Why I (We) Don’t Vote

The last time I voted was Bush v. Gore 2000.
For the record, I lived in Mount Dora, FL, and I cast my vote for Ralph Nader.
Who knows how it was counted?

Votes are now counted electronically.
It has been proven (over & over) that anyone can easily manipulate the software in the Electronic Voting Machines (EVM’s), to intentionally miscount votes.
Both Democrats & Republicans do it in the districts they control, as much as they are allowed by the other party.
Three companies control 90+% of the EVM market– Sequoia, Diebold, ES&S.

Please Recycle

Please Recycle

The 435 congressional seats up for grabs (the lower house of the legislature), represent a net-worth of $2 billion this time around.
Their money goes straight to Madison Avenue, which exclusively serves the interests of Wall Street.

Political advertising is void of serious content.
Attack campaigns are the Madison Avenue norm; reflecting their ideology of violence & hate, combined with ignorance & fear.

In this election cycle, there has been zero serious discussion of: US militarism & torture, domestic spying, police brutality, 20+% real unemployment, social inequality, global warming; or any other significant issue.

Over 60% of eligible U.S. voters will abstain on November 4; out of apathy, protest, or disgust.

Those are your early returns on the only numbers that matter in this election.