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Facts for those who are straight, or just don’t know:
Orlando, FL has a sizeable gay community. Not coincidentally Orlando has a heavy party & drug scene. There is virtually no artistic activity of substance going on in most of the Orlando area. That is (at least partly) why it so susceptible to this level of violence.

Pulse Massacre

What needs to be done:
Investigate G4S, the FBI and Omar Mateen’s dad’s political connections to the Taliban.
This will inevitably lead to covert CIA wars, with top Pentagon brass & executive White House involvement.  Anything else from the media is either flak, or lazy stupidity.

The Local Plumbers

When you connect the dots, it’s capitalism to the core.

On June 1, The Plaza Live in downtown Orlando was bought out, and let go the existing management team. [1]

Plaza_Orlando, FL
On June 10th, pop singer Christina Grimmie was shot dead, while signing autographs after her show at The Plaza Live.


Her killer was Kevin James Loibl, age 27 of St. Petersburg, Florida.  Loibl fatally shot himself after the singer’s brother, Marcus Grimmie, tackled him. [2]
This is the note his family posted on their front door:

Family Note_Kevin James Loibl

No background or motive has been offered so far by the OPD.
This is their official statement [3].

Pulse Massacre

Five days after the fatal shooting of singer Christina Grimmie, The Plaza Live is reopening for business on June 16.


Too many drug scenes with a generalized low level of political awareness & no significant artistic leadership, is a toxic mixture for the city of Orlando.

Newly Equipped Riot Police, Orlando, FL

This is where U.S. presidential elections are stolen.

Lockdown situation_ Orlando, FL