Fan Message #75

Electrified! promo

Thanks to all of you who have downloaded, enjoyed & shared the mp3s from Electrified!  At this point we have still received ZERO press, and have not been offered any venue in which to perform.  We’re hopeful this will change soon, but we are not holding our breath.

It is YOU, the fans who truly make it happen.  The early response to Electrified! has been sensational, as the number of visits to the site (and downloads!) has jumped dramatically.  Anytime you share the songs or direct someone to our site, it helps.  If you really love the music & the message– then keep doing this!!

We have just uploaded the entire album onto Spotify, iTunes, Rhapsody, I Heart Radio, etc…. and it should proliferate completely within a week.  We don’t expect fans to pay for it (especially when we already have it FREE on this site), but it does help us with distribution & promotion.  This is how most people (kids) find new music these days, as the Internet is new radio.  Superfans will add us to their playlists, share on social media, forums & blogs, etc…

At this point, as artists, we have done (and will continue to do) all we can to distribute this music as widely as possible.  The anti-capitalist themes of this art will continue to keep us blacklisted from corporate-owned media & venues.   We leave it up to music lovers everywhere to decide the merits of this art.  If you are among those who passionately love this music, then become part of its success.  This revolution doesn’t happen without your participation!

Thank you again for all the love & support!!