Derek Jeter & Respect

Derek Jeter:        career .310/.377/.440     post-season: .308/.374/.465
Alex Rodriguez:  career .299/.384/.558     post-season: .263/.369/.464

Alex Rodriguez was a much better SS, so the Captain should have moved to CF when A-Rod arrived.
This created friction, and egos clashed in NY.
In their time as teammates, they would only win one World Series– and that was on the shoulders of Alex Rodriguez in 2009.

These two great players have nearly identical career post-season batting value in the stats that matter most, which are OBP & SLG.
Jeter had the good fortune of being part of the nucleus of a Yankee dynasty, which accounts for their difference in championships.

All non-Yankee, true baseball fans respect Derek Jeter.
He respects the game, and apparently never used PEDs.
This is why he is loved by the fans, and A-Rod is not.
Let that be a lesson.