The Russians aren’t coming!! The Russians aren’t coming!!

In case you haven’t heard the news, Russia has been banned from international sports for the next 4 years by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). This history of this action goes back many years, and is a de facto extension of the 2016 Rio Olympics which excluded Russian athletes.

This ban will include the next two Olympics and next FIFA World Cup’s– men & women, if they qualify. Systemic doping of athletes, along with falsifying records turned over to WADA, were the stated reasons for the Russian ban.

The real reasons are political, of course, since everyone cheats. The US deep state understands the importance of sports as propaganda, and denying this glory to Vladimir Putin is the aim, as WADA is subservient to these puppet-masters. WADA’s lead hatchet-man is Travis Tygart.

It’s not a blanket ban for Russian athletes, meaning “clean athletes” will be allowed to compete. Who determines what a “clean athlete” is, and isn’t, is entirely up to WADA. But no Russian flag will fly, and no Russian national anthem will be played for victorious Bolsheviks at the Olympics and/or World Cup.

Howls from Moscow about “denying an athlete their glorious moment,” reeks of hypocrisy. Athletes dedicate their lives to be able to compete in a short window of Olympic games. Under capitalism, they all do it for themselves.

That patriotic hogwash you see on TV may pull the heartstrings of the dullards, and there are more than a few athletes who will go on & on about god & country in their post-game press conferences, but that’s just good business. When they calm down, they get back to taking care of themselves.

Here’s a question no one asks: Why is it presumed that every victorious Russian athlete will feel a deep sense of loss at not hearing their national anthem played? This is actually progress, and there are those who recognize it.

Also, how exactly do we define “clean athlete?” I ask, because they basically don’t exist in professional sports. And what about TUE’s? And finally, who monitors WADA, RUSADA, et al, in the public’s interest? When everything is so crooked, nothing good can come out of it.

Only internationalism can overcome these contradictions.