Seymour Hersh reports Joe Biden took out Nord Stream pipelines

Seymour Hersh is an investigative journalist of the highest caliber. He is one of my inspirations along with the writers of the WSWS. When you read “discredited journalist” next to his name in the fake media, that refers to the right-wing attack campaign from the CIA Democrats to silence all leftists.

(Photo by Bettmann Archive/Getty Images)

In short, Hersh reports that Joe Biden blew up the Nord Stream pipelines last September, with help from US Navy/CIA deep sea divers who planted C4 charges on the pipelines which were remotely activated by a sound buoy dropped later by US military/CIA aircraft. This allowed Joe Biden to pick his time to execute this act of international terrorism.

This is now a January 6th moment for the Democrats, as there is a noticeable silence here in the US corporate media– on all sides. This is an international war crime by US President Joe Biden and it hardly gets a mention next to “spy balloons” and the Super Bowl.

The CIA Democrats have no plausible alternative to offer on who done it, only attacks on Seymour Hersh. This CIA playbook is run on all leftists through political & economic channels. This big lie technique activates all Nazis to join in the savagery, as they will take delight in trying to discredit this heroic work of investigative journalism.