Nationalism breeds war fever

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine is reactionary, has no progressive content, and is condemned by all socialists. And so are the provocations by US/NATO imperialism led by Joe Biden & Antony Blinken.

The war crisis in the Ukraine has been fueled by the Biden administration arming neo-Nazi terrorists, such as the Right Sector, Svoboda & Azov Battalion, with the purpose of making them proxies in their never-ending war against Russia. It’s an extension of the 2014 CIA-backed coup, misnamed the “Maiden revolution” by Western propagandists.

All this because the US ruling class has no answers for the COVID-19 pandemic, inflation, social inequality, etc; so Joe Biden needs to project himself as a wartime president. It echoes Wag the Dog (1997), but on the most serious scale. The working people of the Ukraine, Russia, Europe, and United States must oppose this maniacal drive to World War 3. The war we need to fight & win is the war to eliminate COVID-19, to which capitalism has surrendered.

To understand the origins of this current crisis, it helps to know some history. Ukraine has historically been part of Russia, and was part of the USSR until its dissolution in 1989-91. Russia & the EU formed out of this liquidation of the remnants of the October 1917 Revolution, beginning with the carve-up of Yugoslavia (and the rest of the Balkans) by US/NATO imperialists. The eastward expansion of NATO since, onto Russia’s doorstep now takes the form of the US-led provocations in Ukraine.

The endless anti-Russia propaganda in the media reflects desperation. It is full of lies and absent of supporting facts. Those politically disoriented supporters of the Democratic Party’s attempt to start a shooting war with nuclear-armed Russia are victims of historical ignorance. It is this nationalistic, red state vs. blue state mentality, that has led the world to the brink of an abyss.

Not a single prominent Democrat opposes this reckless war drive. Bernie Sanders has spoken in support of Biden’s saber-rattling with Russia, while Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has remained silent. This constitutes the “liberal left” wing of the Democratic Party, which is actually a party of Wall Street & war. Any opposition to WW3 must come from an internationally united working class.

Trump supporters have remained notably silent on these events, while they organize more fascist convoys (pic above) disguised as mass protests. The fact that white supremacists & neo-Nazis in the Ukraine are being armed by the Democrats, proves that their essential function is to provide support & political cover for right-wing fascists. That’s why the Democrats have refused to prosecute Donald Trump & his cronies for their January 6, 2021 coup attempt. It’s also why the Democrats support Al-Qaeda as proxies in Syria, as well as neo-Nazis in the Ukraine. Of course, none of these inconvenient facts ever get discussed in the fake media.

Let’s recall that Donald Trump was twice impeached by the US House of Representatives, the first time for holding up arms shipments to Ukrainian far-right paramilitaries. This interfered with the CIA/Pentagon policy of always provoking Russia with a Cold War mentality. This was all part of the Trump-as-an-agent-of-Putin narrative the Democrats used (and re-used, etc, ad nauseum) for four years after Hillary blew it in 2016. Then Trump was impeached for leading the January 6, 2021 coup attempt. Both times he was acquitted in the Senate.

These outdated Cold Warriors of the last century will never stop fighting the Russians, in the name of rabid anti-communism, despite the fact that Russia under Vladimir Putin (and the Stalinists that preceded him) have nothing to do with socialism. It’s an ideological class war that is being fought, with the working people of the Ukraine, Russia & US who are being made to pay the cost. That is the political logic behind this homicidal madness. Working people everywhere must resist this reaction, with a program of socialism in the name of historical truth.