The Daytona 500: NASCAR’s Super Bowl washes out

The following was posted on my Facebook page at 5:56 PM EDT:

NASCAR is run by idiots. It was a beautiful day earlier in central Florida, until mid-afternoon when the rains came. If any of the race organizers had bothered to look at weather maps last night & this morning, or consult with a meteorologist, then they would have made the decision to move up the start time to this race, so they could get it in, since you can’t run an oval race when conditions are wet.

It’s nearly 6:00 PM local time and there is more rain coming through in an hour, according to the local weather radar, with all the cars still parked on the track. NASCAR will have to postpone the Daytona 500 until Monday, after it ran just 20 laps. When you begin the season with your Super Bowl, a rain-out is a bad omen for what’s to come. The sponsors & fans feel cheated, and this is what NASCAR consistently delivers.

Then a few minutes later: Pre-set NASCAR timetables, and corporate mandates for gimmicks such as stage racing, which lengthen these races, are to blame. There’s no leadership in NASCAR to make the tough calls correctly when needed.

Then at 6:54 PM EDT: Just announced on Fox: the Daytona 500 has been postponed until tomorrow.

Here are a few things that were more important to the figureheads who run NASCAR than running the Daytona 500 today.

1) The sponsors, who insist on routine commercial breaks during peak viewing hours. This race couldn’t be moved ahead as needed, because corporate networks won’t allow that. The egos of network executives & sponsors are more important than the race.

2) The US Air Force jet fly-over. That’s obviously tightly programmed, and couldn’t be moved up without threatening “national security.” Thus the jet flyover was more important than the Great American Race.

3) Donald Trump’s visit with his wife Melania. “Drivers, start you engines,” then a pace lap in the Presidential limousine. That certainly could not be rescheduled or moved up, making it much more important than the actual race, which lasted only 20 laps, after a long rain-delay before its start.

Then the rains returned and soaked the tracked repeatedly, and still are as of this writing after 7:00 PM local time. The sun is down, so there is no drying the track, even if the rain had halted, which they won’t until much later.

This was a futile charade put on by NASCAR, FOX, and all its sponsors here at Daytona, Florida. This race had no chance of being completed as scheduled, yet like ostriches with their heads in the sand, they refused to face reality and take responsible action when needed. If this race had been started at noon, with no stages, it would have been completed before the afternoon rains. With stages, an 11:00 AM start time was necessary. Rain was predicted for this afternoon & evening. It’s important to use science correctly.

Now NASCAR has sponsors that are already demanding their money back, because when fans tuned in, they saw the 2019 race being broadcast on FOX. The call to postpone the race on that network was made by NASCAR ~6:45 EDT. It’s like they were the last ones to accept it.

I don’t watch NASCAR much anymore because it’s great stars are mostly gone. Only Jimmie Johnson remains, be he isn’t enough to help this mess. NASCAR put itself up for sale a few years back, and didn’t like the offers it received. But everything they do seems to devalue their product, so what can they expect?

You can blame it on the rain, but really in 2020 we know when bad weather is coming, and should be ready with an alternate plan as needed. NASCAR should be accountable to its fans & drivers first, if it wants to regain its lost popularity, but it consistently does just the opposite. This is what happens when leadership fails to plan.

Only a fraction of their expected viewing audience will watch the Daytona 500 tomorrow, and that costs sponsors tens of millions of dollars in lost marketing revenue– at least. NASCAR burns up the money, wastes resources, and in many ways defines the most reactionary features of our fake economy.

UPDATE:  Monday 17 Feb 2020 10:10 AM EST

The Daytona 500 will pick-up again today on FOX at 4:00 PM EDT, and hopefully will finish itself up by his evening, as more rain is possible. The grandstands will be half-full at best, and the infield a muddy mess, as just about everyone wants to get this race over with now, so they can move on.

These teams, crews & drivers have to be in Las Vegas next weekend, and have already lost a day’s travel time. It used to be Atlanta after the Daytona 500, but now it’s Las Vegas, because the sponsors want it that way. These are the contingencies that NASCAR has to deal with, in a sport that is weather dependent. For the record, Donald Trump did not attend this race. He left before the start yesterday, and will not return today. His appearance was all about optics.

On October 15, 2012, NASCAR and the FOX announced a new $2.4 billion eight-year deal, a 30% increase from their previous deal. On July 23, 2013, NASCAR and the NBC announced a new $4.4 billion ten-year deal. Both these broadcast deals run through 2024. NASCAR signed it’s mega-deals with NBC & FOX when it’s biggest stars were still active: including Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart & Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Their biggest star (from 2013 through the Daytona 500 in 2018) was Danica Patrick, who gave NASCAR a platform to expand their demographics & bring in a whole generation of new fans. But instead of building the sport and adapting it to a new era, NASCAR consistently wrecked Danica Patrick and took the money for themselves. What’s left today is a dying sport, with an alienated hard-core base, and too few new fans. You may have noticed that Danica Patrick doesn’t do any NASCAR promotional events anymore. What kind of dim-bulb sport runs her out?

