ESPN 30 for 30 Films

I’ve seen most of them on Netflix (as linked), and the overall quality varies from excellent to pointless [see No Mas (2013) for an example of the latter]. Top films include:

Of Miracles and Men (2015)

Of Miracles and Men  (2015) Puts Miracle (2004) to shame; the Sofia Loren analogy by the Soviet/Russian journalist is perfect in precision.

The Two Escobars (2010) Searing documentary of the Columbian national futbol team, and it’s elegant defenseman Andres Escobar; trying to compete at the 1994 World Cup during the US-sponsored Plan Columbia operation– a military & CIA war for control of the Medellin drug cartel led by Pablo Escobar.

Pony Excess (2010)  Before the U, there was SMU; Eric Dickerson is the prototype too-cool-for-school athlete in this wild west football saga.

The U (2010) Most productive football factory ever; Billy Corben = excellent filmmaker.

Small Potatoes: Who Killed the USFL? (2009)  Answer: Donald Trump.  Updated 7/11/15: Trump is now seeking the Republican nomination for president of the United States.

Slaying the Badger (2014) The story of Europeans v. lone American Greg LeMond (& his wife), at le tour de France, before widespread doping in professional cycling.

Jordan Rides the Bus (2010) Mighta been a big-leaguer…the MLB strike of 1994 was crucial…as Annie Savoy said in Bull Durham (1988)– “timing is everything.”

You Don’t Know Bo (2012) Best athlete ever.

9.79* (2012)  As it turns out, Carl Lewis wasn’t any cleaner.

Catching Hell (2011)  No fan deserves to be put in Steve Bartman’s situation.

Broke (2012) Roughly 80% of professional athletes, five years after retiring: Billy Corben directs.

Big Shot (2014)  Venture capitalist bluffs everybody, and almost pulls it off; happens everyday on Wall Street (and around the world), in every industry.  Updated 7/11/15: this guy just went to prison again, for embezzlement.

Rand University (2014) The greatest NFL wide receiver of all-time was Jerry Rice; Randy Moss is second on that list.

Free Spirits (2014) The ABA was a crazy league, and the NBA is still paying for it.   Updated 7/11/15: the NBA finally settled with the former owners of the St. Louis Spirits.

The Real Rocky (2011) Sly Stallone was eventually sued, and settled out-of-court for an undisclosed amount with Chuck Wepner; whose story is more fascinating than any Rocky movie.

Playing for the Mob (2014)  Goodfellas (1990) is more fascinating in real-life too, Ray Liotta narrates.

Brian & the Boz (2014)  He finally grew up, throwing off his BS persona; similar to The Marinovich Project (ESPN 2011), which was also well done– maybe even better.

The Dotted Line (2011)  Morgan Spurlock examines professional sports agency; been a fan since Super Size Me (2004).

Brothers in Exile (2014)  Livan & Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez, from Cuba to MLB; once again, more gripping & compelling than any Hollywood dramatized production of these stories.

Tim Richmond: To the Limit  (2010)  Amazing driver, died of AIDS in 1989.

Requiem for the Big East (2014)  After Bird & Magic, college hoops thrived and the Big East was its beast; today it realigns annually.

Benji (2012) What tragically happened to a Chicago high school phenom in 1984, has gotten worse everywhere.