Dischord: How to Run a Record Label

Ian MacKaye is a musical artist and founder of the punk bands Minor Threat and Fugazi.


Both bands were formed in the 1980’s, and both are today considered legendary & seminal by hardcore punks.


Their music is still available, because Dischord Records owner Ian MacKaye retained control of his music. [1]


Instead of selling his catalogue to a major label for big money, MacKaye decided (a long time ago), to put artistic community and free expression ahead of a pile of cash. [2]


The correctness of this approach is in the fact that his tiny independent record label which was formed in 1981, still exists and is thriving. [3]


Dischord Records has an impressive roster of punk bands (current & past), with pressing, distribution & promotion deals for the artists on their label. [4]


It takes brains, guts, and a ton of hard work to succeed the way Dischord Records has.


Now in their 35th year, this is a model for how an artist should manage their career; make great original music, control the copyrights & publishing, record everything when active– then retire on time and build a killer website for promotion & online commerce of the back catalogue.


Discord Records lives on because people always care about great music.


I’m taking a walk on the yellow brick road
I only walk where the bricks are made of gold
My mind & body they’re the only things that I’ve sold
I needed the money cause I’m getting old