Crypto Crash

The problem with crypto currency is that it has no material backing, unlike fiat currency which has gold & a national economy behind it. Whatever DCA (dollar cost average) you apply to crypto, it is simply a made-up value. Pegging it to the dollar, or backing it with Treasury notes (so-called “stable coins”) doesn’t add any real value to the crypto itself. In economics this is known as an asset bubble or a Ponzi scheme.

Only massive speculation by interested investors keeps the entire crypto market from going to zero. On top of this, there is massive energy waste that is unaccounted for with crypto. Eventually, all this fictitious capital will get wiped-out, and that’s where crypto is going. That is a Marxist assessment.

Everyone in the crypto industry now knows Elon Musk is the Bitcoin whale. That explains why he just backed-out of buying Twitter for $43B, after planning its takeover for months and putting it into motion. His supposed $240B is mostly a giant asset bubble, built on fictitious capital in the form of crypto currency. The rest of Elon Musk’s wealth is stolen from super-exploited workers. With what he owes to banks, he’s probably bankrupt when the crypto market implodes.

Tesla’s valuation is a joke, and SpaceX is a boondoggle. I lived in Central FL, so I know all about what goes on at Cape Canaveral. It’s always on the local news. NASA has been privatized and contracted to Elon Musk’s SpaceX. His mad vision is to colonize Mars and commercialize space travel, but the problem is Musk can’t get a reusable rocket to land without exploding. Billions & trillions of dollars are being wasted on all this, with no progress & no end in sight.

SpaceX controls many of the satellites which have communication & military value. This is how the class war is being fought. We’re talking about the supposed richest man in the world being bankrupt in terms of real value. There couldn’t be a more damning indictment of capitalism than that. Everyone one of these billionaire tyrants must be exposed as a fraud and their wealth expropriated for public use on an international scale.

This all started on Wednesday, May 11 and has been a panic since Thursday, May 12. This is Bitcoin as of this publication on Saturday:

Elon Musk now has to put all his cash into Bitcoin to weather the storm and eventually re-inflate the crypto bubble. That’s his plan. How much longer can Bitcoin hold out? That depends of Musk’s support in the market, with working class awareness & resistance looming on the other side. If investors still trust him with their money, then Bitcoin will be made to look legitimate again. If the money dries up, Musk is toast.

The tendency of fascism is to maintain any useful demagogues, in case a fuhrer is needed. Donald Trump & Elon Musk are of the same kind– ignorant, ego maniacal mad men. They both personify the madness of capitalism in its death throes, and must be dealt with by the working masses of the world in order to prevent nuclear annihilation.

This is the realpolitik being discussed by elites privately. Once they are completely defeated ideologically, the elites resort to provocation, intimation & outright violence. The Proud Boys, etc, are their right wing paramilitary forces which are to be unleashed upon the working masses to maintain this ruling class madness.

If Elon Musk’s wealth can’t be maintained as believable, then fascism must step in to crush the masses, because a crypto market crash will bring down the entire global financial system. The notoriously corrupt US-backed dictatorship of El Salvador just officially adopted cryptocurrency as legal tender. This crypto crash affects that rollout.

It’s now apparent to many that there are serious issues of legitimacy & sustainability with Bitcoin and the crypto market. How long can this fiction be maintained to the masses? That’s the question no one in the industry can answer.

Money managers bankers, hedge fund investors, etc, found a way to make a lot of money off of crypto in terms of fees, commissions, charges, etc; but nothing productive was ever made from it. It’s been such a horrible waste. It’s fool’s gold in cyberspace that produces even more global warming.

What happens when every nation goes to war and you can’t connect to the internet or grid because fascist forces in every country control all of them? What is Bitcoin worth then? These are questions to be considered as the entire US establishment led by the Democrats & Joe Biden provoke the Russia-Ukraine conflict, threatening a world wide conflagration which ends in mutually assured destruction.

People need to start thinking in these terms because this is what’s going on. The Coronavirus War is the war to prevent WW3. It can only be won by the international working masses united under the banner of Trotskyism. Read the World Socialist Web Site and become a member/supporter, etc.


What is Zionism & Antisemitism?

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Zionism is Israeli/Jewish nationalism.

Most Jews live in Israel (42%) or the US (42%), and their aggregate population of 14 million comprises 0.2% of the world’s total.

Judaism’s Old Testament texts, traditions, values and hierarchy, strongly influenced later Abrahamic religions such as Christianity & Islam.

Historically, Jews were educated servants of the aristocracy as moneylenders, rent collectors, etc; any jobs the ancient Greeks, Romans or medieval Church aristocracies considered too odious for their own hands.

This is the origin of the merchant class under feudalism, and the bourgeois class under capitalism as defined by Karl Marx.

This hatred, by the ancient aristocracy of the rising business class, is the modern origin of antisemitism.

The great bourgeois revolutions of the late 18th (US & France) and 19th (Napoleonic Wars) centuries, swept away monarchies and reorganized the world under the modern system of nation-states.
The historically stateless Jews were now being systematically persecuted by nationalist racism & terrorism.

By the early 20th century, Jewish immigration to the US increased sharply; first under the whip of tsarist terrorism in feudal Russia, then under the rising tide of European fascism after WW1.
Six million Jews were murdered by Nazis in Europe during WW2, because fascism was allowed to grow unchecked worldwide in the preceding decades.

The capitalist Cold War solution to prevent another Holocaust was to create a nation-state for Jews.
On May 1, 1949 Israel was recognized by the UN as a nation; occupying Palestine– previously a nation of Islam.
Millions of Palestinians were evicted by US/NATO-assisted military force, in order to build Jewish settlements.

This conflict has steadily escalated ever since.

The Six-Day War in June 1967 and the current Israeli Defense Force (IDF) assault on Gaza, are historical markers for Zionism’s war crimes against the people of Palestine.
Since May 1, 1949 anyone expressing sympathy for Palestinian civilian casualties caused by indiscriminate IDF shelling is slandered as antisemitic.


Fascism is antisemitism applied indiscriminately.

Zionism is conservative Jewish fascism.

While a mortal enemy of European (Nazi) fascism, Zionism shares many Nazi attributes in ethics, style and function.

Since Zionism is a religious-based ideology, it is important to have a clear understanding of religion.

ALL religions are mythology, and have no basis in scientific fact.

Religion offers ancient philosophy, wisdom & poetry; but no material solutions to complex modern problems– be them technological, economic or political.


The state of Israel serves US ruling interests in the Middle East, as a permanent garrison in the most petroleum-rich portion of the globe.
Oil is the most important natural resource commodity under modern capitalism, replacing cotton in the late 19th century.
Human labor is the most valuable commodity–Karl Marx, Capital

Israel currently has an estimated 120 nuclear-tipped ICBMs.
That is only an estimate, because the state of Israel refuses to even acknowledge it has a nuclear arsenal.


Israel (goaded by ruling fanatics in the US) remains a potential flash point for global nuclear war– which human civilization will not survive.
Once started, human civilization will burn (or perhaps fossilize) into geologic ash, as Mutually Assured Destruction is the only possible outcome to WW3.

Short-sightedness & hubris are threatening our species’ survival, which only measures a fraction of the dinosaur’s geologic existence.
The dinosaur’s demise was after over 150 million years of surviving & thriving– by a chance asteroid collision.
Homo sapiens have only lasted a few hundred-thousand years in total, and we are already facing self-annihilation– which would be a senseless act of species suicide.

If that becomes our fate, then maybe in a few billion years when life can finally return to this beautiful planet, a more highly-evolved species will discover and properly interpret why we didn’t have it in us to survive.