The Charleston pageant

This was quite possibly the worst political debate ever broadcast. It was completely stage-managed, with unabashedly biased “moderators” throwing daggers at those they hate (Bloomberg & Bernie), while lobbing softballs to Elizabeth Warren, who tried her best to identify with Sanders and get some progressive shine. Anything to “Stop Bernie,” it quickly reached bad political theater, and wallowed there for two excruciating hours. Nothing serious was debated.

The Democrats have lost their individual & collective minds. It was sadly comical how every time Bernie Sanders held his hand up to respond to someone else attacking him, Elizabeth Warren raised her hand too. Then when Sanders put his hand down, down went Warren’s. She played this political charade of “follow Bernie” for a good part of the “debate,” to make herself look strong & progressive.

But because she’s a phony, Warren finally got caught near the end– on a question concerning US troops in Syria. She was unprepared when acknowledged by the moderator, after it was Bernie Sanders who really wanted to speak. Warren gasped, stumbled, and then had nothing but stock answers for a recovery. The moderators then moved on. It was a most-telling moment for Elizabeth Warren in Charleston, SC. Warren was handed this debate by CBS & the fake media, but she fumbled it away, because she doesn’t have the chops.

What do I mean by chops? That’s a performing term, meaning skills which hold up under pressure, such as delivering the goods to a live global audience with fierce competition in your face. Elizabeth Warren clearly has none of the stuff to handle serious politics. She’s been propped up by the Hillary faction of the DNC, which is politically powerful in Washington, but despised everywhere else. Why are they so widely hated? Because these elitists have all the money and always abuse it in their interest, because they have no chops.

CIA Democrat, Pete Buttigieg is the definition of a stiff, another industry term I keep using, since this is a pageant. No chops, no charisma & no brains means you’re a stiff. This non-entity should have been given the hook a long time ago, but he too has powerful deep-state backers. The problem for the DNC is that Pete Buttigieg is too queer. Gay doesn’t have a broad enough appeal when it comes to identity politics, and comes with too much backlash in terms of running for President. Trump can rally anti-gay bigotry against Buttigieg, which will be stronger than the Democratic party’s LGBT supporters.

Same thing applies to Amy Klobuchar, as far as blandness goes. On stage, she looked like an over-ripe grape. Obviously representing Minnesota Golden Gophers purple, she needed a complimentary color in Charleston, but doesn’t have one. Her bland fashion sense mirrors her uninspired stumping. Amy Klobuchar was given repeated opportunities to speak freely without being attacked, but no one can remember anything she said. Klobuchar is a stale vintage: old wine in a boring bottle, quickly turning to sour grapes. Undecided voters will pass on that, you can bet.

Mike Bloomberg was repeatedly attacked and set-up for Warren to grandstand. He was bloodied for sure, but fought back admirably against a #MeToo-style gang-up. But it’s too late for Bloomberg to recover, and he will win very little on Super Tuesday. Mike Bloomberg will have spent more dollars-per-delegate than any US Presidential candidate in history. That’s how “Mike will get it done,” which is incidentally one of the lamest Presidential campaign slogans ever.

When Elizabeth Warren attacked Bloomberg, she came off as nagging & petty on non-disclosure agreements, tax returns, et al. This doesn’t help when you’re trying to look tough & Presidential. My analysis is that the Trump team would eat Warren for breakfast if she was the 2020 Democrat nominee, just like they did with Hillary Clinton in 2016. Sanders can’t say that, because she’s a woman, but it’s a political truth nonetheless.

But it’s clear that Elizabeth Warren is who the DNC now favors. She’s got #MeToo backing, and is tacking to the left, in order to woo Bernie Sanders supporters, but it’s too late. Warren is an establishment Democrat with little popular appeal. It’s mostly to older professional women, in what’s left of the upper-middle class. That’s a limited reach, at best, with a lot of backlash behind it.

Joe Biden is toast. Since Nevada, Biden has ludicrously claimed that he was arrested in Soweto, South Africa in the late 1970’s for trying to visit Nelson Mandela in prison. This fabrication was meant to gain him the black vote in South Carolina. No record of this Biden “arrest” exists, and it has been disputed by insiders.

Biden is also running some really weak TV ads which claim Bernie Sanders didn’t support President Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012. Comments on this are overwhelmingly negative. “Obama doesn’t shine like he used to, Joe,” are typical.

Support for Mike Bloomberg is even less, as he fools no one except himself. My favorite online response to him is, “I wouldn’t vote for Bloomberg even if he was the only person running in either party.” These centrist conservative clowns are ALL going to get wiped out on Super Tuesday, which is only a week away. That’s the cause for all this media hysteria.

The two billionaires, Bloomberg & Tom Steyer have no significant Democratic voting base from which to appeal. Tom Steyer is perhaps the biggest stiff in this field. This clown has no political skills & no grassroots support. Notice that Steyer gets the least amount of speaking time during these “debates,” because everyone tunes him out when he starts to babble on about whatever. This is an example of how your brain stagnates when you spend your entire life in a billionaire’s bubble.

