Anti-Russian interference in Iowa

It’s Wednesday after 7:00 PM EST, and US President Donald Trump has just been acquitted by the US Senate on both articles of impeachment. No one is surprised, as this was a stage-managed affair from the start, a virtual continuance of the phony claims of “Russian interference” in the 2016 election. Once the Mueller report exonerated Trump, the deep state Democrats shifted in unison to Ukraine-gate.

It’s now clear this did more damage to Joe Biden and the Democrats. It implicated the favored Democratic nominee in 2020 & his son Hunter Biden for being a corrupt politician and favoring his entitled kid. Of course Trump does the same, but he admits it (and even brags about it), so it’s okay in bourgeois politics. No story there after the headlines go away in the corporate fake news.

I’ve marked this event in my timeline as now 86% of the Iowa caucuses have been reported, almost two days after they were held. Last night (Tuesday) it was 62%. Monday night it was 0%. Usually complete Iowa caucus results come within two hours after closing. But this time critical Iowa poll results were unpublished days before Monday’s Iowa caucus, and so these shenanigans aren’t entirely unexpected.

It’s different how Iowans do it, and they’ve always been proud of that. Now Iowans who caucused for Bernie Sanders get to feel like Floridians who voted for liberals like Ralph Nader or Al Gore.

Down south, we know how the votes are counted– and not counted. Every time it’s close for the US Presidency, Florida is “in play,” meaning it can be a hung jury for weeks as politicians work the back rooms and manipulate the numbers to get what they want. Republicans want power, and use fear & hate to whip up their political base. The Democrats want to be adored and listened to as the voices of reason with all their empty rhetoric.

This dynamic is now shattering the Democratic party, which clearly is hostile to Bernie Sanders. The problem is Bernie just won the Iowa caucus, and Biden had to be propped up to finish a distant 4th. This is why billionaires Tom Steyer & Michael Bloomberg have entered the race on TV. Each can spend over a billion dollars on their campaigns and hardly be impacted financially.

Trump introduced the ego play for the US Presidency in 2016, and he won. Trump is an ignorant egomaniac, who thinks he’s god. His supporters worship him in that respect. It’s very reactionary, but also very visceral. Trump doesn’t appeal to intellect, he appeals to emotions. Trump’s message resonates with those who are politically ignorant & prone to hostility & violence. Fascists love him.

The Iowa debacle for the DNC just wiped out almost a year of political grooming on Joe Biden. He is the definition of a zombie candidate. We have zombie banks & corporations, which don’t have enough cash-flow to pay the interest on their mountain of debt. We now have zombie candidates personified by Joe Biden & Elizabeth Warren. This was to be the 2020 Democratic ticket, no question.

It still may be, but it’s a big loser if it goes to that. That’s the crisis for the Democrats. Billionaires like Steyer & Bloomberg aren’t the kind of populists that are going to attract disenfranchised Sanders supporters. That’s why Bernie Sanders matters so much to the DNC.

To the American royalty personified by the Clinton’s, John Kerry & Barack Obama; Bernie Sanders represents socialism and a strong movement of the masses to the left, particularly among younger voters & militant workers. This is dangerous and hard to control, and no one in bourgeois politics wants any part of it.

Only the Socialist Equality Party has a viable political program to empower the working masses & disenfranchised youth. My official endorsement is: Joseph Kishore for US President & Norissa Santa Cruz for Vice President!  All information on their campaign is at the World Socialist Web Site.

I’ve presented the SEP as an option for Sanders voters who are outraged at having their votes for Bernie turned into votes for Biden, Warren & Buttigieg. Bernie Sanders isn’t really too upset, and is ready to move on. As far as his disenfranchised Iowa voters goes, Bernie Sanders is very good a faking outrage, while doing nothing,

At this point Bernie Sanders is the only non-billionaire, non-CIA Democrat left in the field. These conservatives & hawks have nothing good for anyone, except themselves. Nobody is fooled from what I’ve seen online, yet the Democrats keep pretending this is legitimate what they’re doing in Iowa, and then it’s onto New Hampshire.

How much longer will the Democrats front-run sleepwalking Joe Biden through their corporate media? It gets to a point where you can’t keep throwing good money after bad. Except it’s all silly money the elites are playing with now. The Fed just prints more and hands it to them. Chase is a zombie bank. Its Democrat-leaning executives back Biden, the zombie candidate. You eventually go with what matches– in love & politics.

The losers are those Bernie Sanders supporters in Iowa (pic above) who didn’t get their caucuses counted. This will happen to Sanders in all other 49 states, DC & Puerto Rico. That’s because the DNC controls the entire process, and it is a private entity. Sanders supporters sued the DNC in 2016 after being cheated by the Hillary Clinton campaign, in the same manner it’s being rigged now.

The courts ruled back then that the DNC could do whatever it wants, and has no obligation to hold fair primaries. The Democratic party is a private entity, owned by Wall Street & the CIA. Votes from registered Democrats are considered as suggestions to the party elite on who should receive delegates. They can change their rules anytime they want, and registered Democrats have no recourse to object. In short, the DNC has no legal obligation to its rank & file voting constituency.

Bernie Sanders supporters in New Hampshire can expect that same treatment towards their constitutional right to vote next Tuesday. Will we have a result reasonably soon after the polls close? Who knows? Will it be manipulated against the most left-leaning candidate? Absolutely.

So as a first-time voter in college who wants a better world, the question is, “What candidate among the Democrats is fighting against fascism?” The answer is, “none.” Sanders is the illusion of progress, and ever the political opportunist underneath. He whines about being cheated, and even publishes the numbers to prove it, but then he backs off. Just when he should go for the throat and bury those cockroach Democrats, he obediently goes to a neutral corner.

There is no better Democrat than Bernie Sanders for doing that. He represents all the illusions & false hopes of liberalism. His protégées, such as AOC and “the Squad” are few, but all have strong support among younger voters. The Democrats need a safety valve, and those liberals are the tools.

None of these liberal scarecrows can put together any kind of serious program to stop war, inequality & global warming, because they are all capitalists to the core. The only thing they try to unite people on is their hatred for those who don’t agree with their reactionary identity politics. That doesn’t lead to anywhere good, and there are enough examples of its failures in our lifetimes where an international socialist revolution now becomes a serious possibility. The internet & social media has empowered the unsatisfied youth & masses, despite big tech manipulation, censorship & blacklisting.

This is a watershed moment for the Democratic party. It’s about to lose the most energetic chunk of its constituency, by strangling the Bernie Sanders campaign and handing it over to a reliable defender of capitalism & the deep state. Buttigieg-Warren appears to be the DNC pivot. We’ll see what the voters of new Hampshire say on February 11, not that it matters much.

If you’re a liberal Democrat, it’s a really depressing political realization that your party doesn’t want to win the presidential election, but it’s a fact. It happened in 2016. The DNC prefer Trump to Sanders again in 2020. It’s willing to run another zombie for that reason.

Intelligent, young people don’t want to be represented by zombies. The shock wave of Iowa is just a precursor to the zombie apocalypse that is coming soon. When the banks, stock & bond markets all crash, it will be open season on zombies. The working people know too much, and the guilty will be recognized & punished by the coming revolution. Something about the millstones of history grinding slowly, but exceedingly fine.