Mastering Social Media

Facebook is primary, Twitter useless.  Create a handle for all forums, and always be respectful of others.  Be open and honest; reveal who you are, otherwise you won’t be trusted (or even respected) by most in the group.

Speak mostly with your ‘Like’ button.  If thoughtful, it truly & concisely reflects who you are. This makes what you say carry more weight.  Check & double-check spelling, grammar, punctuation, over-all clarity, etc…  Same reason.

Mount Dora Nightly Movie

Of course, it’s always what you DO that really counts. With that said, this is what you must do on social media.

White Houses

If you have a serious artistic, political, religious or other intellectual position; create a separate Page and manage all those affairs there.  Occasional updates on your homepage are allowed, but let you friends either Like or not Like your Page, without having to reject you as a person. 

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Furthermore, you also need a website, 100% controlled by you.  It must be up to par, in an Internet world that is a jungle.  It must constantly be updated with new, interesting content; otherwise you have nothing.  It costs very little in $$, but much in hard work, brains & perseverance.  Hackers, spammers & the random laws of the universe are also waiting to take you down, so be prepared.

High Voltage!

Become a competent, then artistic photographer. People are much more interested in pictures, over anything else.  This includes video, which many mobile devices won’t run, or just take too long.


Screenshots work great too!


Choose your words well, economize.  Less is more.  No one respects the loudmouth who keeps at something, over & over.  Handle them as needed, otherwise disengage.

Beer Here!

Engage & ask open-ended questions to top posters.  Let them speak & deliver shared messages for & with you.

Culture is produced by the workers.  Without organized human labor, there is no culture. Culture (and what is cool), is always defined by the youth.  Social media was created by college kids, and now allows anyone to be a celebrity (to some extent).  If you are a leader on social media, then you are respected and listened to; and your opinions often influence others. This allows for those without obscene wealth to be influential, and therefore powerful.

Understand, that ALL social media is monitored & manipulated by those who own it.  How they edit always reflects their ideology.

Social media is an integral part of the coming revolution.  Become adept at it, as with other forms of communication (like actually talking to someone face-to-face), and together we the people will accomplish great things!!