Fully Covered 2

Graham Parker 1

07  Storm Inside My House– Minutemen
08  Fake Friends– Joan Jett
09  Planet of Sound– Pixies
10  What Goes On– Velvet Underground
11  Good Ol’ Boys– Waylon Jennings
12  Wipe Out– Surfaris
13  It’s So Easy– Guns N’ Roses
14  12XU– Wire
15  Well– Captain Beefheart
16  Clear Head– Graham Parker

Joan Jett 2

Waylon Jennings 2

Ric Size: guitar, vocals, & photos

Captain Beefheart 2

Recorded December 03, 2015 @ the Last Minute

Last Minute Recording

Produced by Tomp

Velvet Underground 4

These covers were learned (mostly) from pre-Internet music magazines, guitar tablature songbooks & online tabs.

Surfaris tab 1

Guns 'n' Roses 1

Other songs were transcribed using a revolutionary method called the Think System.

Pixies 1

If you think the Pixies in A– then you can play the Pixies in A.

Wire 1

Minutemen 2

This completes a project, whose purpose was to define influences for fans while highlighting (mostly) under-represented artists.  It is obviously also an attempt to tap into their fan bases.  This is approximately 20% of my cover-list.

Fully Covered 2: Playlist

Both of us at Infinitelink & Last Minute Records wish everyone a Happy Holidays!!