Presidential Debates: Are You Kidding Me?

The political side-show circus, funded by an unlimited supply of super PAC money, stops in South Carolina on Saturday, February 13– with only the Republicans on prime-time TV this time.  Anyone tuning in, hopeful of gaining a clearer sense of the serious political issues our world is facing today, will only be repulsed & disgusted by what they see & hear.

President Obama just submitted his last budget to congress.  Two-thirds of discretionary spending is for military & policing, with huge increases in their budgets. Virtually nothing is left for education, environmental, infrastructure, or any other social service. [1]

Obama's 2017 Budget to Congress

“There is no money” is the lie that pours out of the mouths of pleading liberal Democrats & foul-mouthed Republicans, over & over.  The corporate media ‘moderators’ and party supporter-packed audiences put on a show for their viewers, dazzling them with insults & sensationalism– no serious discussion is allowed on any topic.


The mainstream media pretends it has no clue as to why Donald Trump is leading the Republican nomination process; as if they never considered the effect of allowing a reactionary bigot to openly propose building a wall between the US & Mexico, or denying religious freedom to Muslims, or condoning known forms of torture (and worse), with audiences that enthusiastically applaud every misanthropic statement.  Every hardcore racist, socio-path, and brain-dead narcissist loves the guy.

Trump Supporters

Trump has been aided-and-abetted the whole way by a vested corporate media, which never criticizes him for what he actually is– a fascist.  He & his supporters may look silly & harmless on the surface, but underneath they are the toxic elements of fear, hatred and ignorance. Youth & working people everywhere need to rise up and meet this dangerous tendency with merciless opposition.  Supporters of this filth need to be exposed, shouted down, and when necessary– beaten down.  This tendency can not be allowed to seize power.


A Marxist understanding of the current political situation is that this is war, with survival for humanity at stake.  Fake socialist Bernie Sanders will insist fascism can be tempered and restrained– with soothing language and a spirit of compromise.  He is a fool who knows better, the latest in a long line of political dead-ends for those still willing to cling to the liberal illusions of the Democratic party.

It’s up to youth & working people to now organize themselves and take action towards building an independent political voice that listens to and serves their interests.  Democrats & Republicans are both bribed by the super-rich, the class enemy of the workers.  The only viable solution is throwing off the straitjacket of the two -party system, and building a revolutionary socialist party that unites the workers of the world in the fight against capitalism.  The alternative is the fascist jackboot.

hitler and supporters

We deserve better than this.