Modelling as Art

      1. Anna Rex - Ric Size

Anna Rex mp3
RS: gtr & vocal
TomP: percussion & production
Craig Roy: bass
Jessica Lynn Martens: violin


What is art?  A conscious creation of beauty.

What is modelling?  A display of human beauty.

Modelling is never about perfection; it is about how flaws & imperfections are tastefully concealed and/or overcome.

The qualities of character & beauty are inseparable.

Men & women are beautiful when their appearances, words, and actions consciously point towards: intelligence, health, character, poise, strength, flexibility, youthfulness, happiness & love.
This requires the application of intellect & hard work.

Shortcuts that Don’t Work

Diets & pills: rebound & side effects
Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs): serious side effects
Cosmetic Surgery: morbidity
Throwing money at it:  symptom of laziness & mental disorders

Beauty is Not

PED enhanced
Weaved hair
Heavy makeup
Loud fashion


Create your own style and be 100% confident in it, otherwise people will know.
It should compliment your age, sex, body-type, skin color, and any other orientation…

A model represents their own personal version of human beauty– approaching, but never reaching perfection.
The human face & body have inspired the artist in all of us, throughout the millenia.  Its interpretation is always subjective.

Golden Proportion Symmetry is a modern mathematical science of beauty, which has fundamental proportions in nature.
For instance in the human smile, the upper front teeth are ideally displayed in a width ratio of 1:1.618–called ‘phi’ in the language of math.
Leaves & petals exhibit these same mathematical ratios.

Leaves in Nature are in Golden Proportion

Leaves in Nature are in Golden Proportion

Human attractiveness is measured in overall proportion & symmetry, mostly importantly in the eyes & smile.
The teeth are the more controllable variable through preventive care, orthodontic/orthognathic correction, and cosmetic restorations.
A natural, healthy smile is always the most attractive– natural teeth (size, shape & color) compliment body type.
Gingival (gum) & osseous (bone) surgery can also improve health & appearance.
Home bleaching is safe & effective, when done correctly.
Patient compliance is always critical in any health–seek a competent & caring professional, and heal thyself!

RS Corporate Photo #1

Physical beauty is sustained by core strength & inner health.
We all have it in us to be beautiful.
If we don’t take care of ourselves, our health erodes quickly.
Beautiful people age well when they understand it as a process, working from the inside out.

Sleep is essential.
Not getting enough REM sleep, is a common problem in this modern industrialized world.

Diet is crucial– an epidemic U.S. health crisis.
Rate your Plate, means filling half your plate with fresh vegetables, with one quarter each, for lean proteins and carbohydrates.
Adjust your need for fats according to your body, any variance for indulgence (okay in moderation) is recognized as poor diet, requiring compensation.

Your choice of protein is a thoughtful personal decision, with its privacy respected by all.

Whole Food Diet

Avoid “dead food”, which is anything packaged in a can or box.
You can’t “stock up” on fresh fruits & vegetables for more than a few days.
Switch to organic dairy & local free-range from a real butcher, if meat is your preference.
Buy local: truck farming yields unripe GMO fruits & vegetables, lacking the natural sugars needed for energy boost & nutrients for health.

If you aren’t eating 5-7 servings of vegetables/day, then you must juice the difference to make it up.

Nutrient-dense food costs more, but its nutritional value is priceless; Americans on a budget, bombarded by mass-media hype are still struggling with that concept.
Knowing how to prepare & cook food, is always an essential skill for health & good living.
The unnaturalness of GMO corn subsidies for agri-business, along with the owning of copyrights to nature’s seeds, is fundamentally anti-democratic & nefarious.
The agri-business policy of ‘GMO-improved’ food, floods our grocery stores with a surplus of cheap, unhealthy food.
Seek alternatives for your benefit.

Health & Fitness Summary

1.) Diet: local, organic, fresh, whole foods
2.) Exercise: enough to meet your body-type needs, without over-training
3.) Sleep: get the REMs you need
4.) Recreational drugs & alcohol: okay in moderation–for adults only
5.) Sex: be active & safe