The people aren’t fooled

Yesterday, The New York Times published its account on who bombed the Nord Stream pipelines last September. Recall that at first they blamed Putin.  A summary on Yahoo! titled, “US intelligence sees ‘pro-Ukraine group’ behind Nord Stream sabotage: report” received many comments from readers. Here is my Top 10 list from that piece:

1) I’ll take “Things the CIA says to cover their tracks” for $100, Alex.
2) I don’t know who did it, but they found Joe Biden’s passport a few meters from the blast site.
3) It was the Palestinian Navy.
4) It was Chinese attack balloons.
5) Per the CIA, it wasn’t Joe Biden. Of course, if he did it, he wouldn’t remember ordering it.
6) Gaslight much? It’s already been exposed by a real journalist that the US did it.
7) The fake news is strong with this one.
8) I stopped reading after, “US officials…”
9) America has a propaganda epidemic.
10) US intelligence must have the best magic mushrooms.

Bonus comment:

11) I’m running out of conspiracy theories to mock– they’re all coming true!!