Sledge Hammer! Mania

Sledge Hammer! was a half-hour sit-com created by Alan Spencer.  It aired on ABC from September 23, 1986 until February 12, 1988– when it was cancelled by the network.

The show starred David Rasche as inspector Sledge Hammer, a Dirty Harry-meets-stand-up comic, San Francisco cop.

Hammer's Badge

Hammer’s side-kick was Dori Doreau, played by the beautiful & talented Anne-Marie Martin. Their loveable quick-boil boss, Captain Trunk was brilliantly acted by Harrison Page.


Guest stars included: John Vernon, Jack Thibeau, Frank Doubleday, Janice Lynde, Dennis Fimple, Peter Marshall, Stephen Elliot, Tom Henschel, Mark Blankfield, Bill Dana, Martine Beswick, Patrick Wayne (the Duke’s son), Robin Leach, Mary Woronov, Nicholas Guest, Ray Walston, Robert Sacchi, Deborah Harmon, Bill Bixby (who also directed), Bud Cort, Richard Moll, Adam Ant, Davy Jones and James Karen.

Sledge Hammer! only ran two seasons, and was royally jerked-around by the executives at last-rated ABC.  It deserves the silver screen today, but only if Alan Spencer is in charge.  Spencer keeps insisting on the original cast. [1]  Hollywood insists otherwise, so it will probably never happen.  It’s the money that effs everything up.

Anyways, this show had its share of rabid & loyal fans, even back then– and here’s proof:

Hammer Mania

Introduction by Brian McHugh, quiz by Eric Meeker. Byline was inadvertently omitted.  No one at the time answered more than six or seven correct, without cheating.  Key: ACABBBECBCABABC

Hammer Mania 2

SHIELD staff included above, front page below:

SHIELD 5-1-87

It Happened What Night?

It Happened What Night