2016 MLB HoF Ballot

I don’t have an official vote, but I do have an official opinion.

My 2016 HoF Ballot—  Newbies:  Ken Griffey Jr. (Mariners), Trevor Hoffman (Padres) and Billy Wagner (Astros).
Holdovers:  Tim Raines (Expos), Barry Bonds (Pirates), Roger Clemens (Red Sox), Mike Piazza (Dodgers), Jeff Bagwell (Astros), Edgar Martinez (Mariners) and Mike Mussina (Orioles).
Extra selection because it’s needed here:  Curt Schilling (Phillies).

Alan Trammell, Jeff Kent, Gary Sheffield, and Larry Walker all deserve serious consideration.

Players now only get 10 years on the ballot, with grandfather exemptions for Lee Smith (14th) & Trammell (15th).  Raines is in his 9th year.

How do guys like Randy Winn & David Eckstein even get on the ballot?

Full ballot at: http://www.baseball-reference.com/awards/hof_2016.shtml

The HoF selection process is totally FUBAR’d, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Hoffman & Wagner don’t get in this year.

Tim Raines1983

Tim Raines (23 seasons) .294/.385/.425, w/ 808 SB, 146 CS
Pete Rose (24 seasons)  .303/.375/.409, w/ 198 SB, 149 CS

As for Sosa, McGwire, etc., I’ve already discussed my thoughts on the steroid era & the HoF, and they haven’t changed.
It is extremely narrow-minded & unfair to blame only the players for the PED-era. Tony La Russa was part of the 2014 HoF class, and deservingly so; but everyone seems to ignore the fact that he was the manager of the Oakland A’s featuring Jose Canseco & Mark McGwire.  Canseco is universally acknowledged as the player who brought steroids into MLB, and McGwire was his first protégé. [1]  La Russa has a law degree and is very intelligent, so he certainly knew what was going on. Why no shame or HoF ban on La Russa?

Same goes for all the other managers, coaches & training staff, the GM’s, the owners & their commissioner.  What about agents who encourage their clients to juice in order to produce better numbers, which translates into more $$$?  Nothing tops the hypocrisy of the media & the ‘fans’ who today heap scorn at select star players, for making them dupes; all while ignoring their own failure to investigate and ask questions.  All this aided & abetted MLB PED usage, so claiming ignorance rings false; as steroids had been rampant in Olympic competition & the NFL for decades, so it wasn’t anything new to sports.

The point is: all the hits, home runs, strikeouts, wins & championships have been celebrated, and count forever in MLB history.  The feats of the PED-players indelibly leave their mark in the record books and there is no expunging them.  Sports fans need to absorb the valuable lessons of this tainted epoch, which include: the limits of chemical science, ethics, and the all-powerful corrupting influence of money.  If baseball fans can get to this, then they may actually (one day) get a HoF which represents its best players.

Last remark on Pete Rose:  He’s paid his dues, make him eligible & he’s in.  No use honoring dead heroes.  Old-guard MLB elite stiffed a deserving & long-suffering Ron Santo (Cubs) as he was dying of diabetes, and it was despicable.  Pete Rose (Reds) is getting old…