Trump’s pardons: real & alleged

Donald Trump has been handing out pardons: billionaire junk bond king Michael Milken, mob-connected real estate tycoon & former-49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr., among the most notable. Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, who attempted to sell the vacated Senate seat of Barack Obama in 2008, and Bernard Kerik, of whom Patrick Martin of the WSWS writes:

“Kerik is a longtime crony of Rudy Giuliani, now Trump’s personal lawyer and political fixer. He was the driver and bodyguard for Giuliani during his campaign for mayor of New York City, and Giuliani eventually elevated him to police commissioner, where he was widely rumored to be receiving bribes from organized crime families.”

Kerik & Giuliani are also key 9/11 conspirators, if you don’t buy the fake news’ official version.

Next up on Trump’s pardon list is Roger Stone, one of his top fixers. Here’s the WSWS’s Barry Grey on him a week ago:

“Stone, who falsely claimed to have been in contact with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, was central to the efforts of the Democratic Party and then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo to frame up Assange as a Russian agent. The Democrats, in particular, concocted the narrative of a conspiracy between Assange and Putin to publish damaging Clinton emails stolen by the Russians in order to swing the election to Trump.”

Roger Stone lied to Congress about Julian Assange for two very good reasons. His first agenda was to smear WikiLeaks and bolster right wing attacks against Assange & all other leftist organizations. WikiLeaks & the World Socialist Website particularity have been targets of censorship algorithms from Google, Facebook & YouTube– which were exponentially escalated in 2016-17. Now in the hands of outright fascists who occupy the White House, these tools of censorship & repression only get worse.

The other reason Roger Stone made up the Assange-Putin story to Congress, was to give them what they wanted. It was a dirty tricks operation from an experienced political fixer, and it worked perfectly. The Democrats had been looking for a “smoking gun,” an actual connection linking WikiLeaks and “Russian interference.” Stone gave them that story, knowing it was false, and then watched the Democrats make idiots out of themselves in the forms of the Mueller Report, which found nothing; and then the Trump impeachment drive over US-Ukrainian dirty politics, which ended in an acquittal for Trump by the Republican-led Senate.

A lot of people still don’t know what happened in 2016, with the DNC email leaks, thanks in part to Roger Stone. That’s the way powerful people want it. That’s why Roger Stone gives the press a Richard Nixon “V-for-Victory” gesture outside of the courtroom after being found guilty & then after sentencing. Stone started with Nixon, and knows he’s protected by the most-powerful mafia in the world. Donald Trump is going to need Roger Stone to win in 2020. That’s why he gets pardoned, after Stone’s appeal for a new trial is denied. That’s how this will “play out.”

That’s fake news debunked. Russia never had anything to do with the 2016 DNC Wikileaks email dumps. The leaks came from a DNC insider, most likely Seth Rich, who was soon after murdered under murky circumstances. The claim by Trump supporters that he offered Julian Assange a pardon for this admission is not credible. That’s because Donald Trump & his fascist cabal are now leading the persecution of Julian Assange.

Assange always stated that Russia was not the source of the 2016 DNC email leaks. What was never credible was Trump’s offer for a pardon to Assange. Trump only pardons criminals & other vermin of his own kind, as discussed above.

Another issue with the Assange “pardon” offer is the fact the US government always denied there was a secret extradition case against Julian Assange, even after its existence was inadvertently released. It was only confirmed it after Julian Assange had been grabbed & dragged out of the Ecuadorian embassy by UK police on April 11, 2019.

On 23 May 2019, Assange was officially indicted under the Espionage Act of 1917, in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. The Espionage Act is an early work of J Edgar Hoover, the godfather of the FBI.

This Julian Assange frame-up has been widely exposed as an attack on journalism & freedom of the press. It all started with #MeToo-style phony rape allegations back in 2010. It was aided & abetted by the NATO-allied governments & deep states of Sweden & the UK.

There are at least three serious questions that must be answered for any of Trump’s witnesses or spokespeople to have credibility, as these are known serial liars.

1) How can a pardon be offered by President Trump in 2017, if there was no official case against Julian Assange, according to the US Justice Department & all of establishment politics?

2) Since Julian Assange has never been convicted of any crime, how can he be pardoned?

3) Julian Assange is an Australian citizen, so how does Trump & the US government allocate itself jurisdiction?

These are the methods of a mafia don, demagogue, and slanderer. Trump merely personifies the most backward elements & instincts of the US two-party system. What’s at issue here is that Julian Assange will be in a London courtroom, starting on Monday, February 24.

Public support has been suppressed by a decade of fake media lies, but like Joe Biden’s presidential candidacy, these zombie campaigns always fall apart when exposed to public scrutiny. The world is watching, as most of human civilization believes Julian Assange has been tortured by US/UK deep state haters– for telling the truth.  A kangaroo court is going to be a tough sell to working people who vote.

The establishment needs a different narrative, so more lies are what they double-down on. Meanwhile political rallies in support of Assange, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, et al continue to expand & strengthen. This is the political power of the working class being expressed in the defense of these courageous whistle-blowers. The world is significantly safer today, in that we can confirm these serious conspiracy theories which were (are) always denied by the establishment media & its political puppets.

These paid political liars no longer hold moral or intellectual sway, in fact it’s been flipped in their faces. If you don’t support Julian Assange’s freedom, then you are a fascist. If you waffle, you are a fascist. These lines have been made very clear, and what’s ahead is a political struggle of the highest importance. This is no time to sit quietly on the sidelines.