When NASCAR CEO Brian France was arrested (pic above) in August 2018 on a DUI & possession of Oxycontin, the institutional decay of this once-proud family organization could no longer be hidden. For the 2020 season, NASCAR no longer has a title sponsor, as Monster Energy bailed after just two years. Nextel, Sprint & Winston are long gone too, and all that is left are: Busch, Coca-Cola, Geico, and Xfinity as NASCAR’s “premier partners” in 2020. This makes NASCAR beholden to the networks & sponsors for everything, including yesterday’s fiasco.

In the end, everything comes down to leadership. If it isn’t there, then there can be no long-term success, even in the best of conditions. No leadership also means certain failure when things go bad, as they have in NASCAR. That is the sobering, Monday race-day reality of the 2020 Daytona 500.


Bitcoin drops to $26

Bitcoin busts & booms– again!!

Tue 02 Jul 2019 11:59 AM EDT

Bitcoin just collapsed this morning at ~10:00 AM EDT, falling to ~$26 from over $13,000 just a few days ago. By 11:00 AM it had re-inflated itself to above $10,000. This leads to three important questions: 1) What just happened?, 2) How did it happen?, and 3) Who are the people responsible?

What just happened with Bitcoin was a total collapse– meaning bankruptcy. It almost instantly lost 99+% of its value. So why didn’t it go under? What kept Bitcoin from busting for good is so much big money invested in the cryptocurrency market. This priceless screenshot above shows the $26 mark to be a trough, meaning there was a built-in “failsafe” to keep Bitcoin from going to $0. This algorithm is what gave them time to “recover.”

Bitcoin has to be kept afloat, because it’s the industry leader. And it is bankrupt, like every other capitalist institution that is existing on endless free money from above. Fake economics 101.

Hedge funds investors, stock & bond markets, big tech, and the deep state all have a huge stake in crypto-currency, which means Bitcoin is now “too big to fail.” They just got bailed out by someone, and those deep inside the industry know who, but they won’t be telling the public what happened or who is responsible.

Edit ~1:00 PM EDT: To illustrate this point on fake media, below is a screenshot of a recent Google search for “Bitcoin drops to $26,” and nothing current shows up. The powers-that-be want this story ignored, as it exposes their corruption, duplicity & bankruptcy. Therefore, it is the duty of every concerned global citizen to discover the facts and report them honestly.

Crypto-currency is fake money with no lasting value, because there is nothing of worth behind it. The financial meltdown in crypto-currency that just happened this morning is more evidence which proves this thesis. Only the policymakers & beneficiaries of such an extremely manipulative monetary policy would count this electronic garbage as an asset.

Tue 02 Jul 2019 2:30 PM EDT

Afternoon Edit: This piece was reported & published in real time, and may be a watershed moment in the coming global financial crash. I just happened to check the Bitcoin index, which I do every day I’m online– and there it was. I immediately started taking screenshots. This piece was re-titled in editing, and any other edits are noted in italics.

Please note that all the screenshots are raw file coded, and those are very hard to fake.

Tue 02 Jul 2019 05:30 PM EDT

I’m adding this final screenshot below to give the reader a scale of how fast all this happened, just a few hours ago. At 9:53 AM EDT, bitcoin plunged through the $10,000 barrier– valuing at $9.937.95. Seven minutes later at 10:00 AM EDT, bitcoin was at $26.40– as shown in an earlier screenshot. All this has been erased & electroned over by the financial manipulators who run this cryptocurrency scam. That’s why these screenshots matter.

Tue 02 Jul 2019 8:26 PM EDT

Here’s a screenshot just taken of Coindesk valuing bitcoin at $9,925.48 at 10:00 AM EDT this morning. Call it “fake blockchain accounting.” Also notice how the 24-hour low is now $9,676.56 instead of $26.30. This is ~10 hours after the event. This Bitcoin event data was erased in the early afternoon by Coindesk. Only these screenshots survive as proof.

Wed 03 Jul 2019 11:33 AM EDT

Summary, the day after: Yesterday, on the morning of July 2, 2019 at 10:00 AM EDT, Bitcoin fell to $26.40 according to Coindesk, the official online tracker of cryptocurrency, and was dead in the water. Less than an hour later BTC was resuscitated by a massive injection of fake money, and was pushed back above $10,000 again.

