Ric Size “Talented” Music Video

Published on Aug 29, 2012

Script & Screenplay: Ric Size
Director/Camera/Editor: Bruce Marcho
Production: WildZebra Media / Susan Cameron
Lighting: Matt Sowers
Sound Op: Allan Marsh

Basketball scene shot on location at Pat Burke Hoops http://hoopspatburke.com in Mount Dora, FL – June 24, 2012.
Challenge Player: Corey Sutherland
Janitor: Pat Burke (Former NBA Legend)

Office party and outdoor scenes shot at Belton Bail Bonds in Tavares, FL – July 27, 2012.
Artist: Ric Size
Beautiful Woman#1: Angelica-Naia Gabor
Beautiful Woman#2: Jenay Nadine
Beautiful Woman#3: Amber Sym
Beautiful Woman#4: Amber English
Cop: Mitch Bromwell
Gay Guy: Sherwood Heineman
Straight Guy: Allan Marsh
Lady Justice: Ali Camp
Rich Businessman: Robby Camp
Secretary: Stephanie Sherman
Waiter: Tom Pearce
Young Kid #1: Ross Hackney
Young Kid #2: Jamison Moore
Young Kid #3: Katie Hohman
Young Kid #4: Victoria Strawbridge
Young Kid #5: Hunter
Young Kid #6: Jeffy

Ric Size “Talented” from the 2012 album Magnified.
Copyright Infinitelink Records, LLC. Info@RicSize.com