Mount Dora Parking

The 429 Connector is part of a toll-highway system that is now 7/8 complete, and will eventually encircle Orlando, FL. Its builders had a few issues running the final link through the Wekiva Springs State Park (and other protected wetlands), but as you can see by the map below, they got it worked out. [1]

429 Wekiva

The 429 now connects Disney to Lake County, with an exit arrow pointing to “Mount Dora.”

Mount Dora is now recognized as a tourist destination around the world, and anyone who can afford it, can fly into Orlando International Airport and then drive to Mount Dora in about an hour.

Some people are disappointed upon arrival, as downtown Mount Dora is just three (3) blocks square, with a lot of empty (for rent) buildings within.

Downtown Mount Dora

There is no more room for street parking in the downtown area, and the available lots were filled long ago.

Mount Dora Parking Survey 1

Mount Dora will retain neither its ‘quaintness’ nor its events & festivals, without serious infrastructure upgrades.

City Bosses 1

So far, Mount Dora city planners have poured millions of dollars into railroads, cutting down old oak trees, and other concrete ‘improvements’– without addressing basic issues such as parking, traffic flow and pedestrian safety.

One of Mt. Dora's Finest

There needs to be a FREE (otherwise people won’t use it!) multi-level parking garage at 441 & Donnelly– where the Publix shopping center used to be. Alternative location:  441 & Limit.


Additionally there needs to be reliable (& reasonably-fared) shuttle service from the garage, to the downtown & back– within business hours.  Segways can’t be allowed in the streets, and they must yield to pedestrians– always; otherwise it’s insanity. Sidewalks need to be installed around the downtown area, meaning ‘historic’ easements will need to be annexed for pedestrian & bicycle safety.

Mount Dora: No Sidewalks Downtown

Some crotchy old-timers will protest, and they need to be shouted down by reason in all forums.  Their class hates self-sacrifice, always insisting on the sacrifices of others.

MD CoC 1

This needs to get done ASAP, and without corruption.

Mount Dora CoC Tented

If you’re able to relax, Mount Dora is indeed ‘Someplace Special.’

No Parking: Temporarily or Anytime-3

When it’s overrun with angry tourists & congested traffic, it becomes like everything else under capitalism– ruined.

No Parking: Temporarily or Anytime-1