All-Time Greatest MLB HoF Ballot Day

I loved Ken Griffey with the Big Red Machine, so I naturally love loved CF Ken Griffey, Jr.

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Junior was drafted #1 overall by the hapless Seattle Mariners in 1989, and went straight to the majors, at age 19.  He possessed one of the sweetest lefty swings you will ever see, with unbelievable natural power.  He played centerfield at the level of Willie Mays with his range, superior arm strength (with accuracy), and amazing glovework– all of which he made look easy.   Affably easygoing, he was groomed in a MLB dugout (as a bat boy), and was pretty much the perfect player for all his years (11) in Seattle.

Mike Piazza was comparable in career value to Carlton Fisk or Yogi Berra– two all-time great catchers.

So understand that Ken Griffey, Jr. & Mike Piazza are NOT the standard for the HoF; they are inner circle, all-time greats.

So how can Ken Griffey, Jr. & Mike Piazza be the only players elected on this all-time talented ballot? [1]

These are the players on this year’s ballot, and they’ll beat just about any HoF team you could put together– from any era:

C Mike Piazza
1B Jeff Bagwell
2B Jeff Kent
SS Alan Trammell
3B Gary Sheffield
LF Barry Bonds
CF Ken Griffey, Jr.
RF Tim Raines
DH Edgar Martinez
SP Roger Clemens, Mike Mussina, Curt Schilling
RP Trevor Hoffman, Billy Wagner

Notice I left off 1B Mark McGwire & RF Sammy Sosa, because I do think they went too far with PEDs.  There needs to be a line, and that’s it to me.

Barry Bonds received 44.3% of the vote, in his 5th year of eligibility. He was the greatest player ever, and if you don’t recognize that (or exclude him for joining in on what so many others had already been doing), then you’re a hater. He was already a HoFer. Character? Please, this is the MLB HoF, with Cap Anson & Ty Cobb.

The 55.7% who (once again) ignored Bonds should lose their voting privilege, because obviously they know nothing about baseball.

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Voters who insist on a PED-free HoF are hypocrites for not selecting Mike Mussina, Edgar Martinez, Tim Raines, etc…

All HoFers

Any voter that didn’t have 10 players (the maximum number allowed) on their ballot, is a bum sportswriter. [2]

MLB Cooperstown Presenter

Baseball fans deserve to see ALL the HoF ballots with their public justifications, because the entire process is broken, with a lack of transparency & fan input.

This is a problem everywhere, in everything.