Is being physically unappealing & arrogantly reactionary a requirement for two-party candidacy?  Everyone of these windbags makes themselves look foolish getting worked up over issues they really don’t care about, but have to pretend like they do in 2020. Watching Biden, Warren, Klobuchar & Buttigieg in particular getting heated to save their failing candidacies from the gallows pole in a week, is entertainment.

As I’ve already repeated, this is a pageant. The 2020 Democratic primary is a political popularity contest, to see who can best lie to the voters who are demanding real change. Without question the most skilled Democratic candidate is Bernie Sanders. All of Bernie Sanders 2020 Democratic opponents are stiffs, with the notable exception of Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), who has political chops & a lot of energy.

Gabbard famously took down Kamala Harris in an early CNN debate, which infuriated centrist Democrats. On January 22, 2020, Tulsi Gabbard filed a defamation lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, seeking damages in excess of $50 million for sabotaging her presidential campaign. This was definitely a deep state dirty tricks operation.

Tulsi Gabbard was the only Democratic nominee who challenged Bernie Sanders from the left, and that isn’t allowed. She’s physically attractive, intelligent enough & charismatic, which means she would have been a formidable contender– if she had had the backing.

For the Democrats, everything on the left has to go to Bernie, so he can surrender policy over to the centrists when it’s time. That’s why Tulsi Gabbard’s campaign got smashed by the DNC & fake media. It’s also why she’s been excluded from these “debates,” despite her resume as a CIA Democrat.

The DNC finally finished counting the Nevada caucus. Sanders won 24 of the 36 available delegates, putting him at 45. Buttigieg won 3 and now has 25, while Biden won 9 and now has 15 total. Warren (8) & Klobuchar (7) are being asked to drop out by MSNBC, after not winning anything in Nevada, in order to unite the “stop Bernie” moderates.

I see Sanders picking-up a good share of both their supporters, so that strategy won’t help the DNC centrists. It’s between Buttigieg, Biden, Bloomberg & Steyer. Three of them have to go, in order for the centrists to unite. But NONE of them have the ego to quit for the good of something outside of themselves.

That’s the Democrat’s conundrum. No one is ready to quit, even though the writing is on the wall. This nomination race could be over by March 17, so it’s probably already too late for any of this to make a difference. Sanders is far ahead of the rest in voter support & political momentum.

What most of the “undecideds” are looking for is a Democrat who can beat Trump in November. Bernie Sanders has the best head-to-head polling numbers versus Trump, winning most projections. All the arguments from centrist Democrats who claim they can unite the party are worthless in the face of this.

Don’t be fooled by the false narratives. Donald Trump fears Bernie Sanders more than any other Democratic candidate, and rightly so. Bernie Sanders is the most popular left-leaning front-runner of an open Democratic primary nomination since Bobby Kennedy in 1968. All options will be on the table to neutralize Sanders. Trump will ask the DNC through the media to sabotage the Sanders campaign, and they may very well comply. It’s understood by many deep state centrists to be essential for maintaining the two-party system.

The existing political set-up is no longer able to accommodate a leftist US President. Jimmy Carter was the last one, and he was unceremoniously dumped for Ronald Reagan in 1980. The deep state is the Black Hand that will coerce Bernie Sanders into capitulating to the ruling establishment, whether it’s losing in November, or by betraying those populist promises he made to get himself into the White House. Sooner or later, this is how Bernie Sanders will fold, in favor of the ruling establishment.

Final thoughts:   Thu 27 Feb 2020 12:15 PM EST

Who will be Bernie Sanders’ VP? Elizabeth Warren definitely fits what Bernie needs. He doesn’t need a Joe Biden breathing down his neck, Sanders needs a compliant “respectable” Democrat who checks boxes. That’s Elizabeth Warren. Tulsi Gabbard would be his choice on the left, but Bernie needs to placate the establishment, so he’ll go with moderate woman for a running mate. That’s my analysis.

One final point. VP choice matters, particularly for the TV debates, ever since Dan Quayle proved what a liability a weak VP could be, when Bush/Quayle lost to Clinton/Gore in 1992. On the other (dark) side, a powerful VP like Dick Cheney can control a Presidency. Most serious historians believe that LBJ conspired to assassinate a beloved President. It’s choice they live & die with, and it’s VERY murky behind-the-scenes.

The good news for Bernie Sanders is that his to-be-determined running mate is up against a non-entity in Mike Pence. Trump wanted a nobody loyalist for the job, and that’s why he’s still there in 2020. Elizabeth Warren will be more ambitious than Pence, because she DID run for the Presidency. I speak of her presidential campaign in the past tense, because its death is only impending, like all the other Democrats opposing Sanders.

Sun 01 Mar 2020 1:01 PM EST

The big win for Joe Biden doesn’t matter so much, because South Carolina is a red state in November. The Obama & Clinton machinery won it for him, but all of this only magnifies Biden’s reactionary politics. Super Tuesday is now a huge test of establishment machinery vs. the grassroots campaign of Bernie Sanders. One final note, billionaire Tom Steyer dropped out of the race, just after the SC results were announced.