Blacklisted in Mount Dora (& Anywhere Else)

I’ve been told that Mount Dora is a VERY artistic town:

Steel Hummingbird 2

Steel Hummingbird 1

There’s just so much vibrancy, thoughtfulness & creativity here:

Community Building Phallus 3

Mount Dora has its Art Festival every year (during Super Bowl weekend), and it’s packed with art & aficionados:

MD Art Festival 2016: Sunday

And if you’re an artist in town, try their official private affiliate– the Mount Dora Center for the Arts:

MD Center for the Arts 1

MD Center for the Arts 2

They’re very helpful with contacts, to help aspiring artists in the community:

Chris Carson

MD Promotion 1

Here’s a screenshot my intro call to the decision-maker:

MD Events Coordinator LMVM

…their follow up & my response:

Bryan Young: MD Events

Nothing since– this is what Mount Dora typically books…

MD CoC Events

Mount Dora CoC7

…all sponsored through he CoC:

MD CoC 2

Pictured below is Mount Dora’s attempt at art with their ‘Modernism Museum’ which has been open for several years, yet still attracts very few people– even with the ‘audio tour’ included!  Puzzling?

Open for Several Years Now

I propose this photo (of what was available) is more influential modernist art– in its composition & visual summary:

MD Modernism2

Artists seem to come & go here…this is what happened to a coffee shop that massively supported a former local American Idol contestant– now a comic book shop:

American Idol MD Coffee House

…located right next to this bookstore…

Ollie North_ Book Signing


Blacklists are unofficial by nature.  This artist has lived (& worked) in Mount Dora, FL for 20+ years, and has never been offered a paying venue to perform– while this garbage (shown above) is unlimitedly funded & ceaselessly promoted.  Real artists can’t compete against this, and can only expose it for what it is at its bottom– corruption.  If people want better, they must start demanding it and making preparations to take charge of it.  Until then, the philistines own it and cultural degradation rules the day.

Community Building Phallus 2

So keep all this (& more) in mind as you walk or drive though quaint & ‘historic’ Mount Dora, while remembering that Segways (instead of pedestrians) ALWAYS have the right-of-way:

Segways Impeding Traffic 1 Segways Impeding Traffic 2 Segways Impeding Traffic 3

This isn’t The Villages, you know? [1]