These screenshots provided above are irrefutable proof of this bankruptcy & malfeasance, which has been erased & covered-up by Bitcoin, Coindesk & their blockchain technology. This story of Bitcoin’s instant collapse & revival has been ignored & buried by the entire fake media, which indicates their complicity.

With this fortuitous piece of investigative journalism, I have busted Bitcoin & all crypto-currencies down to the lint in their pockets. Screenshots don’t lie. Searching for “Bitcoin drops to $26” still produces nothing in the search engines, only further proving the point of massive censorship by high tech & the US intelligence deep state. If you are current on this chimera known as crypto-currency & Bitcoin, while also passionate about the truth, then please share this article as widely as possible to counter-attack this state-sponsored censorship & repression of inconvenient truths.

Thu 04 Jul 2019 01:52 PM EDT

Final Screenshots

Here are the last remaining screenshots that shed light on this momentous financial event, which has been covered up in all official media. I have the exclusive on this story, and have never been censored so harshly online. Everything I posted on Fakebook, particularly these screenshots, has been erased. The same everywhere else including Google and all other search engines.

This above screenshot taken at 11:27 AM shows the steep drop to near zero for Bitcoin on its official tracker Coindesk at 10:00 AM on July 2, 2019.

This above screenshot taken a few seconds later shows the one-week high for Bitcoin to be $13,844.77, on June 26 just before 4:00 PM EDT.

This final screenshot taken a minute later is a real beauty, showing Bitcoin to be at $26.41 at 10:01 AM EDT on July 2, 2019. Notice by scale that this is roughly the midpoint in the $26-trough, which means this event only lasted 2-3 minutes total. The point is: I was REALLY lucky to have seen this at all, despite the fact that my coverage of Bitcoin has been diligent. A few hours later, all this data was completely erased by Coindesk, with a normal curve pasted over this event.

Thu 04 Jul 2019 02:45 PM EDT

Final Timeline of Bitcoin’s Bankruptcy & Bailout

At 9:53 AM EDT on Tuesday July 2, 2019 Bitcoin plunged under $10,000, and within seven minutes was spinning idly at the $26-mark for 2-3 minutes. Its official low was $26.30. Then at 10:03-10:04 AM EDT, Bitcoin instantly shot up again to over $10,000 where it still stays as of this final update.

It was all over by 10:05 EDT. Within this twelve-minute time-frame, Bitcoin was apparently transmogrified not once, but twice. In the first seven minutes of this event, the cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme industry leader collapsed and went bankrupt. Only a designed failsafe algorithm prevented Bitcoin from hitting $0.00. Bitcoin bankrupting in seven minutes was the first cataclysmic change.

The second transmogrification was in the last five minutes from 10:00 to 10:05 AM EDT, when Bitcoin was rescued by some unknown black hand. Unless anyone can refute this narrative by addressing the facts & screenshots presented above, this event happened. Therefore, Bitcoin has officially became another “too-big-to-jail” zombie built on fake money, like all the rest. The question is, “Where did the money come from, and how much?”

All this happened in twelve-minutes time, just two days ago. This is an exclusive story because I have the screenshots, I know the issues & history, and I was lucky to be on-the-spot when Bitcoin hit $26. This is one of the biggest financial scandals ever, and the truth is being ruthlessly suppressed by state & corporate power.

The bottom line is when Bitcoin loses 99.75% of $200B in market capitalization in less than 10 minutes– the Black Hand isn’t going to allow THAT to happen, even though I have screenshots which prove it did.

Please download these screenshots & share!!

Over & Out

Addendum: CoinDesk’s Validity

Headquartered in NYC, CoinDesk’s Bitcoin Price Index was launched in September 2013. The Bitcoin Price Index is an average of Bitcoin prices across bitcoin exchanges, and began by using price data from Bitstamp, BTC-e and CampBX. The index also added Bitfinex price data in March 2014, after dumping Mt. Gox a month earlier. Publications which have referenced the Bitcoin Price Index data or price include: the BBC, WSJ, Reuters, NY Times, CNBC and Bloomberg.

Google “official bitcoin tracker,” and Coindesk comes up first. CoinDesk’s Bitcoin Price Index is an industry standard measure for crypto-currency. Only those deeply vested in Bitcoin attempt to discredit the validity of the screenshots I’ve presented on my site, as being from an “unreliable index.” My point has always been that NOTHING connected to crypto-currency is reliable, and a screenshot of Bitcoin at $26.38 on July 2 2019 at 10:00 AM EDT at Coindesk is proof positive of that. My professional opinion of CoinDesk’s “reliability,” is they should remove the ‘i’ from their name.

