Why Hollywood Entertainment Sucks

1-3-14 Yahoo! headlines

Snaps From Jennifer Aniston’s Sun-Soaked, Star-Packed Mexican Vacation
By Elizabeth Durand Streisand January 2, 2014 11:56 AM omg!

Hillary Clinton Debuts New Haircut, Bangs: See the Picture

Alyssa Milano Responds to Jay Mohr After Comedian Takes Jab At Her Weight


The best US films made today are independent documentaries.
Hollywood is organically incapable of making any kind of meaningful film anymore, due to its myopic class perspective which can only guess as to the needs and aspirations of working people everywhere.
Hollywood mostly offers animated pablum; action flicks that glorify the military, police & violence along with uncompelling dramas & unfunny comedies– all reflecting a misanthropic glorification of the wealthy & powerful.