US-led coup attempt in Venezuela ends in fiasco

Yesterday, April 30, 2019, the Trump administration attempted to orchestrate a coup to remove Venezuela’s democratically-elected president Nicolás Maduro from power. His replacement was to be Juan Guaidó, the US puppet who declared himself president of Venezuela back in January. Trump’s cabinet members have since arm-twisted over 50 other nations into supporting this unprecedented breach of sovereignty. The prize is Venezuela’s oil reserves, the largest in the world.

The US Democrats have quietly approved from the sidelines, and are in complete support of this adventure. The two-party straitjacket of US politics requires obedience to the narrative that Nicolás Maduro is a “socialist,” and thus any method for his removal is legitimate. That means “maximum pressure” and “all options are on the table” type of nonsense being reported as diplomacy by the lapdog corporate media.

Maximum pressure always backfires when it is only backed by lies. This most recent Venezuelan coup attempt is stunning in its obvious pre-planning in Washington, as well as its clumsiness in execution. The chief architects of this farce are the Trump cabal, including VP Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and NSA chief John Bolton. Florida’s Republican senators Rick Scott & particularly Marco Rubio have played foul roles, mostly consisting of tweeting propaganda, and making false statements to the media.

One of the most striking features of this debacle has been the swift resistance from ordinary people online. This coup attempt had serious deep state planning & coordination throughout the media, yet online commenters are pigeon-holing this Bay-of-Pigs style fiasco so fast it’s making media heads spin. The fascist elements behind this conspiracy have been knocked back fiercely, by people who are now much more politically conscious. The red-baiting “Cuba/Russia influencing Venezuela” narrative has been widely debunked already.

As a rule, intelligence agencies such as the CIA, NSA & Special Forces act covertly when interfering in foreign affairs. That’s their modus operandi, so to be discovered or “outed” during a black operation such as this is considered a disaster. These “covert” activities are now being discussed & analyzed online in real time, as this coup attempt in support of Juan Guaidó is such an overt lie that hardly anyone is fooled anymore.

Once these war criminals lose their anonymity, their power diminishes, and that’s what’s going on here. When the Venezuelan “opposition” finally gets mopped up in a few days, US intelligence agencies & their deep state benefactors will be in a much weaker position for all this. Sanctions will surely be the next strike, but the world has seen this blatant attempt to overthrow a foreign leader, and will seek ways to aid Nicolás Maduro– who is being seen as treated unfairly by the US.

For example, a key US ally, Turkey was quick to condemn this US-facilitated coup attempt. That’s how Donald Trump is making his “friends” feel, so you can imagine the opposition from proclaimed enemies such as Russia & China. John Bolton & Co. tried to re-invoke the Monroe Doctrine, and it blew up in their faces because we no longer live in the 19th century.

This gambit has Donald Trump written all over it, because it’s a reckless & stupid move; demonstrating zero understanding, an unwillingness to learn, and an absence of rationality. It’s a short-sighted, low percentage, high-cost failure– a Donald Trump trademark. If he can’t be impeached for this criminality, then US Congress must be diagnosed as dead through its complicity.

By the evening Nicolás Maduro declared to the people of Venezuela, “The self-proclaimed, Juan Guaidó, and Leopoldo López personally led the coup d’état.” This statement coincided with the Chilean Embassy in Caracas announcing that Leopoldo López, with his wife & children, had just been received as “guests” of the Chilean government. Twenty five other military officers loyal to Guaidó were compelled to take refuge in the Brazilian embassy.

Leopoldo López (right of Guaidó above) is another US-educated & CIA-recruited “asset,” meant to be a leading figure in Venezuelan politics after the regime change. Instead, he and his family had to flee to a US-protected embassy to avoid arrest by the omnipresent Maduro loyalists in the Venezuelan military & police.

From a logistical standpoint, not much else could go wrong in this ill-conceived conspiracy to overthrow Maduro. This calls into question not only the sanity, but the effectiveness of the CIA and all other actors involved.

It turns out that the US deep state can’t overthrow a democratically elected leader by means of an online & media campaign in support of a few puppets no one recognizes. This should be very concerning to the ruling elite, because this used to happen regularly in the 20th century. This once again illustrates the power of the internet & social media. This is also the reason the internet is now being so rigorously censored by big technology.