How Bernie Sanders folds

First of all, he doesn’t do it all at once. Like any skilled craftsman, he takes his time, and picks his spots [to lose]. This is a very flexible political tool, which can be contorted into various shapes, stripes & colors. Like an accordion, he can be folded inwards to bellow a necessary note, then pulled apart violently to repel his audience. He can be held in prolonged stress positions, without cracking, which isn’t easy.

Bernie can talk populism to the starving & restless masses, and then reassure the New York Times in an interview that he would bomb any country, and be as belligerent as needed to satisfy the deep state hawks. Bernie Sanders always means it, but the hawks still don’t trust him, and that’s the problem. He understands, and is always willing to do what’s necessary.

Bernie Sanders had recently implied that “Russian bots” may be responsible for violent statements by his own supporters. Calling his hardcore and most-energetic left-wing supporters “Russian bots” is an exercise in self-sabotage by Sanders. This is Sanders expertly trying to cool off the most revolutionary elements of his supporters, who incorrectly identify him with socialism.

Bernie Sanders doesn’t want anything to do with socialism, yet he carries this badge-of-dishonor for the Democrats, because someone has to. These foolish supporters are trying to push Bernie to the left, while Sanders takes their votes and then throws them under a bus. That’s how it works.

Now on the eve on the Nevada Caucus, the fake media has gone into overdrive. According to anonymous intelligence sources, Bernie Sanders has been receiving Russian support, although no specific evidence is provided. Evidentially, a briefing was held with Sanders (and other candidates), at least a week ago. But now the fake news hypes this as a “bombshell.” Of course, Trump feeds off this filth.

Yesterday, I wrote, “The establishment needs a different narrative, so more lies are what they double-down on.” That was concerning Trump’s pardons & Julian Assange. And now, today they recycle the “Russian interference” narrative– to derail the Bernie Sanders campaign and attack Trump. Right on cue!

The subtle nuance which too many people miss is that Bernie Sanders himself is the central figure in this conspiracy to throw the Democratic nomination to a centrist, whom the voters have already rejected. This threatens to fracture the Democratic party forever, much like Donald Trump did to the Republicans in 2016, when the RNC tried & failed at this type of maneuvering.

In 2020, DNC hawks aren’t budging, while on the other side of the barricades the workers & young kids are tired of lies from Washington insiders & Wall Street billionaires. They want someone who represents & energizes them, the way Trump does to his fascist base. If this happens in earnest, the left will wipe out the right, because they far outnumber them in the population. But in the halls of power, it’s always right-wing values that rule. That’s the current political situation.

Sanders kept quiet and threw his support to Hillary Clinton after the 2016 Democratic nomination was stolen from him. How can anyone believe he won’t do it again in 2020? Bernie claims Julian Assange is a cyber-terrorist because he knows the DNC email leaks were really from a staffer (most likely Seth Rich), and not the Russians. He accepts the “Russian interference” narrative to prove his loyalty to the ruling establishment, at the expense of his integrity to his supporters.

This is Bernie Sanders taking another step to sabotage his own campaign, in order to prop up the Democratic party. There will be many more disappointments to come for his supporters. Bernie is the Democrats’ most valiant & self-sacrificing soldier. He misleads his supporters for the greater cause– US imperialism.


Bernie is a slow motioning folding machine– experienced & well-versed.  He has powerful support deep within the ruling establishment, because there are enough far-sighted technocrats to understand that he plays an invaluable role for the Democratic party, and the two-party system in whole.

For a rigged game to seem legitimate, you need a false prophet to divert & contain the masses. No one else in the Democratic party has Bernie Sanders’ chops, experience & clout. He’s their most valuable politician because he folds so beautifully, and at just the perfect moment, so that only a few people notice that he did it to himself.

We don’t need another election like 2016, we need a revolution. Featured above is Joseph Kishore, the Socialist Equality Party candidate for US President in 2020. Revolutionary socialism is their party platform. That is real socialism. Their daily news organ is the World Socialist Web Site.

When Bernie Sanders executes his final betrayal of his vast constituency of progressive voters in the coming months, in the manner already explained above, those supporters need to turn to the WSWS to find what they are looking for. Socialism doesn’t happen through liberalism or bureaucracy, it happens through a workers’ revolution.