Rio 2016: A Celebration of Sewage

Guanabara Bay will host sailing, rowing, and beach volleyball events for the upcoming 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  This is the current condition of Guanabara Bay, with raw sewage and any other form of trash polluting everything in sight:

Guanabara Bay Sewage

Dead animals float with other debris:

Guanabara Bay: Dead Cat with Debris

Massive fish kills:

Guanabara Bay Fish Kill

Dead people too [1]:

Rio 2016 is nothing less than a disaster, an indictment of capitalism w/ all its corruption:

Trash and Sewage of Guanabara Bay

Rio Sewage2

Rio Raw Sewage Release

Rio Pollution 2016

Rio Pollution4


Rio 2016: Guanabara Bay Tributary

Rio 2016: Raw Sewage Release2

Symbolic protest of Rio 2016:

Protesting Rio Olympics