified the remains of Adolph Hitler. The crude drawing shown above was an incomplete effort in identification, by the Soviet forensic team which autopsied Hitler’s burnt body on-site in May 1945. They had no dentist on their team, which was their failure.

The two skull x-rays (shown above, side-by-side) were later recovered from Adolph Hitler’s dentist, and are the necessary records for identification. This science debunks those alt-right conspiracy theories which claim their leader survived WWII.

The above diagram of “Hitler’s dental status” properly charts his teeth, so that any forensic dentist can make the proper identification.

The only question about Hitler’s death (discussed in the video above) is: was it by gunshot wound or cyanide poisoning? The Soviet autopsy identified a one-inch-square perforation in the right side of his occipital bone, but claimed his brain was intact with no gunshot injury.

Traces of cyanide in his blood was identified as the cause-of-death by the Soviet forensic team dispatched by Stalin. Every witness in the Berlin bunker testified they heard a gunshot, and witnesses observed Hitler bleeding from the right temple area, as he sat dead next to Eva Braun.

The theory that best answers all these issues, is that Hitler crunched the cyanide capsule, and then shot at his head but only grazed the base of his skull. The theory is that Hitler was too cowardly to shoot himself. Instead he took cyanide, as he forced his mistress to do minutes earlier.

To some this proves that Adolph Hitler was never really a soldier, but simply a fanatical madman. It also proves that “military valor,” such as corporal Adolph Hitler’s commendations for “heroics” in the Great War, are meaningless “virtues” when it comes to political leadership. In fact, this proves that these types of sociopathic haters are the most malignant form of humanity.