The fact is that many Bitcoin owners who track its value in real-time, use CoinDesk. This is a democratic argument from the “Bitcoin community” against elitist naysayers who claim CoinDesk is less than industry standard. Officially in cryptocurrency, CoinDesk is considered the industry standard, and the premier Bitcoin composite-index tracker. The flipside here is that the entire cryptocurrency industry is fake, so defining “industry standard” gets vague & shifty in practice.

So here are my questions to all the naysayers with their heads in the sand and no hard evidence to counter. How did this event happen? Was it just a glitch, or an actual bankruptcy– and how do you know which? Since Bitcoin is nothing more than what’s on your computer screen, a “glitch” to $26 means bankruptcy, right? Was it a cyber-attack on CoinDesk? Why the cover-up by Coindesk? Can we really trust blockchain technology, after my screenshots show data being removed & altered after-the-fact? Why has there been such strict censorship in the media over this event?

These are very significant & troubling questions which the naysayers can’t answer. Thus, their attempts to cast dispersion and discredit my data & analysis.


Celebrity: To Be or Not To Be

Everyone wants to be famous, right? Then you are well-known and everyone listens to what you have to say, so you can make a difference! That’s what most people believe. Celebrity reality (an oxymoron) is much different.

People naively believe that if you work hard and are amazing at what you do, then you will (somehow?) become a celebrity. Wrong!  You become a ‘star’ when the ruling class selects you to be one of their representatives. That’s where the big money comes from to pay these superstar contracts. Celebrities are spokespersons for capitalism, whether they are movie stars, rock stars or famous athletes– they are all sponsored by finance capital. These are the circuses which decadent capitalists enjoy, but primarily serve as a distraction (fake economy) for the underprivileged working masses.

The deal you make when you become a celebrity is that you NEVER speak badly about the sponsors, ie. capitalism. Since they are paying for your enhanced status, they expect full cooperation across the board. This definitely reaches into celebrities’ private lives, as they are simply no longer allowed to mingle with non-celebrities, unless there is complete control of the setting. This celebrity insecurity is a lonely disease. That fact that nearly every Hollywood/celebrity marriage ends in divorce substantiates this thesis. This leads to the ever-constant celebrity fascination with sex, probably because they aren’t getting any, or if they are it is of poor quality.

The fact that the vicarious public knows every detail of these figures & figurines demonstrates that they are allowed no privacy themselves; as famous lives are endlessly analyzed, dissected and discussed everywhere in the corporate news & social media. Any slip of the tongue on a bad day can be ruin.  This is the tightrope the glamorous & famous must gracefully walk every day.  If that sounds like an impossible amount of work, that’s because it is. Eventually every celebrity is wrecked or quietly taken down, and this entire fake economy lurches forward with new ‘stars.’ The bankers & corporate heads that control everything remain the same, and stay hidden.

As a celebrity, what you get to say for yourself hardly matters. Big capital owns the important parts of your brain which determine ethics & character. The rest is basic functions, fluff & bragging backed by lots of money.  Working people aren’t stupid, they’re just overworked– so they are a little slower in seeing all this. Many have already ‘cut the cord’ and that trend will accelerate as working people can no longer afford these spectacles, which are increasingly being recognized as fake.

The cult of celebrity is a major hurdle for the working class to clear on its way to a successful socialist revolution. The role of modern finance capital in creating a privileged ‘buffer layer’ to insulate the ruling 1% from the working masses has been an effective innovation. This ~10%  buffer includes celebrities, who mesmerize many working people.

      1. RIDICULOUS - Ric Size


This is because workers are trained to believe their own lives don’t matter, because it’s only money & fame that count. This is not only wrong, it is exactly the opposite of the truth– a Big Lie technique. It is the workers who are real, as they are the ones who produce the material value for society. Celebrities are part of this vast fake economy which is crumbling all around us– daily. In spite of this reality, these charlatans must continue to dance to the music, no matter how banal & vapid it is.

It is correct to say that artists should be rewarded no more than any other worker, under socialism. Under capitalism things are unequal, and therefore artists hold the highest rank of importance in bourgeois society. Without Pablo Picasso, Orson Welles, Mile Davis, Stanley Kubrick, Andy Warhol, John Lennon, etc., there is no culture and no beacon for truth. True artists are of precious value, because they can be taken away in one act of violence by a ruling class that will stop at nothing to preserve its privilege and avoid being exposed.

Marxism uses the dialectical method to analyze society historically & materially. Dialectics means that everything is always moving & changing, so it is critical to understand the process in order to project the future. At one point most celebrities had noble aspirations. Saint Bernard of Clairvaux is attributed with the proverb, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” Even this noble saint had progressive thoughts, but when it lacks Marxist discipline & critical dialectical thinking, it inevitably becomes an idealist morass, which always funnels back to god & bourgeois capitalism in the dead-end form of the Democratic party in the US.